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Guide in Finding the Best Slick guns, Plus the Slickguns Website

Slick guns are efficient guns that will do impressively smooth firearm shots. With this, you need to read this blog to guide you to choose efficient weapons that match your reason for owning slick guns.

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There are overwhelming and interesting gun types in the market today. Hence, if you love to increase your shooting skills you need to choose perfect slick guns to own.

Slick guns are efficient guns that will do impressively smooth firearm shots. With this, you need to read this blog to guide you to choose efficient weapons that match your reason for owning slick guns.

Moreover, a gun enthusiast deserves to find the best slick guns to enhance skills to give out the most incredible shooting performance. Being able to perform excellent and accurate gunshots feels satisfying, right?

So, let’s get straight to finding the most common reasons gun buyers buy slick guns because knowing such vital information will lead your way to find the ideal and excellent slick guns for you.  


Reasons why gun enthusiasts buy slick guns

Each gun buyer has a different cause for choosing to buy guns, and knowing it helps them decide what firearms perfectly fit them. Thus, here are some of the general reasons people purchase a gun, and knowing it will help you select the top choice for you in the future.

Personal and home safety

One of the top reasons many people wanted to own a gun is to keep themselves and their homes safe. While some believe that firearms can be risky, it is more justifiable to state that weapons are unthinking tools. Therefore, as a potential gun buyer, it is part of your responsibility to know that the equipment you are purchasing is not a toy but a relevant tool to keep you and your loved ones safe. Thus, the user can only be the one to tell if it is going to be a good or bad machine.

Moreover, firearms are weapons that have a higher chance to stop criminals that possibly intrude on your home. Yet, since it can be lethal, you need to understand the precautionary rules of using firearms. In that way, you can guarantee that you can use it in the right way. Additionally, there are educational guides available to ensure that the buyer is adequately knowledgeable about gun safety. Aside from that, there is also a required inspection process when buying guns to follow legal rules.

Furthermore, suppose that you are already considering buying slick guns, the first step you must make sure to complete is that you learn the proper training of handling firearms and how to keep them secured in a safe place. You can only defend your family if you understand how guns function as safety equipment.

Lastly, it is crucial to live up to your reason why you bought a weapon in the first place. There should not be the intention to harm, but it should only function as a safeguard. Also, like any other, you must have skills. Thus, you might need to attend gun training and shooting to choose reputable gun training facilities. 

Recreational activities

Other than personal and home safety reasons, other gun owners purchase because they use it for recreational activities. For this reason, using guns is challenging and fun. One of the popular recreational activities involving weapons is competitive shooting. There is proper training to develop gun handling and shot placement.


Many gun competitions are organized for gun enthusiasts, and it is interesting to watch because it is the battle of skills and talent. That’s why some of the fully engrossed fanatics are convinced to try out the competition themselves. Hence, they buy guns and sign up for training to hone their skills and practice hand-eye coordination for shooting.

Since many people love guns, there is a high possibility that you can form a new friendship with other people training inside the shooting range. More often than not, people sharing with the same passion can quickly create a bond because there will be an active conversation. Different people are interested in guns, and they come from different walks of life. 

Moreover, training can develop self-esteem and social skills. When you are out in the shooting range, you can increase your discipline and patience to improve your gun drawing and hitting targets. Also, shooting competition comes with competent prizes and trophies that can make your training time worthy.

If you already have a gun, there’s no loss if you try and sign up for a challenging and fun experience of gun competition. 

Gun range etiquette

A gun shooting practice happens before a competition. Many gun owners opt to go to their chosen gun range that can give them adequate space to train. While all shooting range rules may vary because some might add to the standard regulations implemented. You will be at ease about coming to a gun range since they will be briefing you with their guidelines.

Moreover, you can have the chance to meet up with your friends and gun buddies when you are training in a gun range space. However, there can be special rules in every gun range. Some of the rules you should follow are understanding the gun range rules where you are, doing the right check-in process, being familiarized with proper gun range terms for easier understanding of instructions, and having a clear conversation.

Furthermore, you can also observe that all the people inside the area are constantly reminded to keep their guns and equipment secured until they are ready to shoot. Also, it is essential to follow the strict rules of not pointing the gun at anything that is not intended to shoot and keep in mind to respect any commands and directions of any staff and safety offices of a gun range to maintain safe training.

Lifetime hobby

Guns are entertaining weapons. That’s why there are many gun communities formed for gun owners. There, they can share their passion and interest in firearms. Over time, some of the gun owners unintentionally passed the same gun interest to their families. 

Spending time with guns, practicing shooting with family can develop a good bond with common interests. Later, gun owners didn’t realize that they are already collecting many weapons, and guns have become part of their lives.  

If you want to purchase your weapons, you can look for a reliable local store, but it is also an excellent option to look for firearms online because it offers not lesser than local stores. Hence, they have exclusive discounts that you can claim anywhere you are while checking out the helpful tips and product reviews available in online stores.


Each state has its hunting regulations. Thus, if you purchased or will buy guns, you must first understand the hunting rules and regulations. Whether you are into wild hunting because it was a tradition passed down onto you or learned hunting, following the state rules is an essential part of hunting. Following is also respecting nature and the wildlife.

The lists above are some of the common reasons people choose to purchase a firearm, and of course, you can have a different reason for why you need to order a gun. Anything can be valid as long as you have a clear intention and you commit to following the legal gun-owning rules your state has.

Slickguns – A popular online firearms dealer website


Slickguns website was one of the reliable online firearms stores because it has an excellent variety of deals, exclusive discounts, and coupons for its customers. However, the website is unreachable now.

It sounds like disappointing news, right? Don’t worry. Slickguns only implemented minimal changes, including their logo, URL, and a few improvements to differentiate itself from the old website name and logo. Slickguns is now called Gun Deals that retained its fantastic deals and appealing website features. You can browse their site when you click here. But, don’t be hasty and take a little time to read the features they continue to implement on the website.

Keep on reading to discover the Slickguns’ website best features you will love.

Gun community

There’s no wonder many buyers love to look for gun availability first on the Slickguns website because it offers the most amazing deals. It also has a website section where many gun enthusiasts can freely join and learn in a gun community. Also, the community is set as an unbiased website area that helps beginners know about the deals and choose the best for themselves.

Although there are product descriptions available on the Slickguns website, the site visitors still love to be part of the gun community where active members are consistently sharing firearms insights. This feature contributes to why the Slickguns website is appealing to any potential gun buyer.

Moreover, the website moderators consistently do a great job keeping the site accessible because there is no complex process to complete to be a member of the gun community. Thus, even a new member can enjoy the give and take knowledge practice in the community.

Indeed, even if the gun community is online, having the community has significantly added leverage for Slickguns. The reason is that since more often than not, customers would not go the extra mile to visit another online gun store if they are already in Slickguns. Thus, when they already have gained sufficient knowledge in the community about the pros and cons of the potential product they are considering, they surely stay connected with Slickguns. Thus, first look at the item availability there.

Naturally, there are different opinions about overall product insight that can circle inside the community, but even that happens, the most passionate and dedicated reviews stand out. The good thing about having a gun community is it makes the customers more engaged with the website.

Finally, the customers can also influence the website content because there are voting opportunities given. The most popular and in-demand product chosen by the majority will be displayed on the platform. The websites go along with their customers and indeed listen to their demands and requests. Thus, encountering visiting websites’ difficulty is uncommon for Slickguns customers since the most outstanding features already exist in the Slickguns. 

Used gun deals

Slickguns is well aware of not all gun enthusiasts and website visitors. Some visit with a limited budget but still aim to get the most satisfying deals, because why not? With this fact, Slickguns has opened the used gun deals options on their website to help buyers find a used and good-conditioned firearm.

slickguns website

Moreover, the feature is most beneficial for gun buyers who look for guns because they want more secured protection. As long as the used gun deals available on Slickguns are still usable and have a pleasing shape, there is no reason to try these kinds of deals.

Free subscription to Gun Deals newspaper

Hate to miss exciting deals? Then this Gun Deals feature is for you. Aside from giving the newspaper subscription to customers for free, what’s more exciting is the paper’s content.

Well, there’s no need to get on the hassle to find the most fantastic deals because the Gun Deals newspaper will update you daily about the in demand, and high-quality deals of the day that come with special discounts.

Comment page

Everything has a little negative in it. With Gun Deals, it might be discouraging for a beginner to look at their website. The reason is that they offer a great variety of firearms that can be confusing to look at; thus, Gun Deals solved it by allowing their customers to post their comments and insights about certain weapons on their website comment page.  

Indeed, it was a promising website section that makes the Gun Deals online site more hooking and appealing. Even for the new customers, the website feels more welcoming because it gives a chance for gun enthusiasts to share their insights on one another using the comment page. Moreover, healthy arguments and discussions on weapons also happen because of the passionate gun owners.

Thus, it is only fair to say that the Slickguns customers also contribute to why it lands top and keep them above even if they change to Gun Deals. 

Free posting of deals

This might surprise you because you’re reading here and convinced that Slickguns is an online firearm store, but it is not. The truth is that Slickguns is an internet firearms dealer website. It deals with firearms, rifles, long-range shooting, and other survival equipment and accessories with different weapons.

Moreover, the website is managed by its moderators, and the good news is that they remained a free posting deals site even after its rebranding. The posting chance is an open opportunity for anyone, from the website users, weapon dealers, and even moderators, to advertise their firearm deals or even their used guns. 

Product categories

You won’t be disappointed in visiting the Gun Deals website because they have different product categories. The Gun Deals website has diverse product categories you can consider, such as stabbing, archery, shooting, accessories, and many more. Hence, even if you are not looking for a weapon but an accessory right now, you are still on the right firearms website. 


One of the best favorite features of the regular Slickguns’ site visitors is the organized contests. The contest is simple but fun. Also, the instructions are simple, and the website user must only be active and participative on the site. The Slickguns contest winner is the user who recommended the website link and products to the greatest number of their friends.

The features are appealing and inviting, right? But wait. Don’t act fast because you might also want to discover first the factors you need to consider before buying guns.

Factors to consider before buying guns 

It is only natural to select the best option and the most suitable for you when you purchase something. Thus, having some factors to consider works as a standard for you to help you own the top choice. Buying guns has the relatively same buying process when we talk about how we select a product. Yet, it also uniquely differs because it is a kind of weapon that the users can only tell its purpose.

Take a read of some of the significant points to consider when you are selecting slick guns.

Have a clear understanding of the purpose of the gun

The top priority to consider is your reason for buying a firearm. You need to know that all guns are made for different purposes. Thus, they function and are used differently. It might be impossible for you to purchase a firearm that will work perfectly with you if you will not question why you will use it after buying.


For instance, you hurriedly buy a gun without a plan. Soon, you realized that you wanted to join a gun competition, but that one you purchased is for home defense weapons. Unfortunately, you will need to buy again to have the right gun; thus, you might be wasting money and time.  

Knowing the level of firearm maintenance

Firearm maintenance is one of the key factors a first-time gun buyer should consider. Also, aside from the purpose, firearms differ in their maintenance level. Some guns require high maintenance care, and others are built for low maintenance checking.

If you consider this factor the next time, you will buy a gun, and it will help you as you would know how to manage the firearm to make it fire better.

The firearm quality

You should enjoy what you pay for, and this factor does not talk about how much you should consider buying guns. Instead, this is a step to check if the product you choose is worth your money. Quality is a relevant key to achieve a satisfying gun buying process.

Size of the gun grip

Another factor to consider is the size of the gun grip. There are different types of guns, such as long guns (shotguns and assault rifles) and handguns (pistols and revolvers). Thus, it is essential to check it because you don’t want to make a useless purchase if you are not comfortable with your firearm. Whether you have a small or big hand, you don’t force a gun with you. Instead, the important thing is you will be comfortable and secured while holding your weapon.

Assess the level of comfort and aim of the gun

Choose the most comfortable gun that works best for you. You don’t force something to fit on you because you might lose the chance of finding what’s perfect for you if you keep on insisting on what’s not. This factor aims to help you select a firearm that will give you a better shooting aim and ensure your safety.

Always prioritize safety

This factor cannot be stressed enough. When buying guns, you should always consider yourself and your family first. It would help if you always keep in mind why you buy guns and learn how to be a responsible gun owner.

Continue reading to be guided on being a responsible gun owner by knowing the golden firearms safety rules to follow. 

Important firearm safety rules to keep in mind 

Whether you already have gun ownership or just starting to buy a gun, you must be fully aware that guns are an unthinking weapon that can be dangerous if misused. You can have no second chance when it comes to a gun; thus, it is an only appropriate action to prevent firearm accidents by guiding yourself with these simple but vital rules to follow:

Rule #1: Always treat a firearm as though it’s loaded.

It is just right to keep the firearms unloaded when you are no using them. However, it is always good to think and treat that your firearm is loaded and can cause sudden accidents if the weapon is mishandled. The proper handling of the gun comes with strict care and caution before doing an accurate and detailed firearm inspection. 

firearms safety rules

Rule #2: Always keep the firearm pointed in the right direction.

It will always help you if you keep in mind that it is possible to experience a mechanical accident with guns. Thus, keeping the firearm pointed only in the right direction will lessen the chances of hurting anyone around you.

Rule #3: Never point your firearm to anything you won’t shoot.

Do remember that negligence can always cause harm and tragedy. Shooting a gun can destroy the target. Thus, it is not reasonable to aimlessly point a gun at something. You should also know that a firearm can go off unintentionally, but you can less likely harm anybody if you follow this rule since you are only pointing at your target.

Rule #4: Always keep the finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

This rule is not new to gun experts, but beginners tend to forget this rule. Since handling a gun is an overwhelming and fresh feeling, they feel enticing to put their finger on the trigger. However, it is not a good practice. Instead, it is a good habit for a beginner to keep a reminder to keep their finger off the trigger, and that habit will become a natural action every time they hold a firearm.

Moreover, keeping the finger off the trigger makes it secure. Even if the person holding a gun will be surprised, shoved, or pushed, he cannot discharge the weapon. 

Rule #5: Never load a gun you will not use.

This rule sounds obvious, but there is no need to load a gun when you don’t have any intention or reason to use it. The only right time to keep the guns loaded is limited to the time you will shoot them. Hence, firearms should not always be loaded, but instead, it is secured in a safe place.

Rule #6: Always be sure of your target before you shoot.

There can be something or someone behind your target; hence it would be better to always inspect your target before shooting it. Making it a practice to keep track of your target assures an impressive shooting result.

Rule #7: Before you use a firearm, you need to learn its mechanical and handling characteristics to maintain safety.

Every firearm differs from one another. Thus, you need to understand the importance of understanding that each weapon has unique mechanical and handling characteristics. With that, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with your gun. Still, the more profound you’re learning about its mechanical power that can harm or protect, the more caution and safety precautions you practice.

Hence, you can’t only assume that the gun you are holding is likely the same as the gun of your gun buddies.

Rule #8: Learn the proper ammunition and always use it.

Ammunition is an essential fact to firearms. Hence, if you are not using proper ammunition, thus you might not have the correct shooting experience. Therefore, while you are learning the mechanical characteristics of your slick guns, don’t forget to include knowing the appropriate ammunition you should use.

Rule #9: If you experienced a failed shoot, follow the proper and safe gun unloading.

This rule applies when you are already shooting. It can happen that your gun may fail to fire even though you already pulled the trigger. But it would be best if you will not panic and instead maintain your composure. After the failed shot, you should remain still and hold your position for a few minutes because you can keep everyone around you safe by keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

When you already made sure that there is no one to harm in your pointed direction, you can start to slowly and carefully unload your firearm. Finally, after unloading your guns, you can look for a reliable firearms shop or turn to your trusted gunsmith that can check and fix your firearm.

Rule #10: Always be aware of your surroundings. It helps maintain a safe gun shooting setting.

Keeping your eyes on your target can make you only focused on it. However, aiming and shooting possess potential risks to your surroundings. Moreover, if your target is beyond miles away from your shooting position, the entire time the bullets travel might cause harm. Thus, to keep everyone safe, it is part of your duty to know the status of your surroundings and keep everyone away from your firing path.

There are just standard but strict rules to follow when owning and using guns since it possesses great power. It is a weapon that can either be used to protect and, hopefully not done by anyone, kill. Gun ownership has enormous responsibilities to comply with. Thus, obeying these rules reflects how responsible a gun owner you are.

Now that you already learn all the essential and relevant information and the safety reminders and rules in firearms, you can now freely search in any online firearms store. Still, if you are looking for another credible website aside from Slickguns/Gun Deals, I recommend you to look at the Survival Gear Shack site.


Survival Gear Shack is connected to fantastic partners that provide high-quality and impressive firearms and weapons accessories. Not only that, but the Survival Gear Shack website also offers informative and exciting survival guides.

In addition, if you go to the Survival Gear Shack site, they will give you worthy and exclusive discounts and deals to their partnered firearms stores.

Please don’t waste any time and visit their website to claim the offer now!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to learn more about slick guns and the Slickguns website, then you are in the right place. Listed below are the relevant people’s frequently asked questions that are necessary to know:

What are slick guns?

Slick guns are firearms that perform efficiently to support shooters to achieve an impressive and smooth shooting. Also, the best slick guns enhance a shooting result since they are made with top-notch ergonomics and quality materials for incredible shooting performance.

What is the Slickguns website?

Slickguns website has one of the most reputable names as being a reliable and trustworthy online firearm store that offers almost everything related to firearms, gears, and tactical equipment. Besides that, the Slickguns website has several outstanding features, such as used gun deals and free posting deals.

Where did the Slickguns website go?

Many gun enthusiasts feared when they suddenly couldn’t access the Slickguns website. However, the website didn’t go anywhere. The website is still functional, but it changed to

What happened to the Slickguns website?

Slickguns improved their website; they changed their name, logo, and URL. That’s why some gun enthusiasts had a hard time finding them. Yet, to be clear, they are still functioning and seem better than before.

What is the new name of Slickguns now?

The new name of Slickguns website is They only changed their name, URL, and logo, but they remain to provide the best gun-related deals and discounts.

How can I find Slickguns’ new website?

You can find Slickguns’ new website when you search the on the internet. But to have more convenient and effortless access, you can just click here.

How do you sell on the Slickguns website?

The Slickguns website has moderators that guarantee smooth operation within the website. Sellers can post because the website allows free posting of deals. Sellers just need to login into the website and post their deal. Then, they can already sell products.

What is the Slickguns community?

The Slickguns community is one of the primary features of the website. The community accommodates gun enthusiasts and allows them to interact. In addition, the community is favorable and beneficial for both beginners and experts. The beginners can learn more about guns and firearms, while the experts can make friends and share their deep knowledge about slick guns.

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