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8 Best Gun Cleaning Brushes Reviewed in 2024

The best gun cleaning brushes are among the most useful and essential supplies for the efficient cleaning method. Straightforwardly said, selecting what is the best choice to meet your gun cleaning needs and preferences is determined by many significant factors. Of course, these aspects include the right size and effectiveness at removing buildup. Lucky you; there are several best gun cleaning brushes that you can depend on to achieve the most satisfying gun cleaning results. Of course, they are all outstanding in terms of quality and are certainly unique in their own ways. Explore the list below to check them out:

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There is no doubt that a well-cleaned gun can lead to a boost in your pride. After all, there is nothing to like with using a filthy gun, right? Now, it is no secret that gun cleaning can be an unpleasant experience at one point. What makes gun cleaning an undesirable task is often because gun owners use wrong gun cleaning supplies that only result in time-consuming and more difficult cleaning. Of course, the best gun cleaning brushes also impact the whole process of cleaning your gun. Thus, you must also pay attention to them to ensure an efficient gun cleaning. 

Moreover, regular gun cleaning is not only your best way to keep your gun clean and aesthetically pleasing. In particular, it is your solution to avoid experiencing any dirt-related functionality issues. In that way, you can maintain your gun to keep firing safely and correctly. Hence, you can prevent an experience of dealing with any firing accidents. With that being said, cleaning your gun is an outstanding basic necessity that you need to do to keep your gun for a long time. Basically, to ensure proper and safe gun cleaning, you must have the best gun cleaning kits. 

When properly cleaning your guns, one of the items you need to secure is a good gun cleaning brush to make sure that you will do an excellent job. Admittedly, you need to invest in the most trustworthy gun cleaning supplies if you want the best advantage regarding cleaning benefits for your gun. Luckily, you can explore the best gun cleaning brushes here to make gun cleaning easier and more convenient for your benefit. But before that, let’s first discover the amazing benefits of regular gun cleaning to be more convinced that cleaning your gun is truly a basic necessity that your gun needs. Therefore, you must do it. 

Let’s get started. 

best gun cleaning brushes

Benefits of Regular Gun Cleaning

At the initial point, you might view gun cleaning as a task you must complete for your gun’s sake. Later on, you will realize that regular gun cleaning is a great solution that you can depend on in preserving your gun’s optimal performance and condition, primarily because you are eliminating any dirt-related functionality issue from firing residues. 

In fact, when you get used to regular gun cleaning, it will come to you like a more beneficial duty than dull work. To learn about it more, see the incredible benefits that regular gun cleaning can lead you: 

Discover more about your gun

In spite of the fact that you may not have the flaming desire to discover the exact means that drive a bullet to leave the chamber out of your gun, it can still be handy and helpful to be hands-on in regular gun cleaning to learn more about how your gun functions and performs. At the very least, you will determine how the gun parts interact to perform correctly and safely. Regardless, as a designed machine, a gun will surely work for anyone who knows how to use it. 

Moreover, some guns are constructed with more complex ergonomics. With that being said, if you have a more complex gun, practicing regular detailed cleaning as a habit will help you be more acquainted with your gun. In particular, you will discover more about how frequently you should clean your gun and the distinct parts where firing residue and contaminants gather the most. By that, you will have a time-saving cleaning process. 

Ensure ideal reliability and safety

After shooting your gun, you will instantly notice the evident firing residue left on different parts of your gun, especially if your shooting session is intense. Hence, that gives you a more significant reason to practice regular cleaning to clear the damaging remnants out of your gun. 

Without a doubt, when your gun is well-cleaned and is free from any unwanted contaminants, you can be sure that your gun is highly reliable and safe to perform. Luckily, there are no other complicated necessity works other than proper and regular cleaning to achieve an ideal gun’s reliability and safety. Right away, you will notice a great spark of change to your gun’s performance by just practicing regular gun cleaning with the right cleaning supplies. 

gun cleaning brush

Avoid major gun issues

Unfortunately, gun firing is an excessively dirty process, to begin with. That makes a regular gun cleaning habit an amazing routine to relieve your worries about any possibility of dealing with major gun issues. Truthfully, dirt-related functionality is a real concern for a gun because the burning gunpowder is the same as gas pressure and primer that leave behind firing residues, also known as fouling. Regardless of the name, these remnants require cleaning. 

Wondering if you left the fouling uncleaned? Over time, it will be more stubborn to remove and lead to different dirt-related functionality issues. That’s why you must eliminate residues out of your gun. Otherwise, your gun will suffer less accuracy and safety, delivering you unsatisfactory shooting performance. With that being said, it is best to practice regular gun cleaning as preventive measures rather than to wait for the residue to cause destructive catastrophic consequences to your gun. 

Without issues about firing residues, you will have less probability to deal with precision and reliability difficulties. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be extremely strict to clean your gun every after use because major gun issues only happen when there is overpowering residue build-up on your gun. Generally, you can even get away by cleaning your gun even after at least a week. Nevertheless, regular cleaning after use still always gives the best result. 

Interestingly, a spotlessly clean gun won’t ever cause major gun issues regarding dirt-related functionality problems. Wisely, regular gun cleaning is a great practical and easy way to keep a functioning and safe gun with you for a long period.  

Preserve longevity

Interestingly, all guns are built to last long. That’s why they are not cheap. So, with your gun, its lifespan will vary depending on how much you take care of it. As already mentioned above, regular gun cleaning is a practical and excellent way to eliminate residues and contaminants from your gun. As a result of no dirt-related functionality problems, you can keep your gun’s long lifespan. 

Unsurprisingly, it is more reasonable and practical to choose an old yet well cleaned and maintained gun rather than a new yet filthy gun. Fortunately, you are not required to spend anything huge just to preserve your gun’s longevity. Amazingly, you just need to make it a habit of regular and proper cleaning to achieve the benefit of preserving your gun’s longevity. Best of all, keep in mind that the best results are always attainable with the best gun cleaning supplies

gun cleaning brushes

8 Best Gun Cleaning Brushes

The best gun cleaning brushes are among the most useful and essential supplies for the efficient cleaning method. Straightforwardly said, selecting what is the best choice to meet your gun cleaning needs and preferences is determined by many significant factors. Of course, these aspects include the right size and effectiveness at removing buildup. 

You must prioritize looking for your best gun cleaning brush because it must be effective enough to remove the stubborn residue from your gun. While effectiveness is highly important, your choice must also be soft enough not to leave any damaging scratch on your gun. 

Lucky you; there are several best gun cleaning brushes that you can depend on to achieve the most satisfying gun cleaning results. Of course, they are all outstanding in terms of quality and are certainly unique in their own ways. Explore the list below to check them out: 

1. Otis Technology Premium Bore Brushes

Otis Technology Premium Bore Brushes

Let’s start with an incredible choice from a reputable brand, the Otis Technology Premium Bore Brushes. These brushes are extremely helpful to keep your regular gun basic maintenance. As the name suggests, they are particularly dedicated to dealing with the accumulated residue in your gun bore. In addition, there’s no need to doubt the quality of these gun cleaning brushes because they are built from an amazing and trustworthy brand to deliver superior performance at a long-lasting period. 

Thanks to their extraordinary Tufcor proprietary core wire that resists corrosion properties, these bore brushes are highly suitable to work with any gun cleaning chemical and solvent. At the same time, these tools also have incredible input of tighter twist, providing you with better bristle retention that makes gun cleaning easier and more convenient and will lead you to complete in a shorter time with no issues. 

Moreover, each Otis Technology Premium Bore Brush is equipped with precision threading with no weak undercut. That’s why it will assure you a tough construction to do a great job in eliminating stubborn firing residue and other contaminants. What’s more impressive to have these bore brushes is that they can excellently have twice the fill of other brushes— reaching all the way to the end of the gun bore for superior cleaning results. 

Doubtless, these bore brushes are outstanding for their high quality and reliable use, so you can make the most out of your investment in having them. Now, wondering if it fits for cleaning your gun bore? Well, these bore brushes are made to suit .22 to .45 caliber. Simultaneously, they come with a reusable snap-pack case for a neat organization to effortlessly carry outdoors. 

There’s no need to fear mixing these brushes because there’s no confusion in using them, thanks to their excellent size stamped on the cold-welded stem and color-coded wire. Absolutely, there is no problem if you are a little messy during the cleaning process because the size stamped makes identification quick and easy. 

Overall, the Otis Technology Premium Bore Brushes are something you can rely on for soft and quality bore cleaning to ensure a gun that works properly and safely according to how you want it to be. If they fit the gun cleaning brushes caliber you need, trying it out will be great if you aim for outstanding bore cleaning. 

2. Otis Technology Blue Nylon All Purpose Gun Cleaning Brush

Otis Technology Blue Nylon All Purpose Gun Cleaning Brush

Truly, Otis Technology is a brand you can trust with incredible gun cleaning tools, and the Blue Nylon All Purpose Gun Cleaning Brush is no exemption. From the name itself, you can already figure that it is for all-around use. That’s why you know that you will be spending your money worth something great for excellent gun cleaning results. 

Since it is an all-purpose cleaning brush, there is no issue with using it for regular gun basic cleaning and maintenance. What makes this package ideal is that all gun cleaning brushes have double ends, the large and small ends. With that being said, you can reach even the narrowest gun parts, leaving no uncleaned area. 

Moreover, the Otis Technology Blue Nylon All Purpose Gun Cleaning Brush features a 10-pack and also has a 50-pack alternative. Surely, you will always have one to use to fulfill your regular gun cleaning habit. One thing you ought to remember is that the gun brush bristles provide a more significant aggressive toughness in removing residue and contaminants. 

That’s why it will be nice and wise to be extra careful when using one to prevent creating any unwanted scratches on your gun. Of course, if you are careful, you will not have any issues. After all, the Blue Nylon All Purpose Gun Cleaning Brush is created to be safe for cleaning with no scratch marks. Think that the aggressive bristles are only made for stubborn remnants. 

By having this incredible brush for your gun, you can happily say goodbye to your carbon deposit or powder residue problem. You can say that when it comes to scrubbing, it will be the least of your worries by trying out this one. Technically speaking, each end has distinct purposes, not just reaching the narrow parts. In particular, the large end especially works for defining and detailed cleaning of large gun surfaces, while the smaller end is best-suited for precision cleaning. 

While the Otis Technology Blue Nylon All Purpose Gun Cleaning Brush makes a great option for cleaning wood, coated metal, stainless steel, and many more surfaces, you need to understand that it is limited to basic cleaning maintenance. In fact, it is even suited to clean your other pieces of furniture at your home at the same time. If you like this kind of versatility for your gun cleaning brush, this is worth checking out. 

Another thing that you must know is that the brush can go through discoloration over time. So, to prevent it, you must also clean the one you have used before storing it again on your gun cleaning box. Conclusively, having this with you is your choice that must be determined by your needs and preferences. You won’t regret having it because it is made from quality materials and available at a highly reasonable price. 

3. SE 10-Piece Double-Ended Gun Cleaning Brush Set

SE 10-Piece Double-Ended Gun Cleaning Brush Set

The SE 10-Piece Double-Ended Gun Cleaning Brush Set is specifically made with versatile cleaning capabilities for hard-to-reach gun parts. At one look, it is highly similar to the Otis Technology Blue Nylon All Purpose Gun Cleaning Brush by having double end bristles. For that reason, it is also part of the best gun cleaning brushes list. 

Undeniably popular with thousands of reviews, this gun cleaning brush set is made with quality nylon bristles for the powerful removal of fresh or stubborn firing residue. Specifically speaking, the large end is equipped with three-row of nylon bristles for detailed gun parts cleaning. Meanwhile, the small end features only one row of nylon bristles and is best to use for precision cleaning. 

Since the SE 10-Piece Double-Ended Gun Cleaning Brush Set is only suitable for basic gun cleaning and maintenance, it works on other firearms as well as pistols, rifles, and everything that requires detailed and precision cleaning. Generally, you can expect incredible versatility from this brush set to make the most out of what you pay for it. 

Indeed, it will be great to have the Double-Ended Gun Cleaning Brush Set from SE in your gun cleaning kits. You can always utilize it for flexible cleaning, which can be one of your basic necessities for cleaning. There is no need to get frustrated in getting through tight and narrow spaces because this cleaning tool can reach through that and is basically a life-saver when it comes to great cleaning works. 

While the SE 10-Piece Double-Ended Gun Cleaning Brush Set looks closely similar to a typical toothbrush, they are distinctly different in toughness in cleaning. Obviously, the gun cleaning brush set is significantly powerful and long-lasting to do the tough jobs in removing dirt and residue at hard-to-reach places. You will probably want to stock up when you try it because it can take different cleaning jobs for your benefit. 

4. Motanar 10-Pack Double-Ended All-Purpose Gun Cleaning Brushes

Motanar 10-Pack Double-Ended All-Purpose Gun Cleaning Brushes

Suppose you want a gun cleaning brush set that offers different materials. In that case, the Motanar 10-Pack Double-Ended All-Purpose Gun Cleaning Brushes will give you that. The set features three kinds of double-ended cleaning brushes that you can choose from: nylon, brass, and steel. Hence, you get what you want since they differ from scrubbing power and strength in dealing with dirt and residue. 

As mentioned that each material is different from the others; you might be curious about how so. In particular, the brushes made from nylon and brass are highly compatible for general cleaning works other than guns. For more precise meaning, the brass cleaning brushes are more dependable in removing harder and tougher stains, residues, and specks of dirt that soft nylon brushes find difficult to eliminate. Nevertheless, these two are a great choice as they work for versatile cleaning in sorts of hard-to-reach spaces.

On the flip side, the cleaning brushes constructed from steel materials are best-suited for specific types of cleaning. In fact, they are incredible in dealing with a heavier deposit in your gun. With that being said, you can ensure a spotlessly clean gun that works to your advantage in terms of performance and condition. There is no need to scrub hard because these double-ended cleaning brushes are aggressive against contaminants. 

Saying that these All-Purpose Gun Cleaning Brushes are double-ended, you can already figure that they are equipped with large and small ends. Like any good double-ended brush for gun cleaning, they are useful in cleaning big surfaces as well as tiny spots that even your hand doesn’t usually get into. Generally, these brushes are excellent for all-purpose cleaning that delivers superiority in dealing with contaminants deposits. 

More importantly, these brushes are highly valuable and ideal since they are combined with aggressive and soft characteristics, making them gun-friendly. With that being said, you can remove all the residue that can cause dirt-related functionality issues while leaving no scratch marks. Plus, they work with the best gun cleaning solvents for a faster gun cleaning process. All in all, the Motanar 10-Pack Double-Ended All-Purpose Gun Cleaning Brush Set is a must-have cleaning tool that will give you good value and convenience in cleaning. 

5. MaximalPower Brass Firearm Cleaning Double-Ended Brushes

MaximalPower Brass Firearm Cleaning Double-Ended Brushes

Featuring tough brush bristles made from brass, the MaximalPower Brass Firearm Cleaning Double-Ended Brushes are appropriate for cleaning shotguns, pistols, rifles, and other surfaces that require detailed and precision cleaning. In fact, they are a better choice than nylon brushes when it comes to cleaning tough firing residue. 

As the name implies, these brass cleaning brushes are double-ended. Thus, these models deliver a great versatility advantage to remove tough and stubborn stains, grimes, debris, and residues from your gun and other gun cleaning tools. While they are aggressive in kicking contaminants out of your gun, they will not leave a scratches mark as they are soft. 

When you add the MaximalPower Brass Firearm Cleaning Double-Ended Brushes on your gun cleaning kits, you can guarantee a thoroughly cleaned and well-maintained gun for excellent all-purpose cleaning advantage. Since there is no perfect gun cleaning brush, you can also notice some flaws from MaximalPower models. 

First, you will notice that these double-ended gun cleaning brushes cannot tolerate abuse from hard scrubbing. At the same time, they cannot withstand too much pressure, and they can bend all over during the process. Luckily, these flaws are preventable with extra care on cleaning. After all, there is no need for you to rush the gun cleaning process because you need to make sure that everything is thoroughly and precisely clean. 

Therefore, if you think this double-ended gun cleaning brush set can work for your needs and standards, don’t hesitate to test them out. 

6. Brownells Heavy-Duty Gunsmith Brushes

Brownells Heavy-Duty Gunsmith Brushes

Brownells offer the Heavy-Duty Gunsmith Brushes. While they are great for tough use, they are the best and finest small cleaning tools that you will ever see. What makes them more impressive and interesting to own is that they are constructed with stainless steel stitching laced all the way through their handle. With that being said, the bristles will surely remain in their place, preventing pull-out under even the heaviest use.

Moreover, these gun cleaning brushes feature a 7-ply handle with no split laminate. By that, these cleaning tools can truly complement working with all gun cleaner solvents. Besides that, they can also stand up even with more intense and hard scrubbing. Choosing the Brownells Heavy-Duty Gunsmith Brushes will provide you with three available bristle materials to suit any cleaning job. 

First, the stainless steel cleaning brush features a straight wire, delivering a slightly softer scrubbing action. Despite that, this tool can still steadily hold its place even with repeated and continuous use. Technically, it is not surprising because it is dedicated to regular and basic gun cleaning. Meanwhile, the cleaning brush constructed from brass also features a straight wire that leads to an incredibly gentle action, especially useful in getting through and removing old built-up oil, fouling, and grease.

On the other hand, the nylon cleaning brush is tough and can offer no-scratch cleaning of surfaces and recesses. Undoubtedly, the Brownells Heavy-Duty Gunsmith Brushes are not only interesting but useful for all-purpose gun cleaning. They are great for the primary step of gun cleaning and maintenance prior to polishing and refinishing.

7. Birchwood Casey Dual-End Nylon Cleaning Brushes

Birchwood Casey Dual-End Nylon Cleaning Brushes

The Birchwood Casey Dual-End Nylon Cleaning Brushes come with 25-piece availability and are neatly organized in a transparent tub for easy arrangement. Of course, you can also move them to your gun cleaning box or kit for convenience. 

Clearly, as you can deduce in the name, these brushes are made from nylon materials. Hence, you can ensure an impressive power in dealing with fresh dirt and residue to keep them out of your gun surfaces. Since they are built with dual ends, they can clean from large to tiny spots that you can’t even reach with your hands alone. 

Moreover, these nylon dual-end cleaning brushes are equipped with a custom ergonomic handle design. If you want cleaning tools that can provide you with outstanding convenience, these are the options worthy of trying. Plus, they are easy to store and manage, so you can always keep them neat. 

What you will like more about the Birchwood Casey Dual-End Nylon Cleaning Brushes is that they are highly safe to utilize on the delicate engraving and bluing in your gun. Truly, these brushes are a great solution to achieving a thorough and precise yet safe gun cleaning to keep your firearm at its optimal performance and condition that will satisfy you for a long time. 

8. Patelai 10 Pieces Bore Cleaning Brush

Patelai 10 Pieces Bore Cleaning Brush

Admittedly, the Patelai 10 Pieces Bore Cleaning Brush is different from most of the list because this set is for bore cleaning alone and not all-purpose. Doubtless, you also need this kind of gun cleaning brush because the gun bore primarily collects high firing residue amounts. Also, it is positively impressive because it comes with a sufficient quantity of five-piece each bore cleaning brush constructed from nylon and bronze materials. 

Not only that, but this cleaning set comes with 50 pieces of gun cleaning square patches to help you remove the left-over residue for a totally spotlessly clean gun. In addition, these bore cleaning brushes are built with a practical design for convenience and easy access to fit into narrow holes and confined areas. Besides that, they feature an industrial wire that suits cleaning steel parts, machinery, metal, and corroded parts. 

Surely, the Patelai 10 Pieces Bore Cleaning Brush Set is tough in dealing with stubborn residue and contaminants. Yet, you can use this brush package without fearing and worrying about scratching your gun and other fine surfaces. With that being said, there will be no problem if you want convenience for thorough and deep cleaning. 

Moreover, this gun cleaning item set is reliable with its quality material, primarily phosphor brass and nylon. Without any doubt, you can depend on it for strength and sturdiness in the efficient removal of dirt and rust. Meanwhile, the twisted wire is particularly designed for increased cleaning action advantage. Regarding the sizes, this option fits .177, .38, .22, .30, .45 caliber— see the product link below to check the other size details. 

Wisely, you can make the most out of Patelai 10 Pieces Bore Cleaning Brush Set because you can take advantage of it in other applications on top of cleaning your gun bore. For instance, it is highly suitable for polishing, rust removal, painting, fabrication, and other applications. Generally, it will not stay just a display and is genuinely useful for many purposes. 

Gun Cleaning Brushes Buying Guide

Truthfully, you can rest assured that all the best gun cleaning brushes above are high in quality and worth it to add with your other gun cleaning supplies. In fact, they are the efficient solution in cleaning your gun and removing residue from your gun spots that your hand can’t reach. However, it is not practical to get all of them even if they are the best choice. Therefore, you need a buying guide to help you choose. Below are some of the vital factors you need to consider: 


As gun cleaning brushes have a significant role in cleaning, you need to pay attention to quality. It means that you need to check the materials used. Generally, you will choose from brass, nylon, and steel materials. Brass and steel cleaning brushes are specifically suited to taking on hard-to-get firing residue and contaminants. 

In particular, the brushes made from steel are favorably recommended for removing caked-on powder residue. On the other hand, nylon gun cleaning brushes are best for light and safe cleaning. Conclusively, you must know what residue you are dealing with to know the best choice for you. 


When you look at products in online stores, you get to see the reviews and comments of past buyers to see their real value. Of course, the last call is still yours because you need to try out the tool first to see the complete worth. Thankfully, the recommendations above have great reviews, so you can feel free to choose from them. 


When you regularly clean your gun, the more gun brushes you have, the more convenient the cleaning process will be. Luckily, all the choices here have a great number in a set. If you want something like that, pick from them. 

Free Perks

Honestly, who doesn’t love free perks that make your investment more worth it? Fortunately, the cleaning brushes above offer a warranty or additional gun cleaning tools. Check them out in their link to see. 

Other Essential Gun Cleaning Tools

Aside from the best gun cleaning brushes, you need other essential cleaning tools in order to thoroughly and properly clean your gun. Take a look at them below: 

Cleaning Rods

When it comes to precise and convenient cleaning of your gun, cleaning rods are truly a must-have. In addition, they are useful in cleaning the gun bore and work with other cleaning items to do a good job. The crucial thing that you need to remember with these cleaning items is that they are available in different calibers, gauges, and lengths that you need to choose specifically. 

Cleaning Jags

You can utilize cleaning jags for a thorough clean of your gun bore. They offer safe and steady conjunction for cleaning patches. Usually, these items are made from brass or nickel-plated. Worry not; these materials are safe and friendly and won’t create any scratch marks while cleaning. Since gun cleaning solvents can dry out and cause rusting, jags can help them be removed before even leading to catastrophic consequences. 

Gun Mop

A gun mop, commonly known as a cleaning swab, works highly similar to cleaning brushes. Typically, it is constructed out of cotton. Its primary purpose is to remove the left-over residue and excess gun oil in the barrel. 

Cleaning Patches

You can use gun cleaning patches and place them in a slotted patch holder or cleaning jag and dip them in a gun cleaner solvent. Since things can be messy, you can use a gun cleaning mat to cover the surface. Securely attached in the jag, you can already push the tools through your gun bore and the chambers slowly. Typically, the good options from patches are wool and cotton materials. 

Cleaning Solvent

A cleaning solvent is best to use prior to brushes because it can efficiently loosen dirt and debris from your gun and clean the fouling. It is worth remembering that high-quality ones can also lubricate and protect your gun from rust and corrosion. 

Bore Snake

You can use a bore snake for immediate and fast cleaning your gun after each use. Unlike traditional cleaning rods and brushes, you won’t need to disassemble your gun when using it. However, you also need to use other cleaning tools for detailed cleaning. 

Final Thoughts

Indeed, basic gun cleaning is an excellent solution to keep your gun clean with high durability and optimal performance. Since there are too many essential gun cleaning tools to buy separately, you can choose to have the best gun cleaning kits to save money and time. 

Of course, remember to check out the cleaning brushes because they will impact how the cleaning process will go. Remember that steel brushes are best for caked-on powder residue, while nylon brushes are for regular cleaning and brass brushes are suitable for intermediate cleaning. 

Hopefully, you can choose from the recommendations above as they are highly popular due to their impressive quality. If you want to see other reviews and guides, feel free to check the Survival Gear Shack website

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common and frequently asked questions about gun cleaning, brushes, and other relevant topics: 

When to use a bore brush?

You can use your bore brush when cleaning the acquired firing residue and contaminants out of your gun bore. Aside from that, you can also use the tool for clearing out the stuck and obstructed dirt from your gun. 

Does bronze cleaning brush damage a gun bore?

Admittedly, many gun owners believe that using the bronze brush can scratch the bore and ruin it over a longer period. However, it actually depends on the gun material. Therefore, the ultimate call is yours to make. 

In addition, brass and phosphor bronze brushes do not scratch or ruin the steel gun materials. Nonetheless, if you use them with some cleaning chemicals, it may probably do some damage over time. Regardless, the deterioration caused is not much to ruin the material completely.

Will a .22 bore brush work on a .223?

Yes, you can use the .22 bore brush in cleaning the .223 gun because some brush calibers work on similar sizes. You can check out the bore brush size where it fits before buying to lead to no regret.

How to guarantee gun cleaning safety? 

Surely, your safety is highly crucial in the gun cleaning process. After all, the last problem you want to encounter is harming yourself and other people, right? Therefore, always remove the ammunition from your gun and cleaning station. In fact, unloading your gun is a basic safety step you need to pay attention to avoid negligent discharge circumstances. 

What are home solutions for efficient gun cleaning?

For a home gun cleaning solution, you can mix a bottle of white vinegar; usually, you can find the kitchen with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, commonly found in the bathroom. Remember that an equal 50/50 solution is the ideal formulation. Together, they can clean burned particles of metal and gunpowder, making a decent cleaning solvent alternative. 

What will precisely happen if you don’t clean your gun?

Obviously, not cleaning your gun is neglect that awaits intense consequences. While you can skip some gun cleaning sessions every now and then, total neglect will lead to dirt-related functionality issues. Early consequences are some errors and misfiring. Over time, you will notice malfunction and required part replacements. Luckily, you can prevent these outcomes with regular proper cleaning.  

What is better between cleaning jag and bore snake?

Undeniably, these two cleaning tools are great, yet they are distinctly different. For instance, a cleaning jag is better in detailed and traditional cleaning. Meanwhile, a bore snake is more suitable for immediate and quick cleaning after use. That’s why it is the best decision to have them both.  

Which is better between nylon and bronze cleaning brushes?

Since these materials are significantly different, they have their edges and advantages. Regarding routine gun cleaning, brushes made from nylon can already do a great job, plus they are safe and soft. On the other hand, bronze cleaning brushes are best for tough cleaning of heavy and stubborn residue. If possible, it is great to utilize them both for thorough and precise cleaning. 

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