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Best Rifle for Hunting and 11 Best Hunting Rifles of 2024

If you are a passionate hunter, you’ll be needing the best-suited firearm that matches your exceptional hunting skills. The significant key in finding your perfectly suited hunting rifle is to choose based on your need. It will make you have a better and more satisfying buying result. Indeed, it is helpful to work on a budget. However, it is more important to assess the performance. Then, decide if it has excellent value and features.

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Each hunter and even shooter have unique needs and standards when it comes to finding their best rifle. If you are a passionate hunter, you’ll be needing the best-suited firearm that matches your exceptional hunting skills. It is a harsh fact that a perfect rifle doesn’t exist. But, at the same time, it makes sense since even weapon users possess different skills from each other.  

The significant key in finding your perfectly suited hunting rifle is to choose based on your need. It will make you have a better and more satisfying buying result. Indeed, it is helpful to work on a budget. However, it is more important to assess the performance. Then, decide if it has excellent value and features.

Fortunately, there are available rifles that feature exceptional accuracy, reliability, and durability. Also, the best rifles need to be tough and reliable to withstand the nasty weather and rugged environment. Thus, let’s get started going through the best hunting rifles that deliver extreme advantages in wild hunting games.


The Best Rifles

There is a huge variety of rifle choices made for tough hunters to achieve their wild animal trophies. However, not all can increase your shooting results. Thus, to avoid that, here are the best 11 rifles list that deserves a look because of their incredible accuracy and performance.

1. Henry X Model Lever Action Centerfire Rifle

Henry X Model Lever Action Centerfire Rifle

The Henry X model has designs and features to satisfy your expectation in a reliable rifle. You can put this blued finish rifle on your top choice of best rifle since it is a versatile weapon. It is well suited because of its high performance for deer hunting. Also, it is very dependable as a truck gun and self-defense weapon.

Moreover, you can expect long-lasting durability with this weapon because it is durable synthetic-designed furniture. Also, it is equipped with mounting points for stud-mounted accessories and sling. With that, you can freely integrate a great variety of tools, including the M-LOK and 1913 Picatinny accessories. Hence, it will be more convenient for you to match your skills level so you can guarantee an excellent rifle with an increased level of performance.

Besides the weapon’s versatility to be customized, it also comes with a fantastic carbine-length barrel attributed with high visibility fiber optic sights that allow you to see an enhanced view of your target. Also, the muzzle is threaded for suppressors and other muzzle devices.

On the other hand, while many prefer to wear gloves when holding guns, there will be no problem with using this centerfire rifle since it is designed to allow gun users to perform an easy cycle to action because of its enlarged lever. Thus, even if you prefer to wear thick gloves, you will experience no hassle handling this rifle. 

On top of all of that, the Henry X Model deserves a spot on the best rifles list since it features convenient unloading. It is possible because of its amazing removable 7-round magazine tube. Also, it offers a comfortable loading process as you don’t need to remove the magazine tube or muzzle devices when doing so. The easy operation is made possible because the side loading gate design allows loading magazines with removals. Therefore, if you value a weapon’s versatility and performance, getting the Henry X Model is an absolute advantage for you.

2. Ruger PC Carbine Semi-Auto Rifle

Ruger PC Carbine Semi-Auto Rifle

The Ruger PC Carbine has become the best rifle because of its durability and features that deliver a rapid fire. This weapon has an excellent reputation for being well-balanced. It is also a fast-handling gun that features readily available 9x19mm ammunition.

Also, the rifle highlights flexibility and adaptability by having interchangeable magazine wells. It utilizes various magazines, including GLOCK pistol magazines, Ruger American pistol magazines, and Security-9. At the same time, the carbine receiver guarantees the most incredible durability. Because it is built from Type III hard-coat anodized and CNC-milled from a 7075-T6 aluminum billet, it also comes with an integrated Picatinny rail. Hence, by having solid materials, this is the best rifle. It will be wise to buy this when you want a long-lasting firearm that withstands rough handling and a rugged survival environment.

Moreover, the PC Carbine has a quick takedown process that allows you to pack and transport easily. Thus, it will not take much of your time getting your gear gun ready for your next outdoor journey. A few steps are needed to perform the rifle’s takedown method. In addition, there are no necessary tools required: push the recessed level, twist the barreled for-end from the receiver, and pull the two apart.

Aside from that, the rifle also highlights impressive optional aftermarket suppressors attachment and adjustable rear aperture sight. It is useful for elevation and windage that increases the accuracy. Thus, achieving an overall high shooting performance. Still, you will be more impressed because this weapon does more than customization. The gun features a charging handle and cross-bolt safety in addition to its multi-piece assembly that excellently minimizes felt recoil and muzzle rise for effective enhanced fire control.

The PC Carbine might not be the best lightweight rifle. But it feels solid, and it is very manageable because it has a well-balanced design. Thus, if you want to own a dependable, accurate, and versatile rifle, you will be able to shoot flawlessly. And with the perfect and best-suited choice of ammunition, you will never experience low shooting results because of its accurate features that target rifle users’ satisfaction.

3. Browning X-Bolt Hell’s Speed Bolt-Action Rifle

Browning X-Bolt Hell's Speed Bolt-Action Rifle

Indeed, an impressive rifle model, the Browning X-Bolt has a highly pleasing appearance. It features a composite stock finished in A-TACS AU camouflage and a Burnt Bronze Cerakote finish. Indeed, the overall performance of the weapons matters most when buying rifles. Yet, you can’t just overlook its fantastic design because it captures one’s attention that makes it part of the superior and best rifle model.

The Browning X-Bolt features a free-floated, target-crowned barrel, sporter-weight adjustable Feather Trigger System, the Browning Hell’s Canyon SPEED. The top-notch system of the weapon delivers great long-range accuracy precision, which is highly suited for any long-shot hunting game. It provides consistent and accessible smooth shoots from 100 – 400 yards.

Also, the Feather Trigger improves accuracy while delivering a clean, crisp pull that runs with no take-up and minimum overtravel. Besides that, the rifle is packed with incredible beyond-expectation features that hunters look for in a great hunting rifle. 

The rifle highlights an innovative design, the weapons’ Inflex Technology recoil pad. The pad helps to reduce recoil and retain the buttstock firmly in place. And with the support of a threaded muzzle break, you will not experience complex control since it is planned to ensure greater control on follow-up shots. Thus, it works to minimize any control and shooting problems. In addition, the gun also has a drilled and tapped scope base that allows scope mount attachment improvement to perform a closer and comfortable shooting. Hence, a high chance to pull off an outstanding hunting shot.

Furthermore, the weapon utilizes a detachable, rotary magazine that feeds cartridges straight with the chamber. It is a different process from the conventional magazines in which the feeding is offset. Also, the Browning X-Bolt has solid safety details, including a tap-tang safety with a bolt unlock button. The importance of the safety feature is to allow gun users to conveniently and safely open the bolt for inspection and loading.

Overall, this rifle lives up to its excellent reviews, tops in the finish, reliability, weight, trigger, and accuracy standards.  It has the best dependability in a rugged environment. The gun can help you maintain concealed while precisely hitting long-range targets. Hence, having the Browning X-Bolt with you is indeed the best rifle hunting edge.

4. Tikka T3X Lite Stainless Steel Bolt-Action Rifle

Tikka T3X Lite Stainless Steel Bolt-Action Rifle

Offering a quality smooth action, Tikka T3X Lite has a great deal to offer as one of the best rifles.

It has a commendable withstand against extreme environments and conditions. The weapon is best designed as an innovative gun. Hence, it is a lightweight hunting rifle with smooth, outstanding performance.

The weapon features irresistible rifle designs. The design includes a butter-smooth receiver, a matte-black synthetic stock, and an extremely accurate cold hammer-forged stainless steel barrel. Also, it has a top-notch recoil pad. The pad makes the rifle shooting manageable and comfortable. It is always an ideal feeling to hold a comfortable weapon, right? Besides the advantage, the gun also utilizes an interchangeable grip which allows flexible angle grip modifications. Thus, it improves shooting accuracy even from firing in multiple positions.

In addition, the Tikka T3X highlights its added screw placement positioned on the top of the receiver. The additional rifle design provides modification opportunities. It makes it easy to secure either Picatinny rail or scope base attachment. Aside from that, the T3X utilizes a 2-lug bolt with a 75° bolt lift that smoothly cycles. The 75° bolt lift is a valuable rifle part because it supports speed in the cycling process while keeping the hand and gloves away from the scope.

Moreover, the rifle has an enlarged ejection port that enables feeding rounds one at a time. While the single-stack polymer magazine is responsible for reliable magazine feeds. And it also facilitates the loading and unloading of the weapon.

To top it all, the Tikka T3X Lite Stainless Steel Bolt-Action Rifle highlights an adjustable single-stage trigger feature. The trigger puts the rifle over the top because it delivers a dependable, consistent, clean break pull. The brake pull measures vary depending on the adjustment, but it can mostly be at 2 to 4 pounds of pull.

The rifle is lightweight for a convenient and easy portable even in a standard size backpack. Hence, with its reliability and accuracy suitable for hunting, you’ll have an outstanding shooting performance. Do not hesitate to take a look at the Tikka T3X Lite and feel it in yourself.

5. Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II Semi-Auto Rifle

Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II Semi-Auto Rifle

The Smith & Wesson has been working hard to provide great firearms with excellent performance like the M&P15 Sport II.

The M&P15 Sport II is a dependable and quality AR-style semi-auto rifle. It is offered at a reasonable price justifying its fantastic features. Thus, you can be at ease with the weapon’s affordable price. By that, you will not worry about taking an interest in a compromised firearm.  

The gun comes with a dust cover and forward assists that improve the firearm’s reliable function to survive a rugged tactical environment. Hence, you will never be left with no rifle because the M&P15 Sport II can withstand rough and careless handling. On the other hand, in terms of its design, the rifle’s lower and upper receivers are built with 7075 T6 aluminum with a hard coat black anodized finish.

Also, the lower receiver utilizes an integral trigger guard. At the same time, the upper receiver features a full Picatinny rail. Aside from that, the barrel uses a hard-wearing, corrosion resistant Armornite finish in a 1 in 9 inches twist. Thus, the M&P15 Sport II is well-suited to survive in a harsh setting with its dependable durability.

Moreover, many gun parts are chromed to guarantee easy maintenance and reliable weapon overall quality function. The chromed parts are the firing pin, gas key, and bolt carrier. Then, the rifle also has a 6-position telescoping buttstock that enables the hunter to perform adjustable movements to achieve an excellent and well-suited fit to keep with your clothing and stature.

The semi-auto rifle goes with one 30-round removable magazine. The weapon never jams, and it is amazingly adaptable to affordable ammunition and reloads. Hence, the firearm is well-matched with most standard AR15 accessories and components. Lastly, the gun highlights an adjustable A2 post front sight and Magpul Folding MBUS rear sight that exceeds accuracy expectations.

The M&P15 Sport II rifle is lightweight, versatile, reliable, and a blast to shoot. Also, it hits straight what more can you ask for without spending more on customization. And suppose if you are looking for a gun that you can shoot right out of the box or packable hunting rifle, make this rifle on top of your list.

6. Kimber Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle

Kimber Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle

When you are looking for a comfortable, lightweight carry weapon, you are on the right path. The Kimber Hunter rifle is specially designed as an accompanying firearm to stand up against nasty weather outdoors. The bolt-action rifle concentrates on extended-range accuracy. Thus, the gun can keep up with fast-moving hunting targets.

The Kimber 84M stainless steel action takes advantage of a 3-position wing safety and a Mauser claw extractor, contributing to its overall quality and safety guarantees. Also, the rifle model offers reliability and convenience. With its sporter-contour stainless steel barrel, you only need to maintain low maintenance, plus it allows you to shoot on high precision accuracy.

In addition, the rifle’s FDE composite stock features textured gripping surfaces that give no trouble in handling the weapon. Hence, the features make it easier to achieve confidence and comfortable shooting. At the same time, the pillar bedding and a match-grade changeable trigger that helps to maximize the weapon’s full accuracy ability. Thus, if you are looking for an accurate hunting rifle, the Kimber Hunter rifle is worth giving a shot.

Moreover, hunting requires fast actions to hit the targets. With that, you’ll like how you can easily perform rapid but safe loading and unloading with Kimber Hunter’s detachable magazine. Hence, you’ll never get to experience an escaped target because you are equipped with a powerful hunting rifle that only weighs more than 5 pounds. So, surely you will be able to move fast around the forest without feeling exhausted because of your weapon.

Since the Kimber Hunter is equipped with reliable design and features, it surely means that it can help you hit beyond what you expect it to be. If you are looking for a fast-handling, lightweight weapon you want to pack for your next hunting, the Kimber Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle proves that powerful, accurate weapons are reliable even with their weight. The rifle is suitable in the roughest hunting game that can shoot to capture the forest trophy animals.  

7. Browning BL-22 Grade I Lever-Action Rimfire Rifle

Browning BL-22 Grade I Lever-Action Rimfire Rifle

Averaging weighs at 5 pounds; the Browning BL-22 is indeed one dependable, lightweight weapon you can equip yourself in hunting. Challenging hunting games are meant to test your energy and accuracy. With that, packing a light firearm will save you from heavyweight gun-carrying discomfort.

A complicated functioning weapon has no room and is not fitted for fast hunting. That’s why the BL-22 is designed to give you a convenient rifle. By only flicking a hand, that weapon can eject a spent cartridge and load a new one. That one move is only an action it takes to prove that the best rifles are made suitable for easy and convenient performance.

Reliable, fast shooting guns make more satisfying firing results and are a top-edged weapon in the woods. The gun’s action cycles with a short 33° lever throw can give you what you expect from a fast-to-shoot and reliability retaining lever-action rifle. Also, the BL-22 features a trigger that stays with the trigger guard eliminating any unnecessary finger pinch chances. On the other hand, all exterior metal, barrel, and receiver are made of a highly polished blued finish.

The Grade II model receiver is equipped with solid materials. It is machined from solid quality steel that is grooved for 3/8″ scope rings and has a fantastic scroll engraving. Besides that, the walnut stock and forearm are designed with a gloss finish that highlights the LR-22’s fine lines and emphasizing the beauty of the walnut.

Also, the gloss finish doesn’t only add beauty to the rifle’s design, but it also serves as a protection from different harmful elements. The versatile benefits of the design and materials won’t make you feel like you own a beautiful but low-functioning gun. The materials are planned to contribute most to the rifle’s overall performance, so it is not a loss to try owning one, right?

Moreover, the BL-22 also provides excellent accuracy and rapid sight acquisition to maintain the high shooting result of every hit of the firearm. The accuracy is made possible by the weapon’s folding rear sight and a well-detailed, dovetailed, steel blade front sight. Like the other rifles on the list, the BL-22 rimfire rifle also offers easy and convenient loading. The tubular magazine is responsible for effortless and straightforward loading.

In addition, the rimfire rifle is adjustable with a variety of ammunition. Yet, it flawlessly operates with .22 Short, Long, and Long Rifle ammunition. Incredibly, the BL-22 Lever-Action Rimfire Rifle works with a time-tested, 3-position hammer. Thus, making it highly qualified to be one of the best rifles in wild hunting games. If you are looking for a high-grade 22 rifle accurately to use even in plinking and training, the BL-22 is a good choice. The rimfire rifle has serious flawless action and accuracy at small hunting wild game that tops it all. Hence, checking the gun is the only thing you need to own a quality gun.  

8. Henry .45-70 Lever-Action Rifle

Henry has offered outstanding top-notch crafted weapons through the years, including the .45-70 lever-action rifle. The Henry .45-70 has a powerful knockdown authority for hunting large species of wild animals. It is a fast-handling lever-action rifle with a hard-hitting impact power to drop down your target fast.

Challenging hunting game requires tough weapons to win against the wild species. There’s no need to worry because this lever-action rifle is equipped with durable top-notch quality materials to maintain solid performance. The gun is designed strong with a hardened brass receiver and an octagon barrel. The material shares the same tensile strength as steel that guarantees excellent durability.

Meanwhile, the receiver has an excellent solid top with the side ejection designed drilled and tapped for the scope mount. Having a scope mounted helps accuracy for a confident aim and hit the target successfully. Besides that, Henry offers different loading processes. The side of the receiver no longer has a designed loading port. But don’t worry because the loading method has changed to direct action. Instead, the ammunition is straight loaded into the tubular magazine from the top.

On the other hand, the weapon has accommodated the idea that hunters wore gloves when handling firearms. By that, the Henry lever features an expanded hoop to fit in with the gloved hands. Also, the .45-70 rifle utilizes an internal transfer bar safety. Safety features are essential to diminish firing accidents. The transfer bar safety prevents hammer contact with the firing pin. So, the gun will only fire if the trigger is pulled intentionally. More importantly, it will not be possible to fire and harm yourself, even if your finger slips from the hammer while cocking.

Moreover, the gun’s trigger pull has been made to be a clean, smooth, and crisp pull for a reliable accuracy contribution. Aside from that, the weapon also comes with modifiable features to help you match its performance with your skill. The rifle is furnished with a fantastic dovetailed blade front sight and a fully adjustable semi-buckhorn rear sight. Thus, it’ll be more convenient to shoot with a confident result. 

Although design comes below the performance, in terms of appearance and design, Henry .45-70 would not disappoint you because it has an appealing stand. It is one of the most attractive lever-action rifles. It is beautifully crafted with eye-pleasing materials. With that, it highlights a polished brass butt plate, a brass-capped walnut fore-end, and an American walnut stock.  And the magazine tube and barrel are blued.

Also, if you opt to carry the firearm rather than packing it, you can use its sling swivel studs. The studs allow you to freely attach a sling with the rifle for a more comfortable carry ahead of your hunting or journey. Overall, the design and performance of the gun are traditionally American, as well as the .45-70 cartridge it fires.

The Henry .45-70 Lever-Action Rifle is best-suited for hunters looking for an excellent, powerful rifle yet offers an attractive design that stands out in a rugged environment.

9. Ruger 10/22 Carbine Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle

Ruger 10/22 Carbine Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle

The 10/22 Carbine is one of the best rifle go-to weapons for serious training, shooting, self-defense, and, top it all, hunting. It is indispensable because of its strong performance.

The rimfire rifle has an excellent reputation and is widely used for over 50 years. It maintains fantastic credibility in performance and accuracy that has been one of the critical points of why it is one of the widely used rimfire rifles in the US. Hence, earning the status of being one of the most successful rimfire rifles ever created.

In the wild, everyone is part of the food chain. It is either you are the hunter or the target. Thus, if you want to take a hunter’s role, you need to equip yourself with a powerful and reliable weapon. The Ruger 10/22 has an authority design to scare any enemy. While it never lets a target slip because it can knock it down. While the gun seems heavyweight, it is not. It has a tolerable weight that will allow you to have comfortable travel and hunting.

The weapon can withstand any nasty weather and rugged destination. The essential materials contributing to the outstanding durability are the satin black finished receiver, a blued barrel, and a hardwood stock. By that, you will be at ease because you can continue hunting and shooting. After all, it is designed for heavy performance firing.

If you choose the Ruger 10/22 Carbine to pack as your hunting firearm, you can expect higher rifle reliability when using it. Since it uses a 10-shot rotary magazine and a blowback semi-auto action, you have an advantage for legendary hunting consistency. Aside from that, the unique 2-screw V-block system locks a hammer-forged barrel into the receiver. The result of this feature makes it possible to gain an unsurpassed accuracy.

Also, the Carbine model comes with an incredibly versatile rear sight. It utilizes an adjustable, folding rear sight and a fine, gold bead front sight. So, with the chance to modify your rear sight, you can achieve the exact alignment you need to have a perfect aiming and shooting outcome. Next, it also has suitable scope base screws onto the drilled and tapped receiver. The scope base is compatible with either Weaver-style or 3/8″ tip-off scope rings.

Since time is valuable in hunting, the extended magazine release is exceptionally beneficial. It allows easy and convenient rapid loading. Besides that, the gun is not only compatible with tough hunters. Instead, youth shooters can comfortably use and incredibly handle it.

Moreover, the popularity and reputation of the rimfire rifle opened the myriad of after-market 10/22 accessories. Hence, aside from being known as the most used weapon, it has also gained another title of being one of the most customizable firearms ever made. Incredibly, it tops when it comes to shooting and hunting games. With its outstanding performance and features, if you can experience quality shooting using this rimfire rifle, it will surely be part of your rifle favorites list.

10. Winchester Model 70 Featherweight Bolt-Action Rifle

Winchester Model 70 Featherweight Bolt-Action Rifle

The Winchester Model 70 is an outstanding choice for someone who wants an advantage in a modern exceptional, accurate hunting rifle without paying a flagship price. It has a reasonable value that lives up to its incredible designs and specialties.

Compared with the Sporter Model, the Winchester Model 70 offers thinner and lighter weight. With this, it enhances the fast handling and simultaneously, eases the weight of the carry. Also, the bolt-action rifle utilizes features that stop jams caused by double feeding. The jam restriction is possible by the use of a controlled-round claw-extractor. It holds the cartridge’s rim shortly after it leaves the magazine and leads it to the chamber. Thus, leaving no chance to encounter problematic jams.

Also, the gun possesses protection features such as a 3-position safety. It functions to allow the gun user to unload and load with the safety engaged even in the mid position. Similarly, the bolt also comes with a security design. It is locked down tightly and safely to the rear. By that, it will be near impossible to encounter the accidental knock to the fire position while carrying the firearm in the rugged environment.

In addition to the weapon’s impressive performance features is its excellent trigger. The Winchester Model 70 utilizes M.O.A. Trigger System. It is an exceptional trigger with beneficial features with zero trigger creep, and it has no overtravel problem even when the firing pin is released. The reliability accuracy is not only achieved using an excellent trigger system, but it requires more.

Don’t worry. The Model 70 has all the essential materials to attain perfect accuracy. The incomparable precision is achievable with the combined forged steel receiver with a bedded integral recoil lug, a free-floated barrel, and a hammer-forged. Moreover, the design of the rifle is composed of walnut stock features, cut checkering, a Pachmayr recoil pad, and a Schnabel fore-end. It is also incredibly satin-finished.

Overall, the Winchester Model 70 is a wise choice for hunting enthusiasts who want to be equipped with a quick-handling rifle that delivers the highest accuracy in utilizing modern, long-range cartridges. It only takes a few steps to own this rifle. Hence, take a look at it to have a hold of one of the best hunting rifles.  

11. Franchi Momentum Elite Bolt-Action Rifle

Franchi Momentum Elite Bolt-Action Rifle

The last best rifle in the list offers top-notch precision accuracy. The gun is designed best suited for precision shooters and hunters. Also, the firearm have taken advantage of innovative technology. It features an advanced ergonomic stock and a Cerakote finish that exceeds accuracy expectations.

Moreover, the bolt-action rifle highlights a free-floated, cold hammer-forged and a chrome-moly steel barrel with a recessed crown. With the high-quality materials, it improves durability and longevity, similarly enhancement with accuracy.

Additional features include the 60° throw which functions to make it easily possible to clear a mounted optic to maintain a snag-free operation. While, on the other hand, the spiral-fluted, tri-lug bolt feature delivers a smooth and flawless manipulation.

It doesn’t stop that because this rifle has a lot more to offer. It features the TSA recoil pad that effectively decreases the felt recoil for enhanced control and reduced fatigue. It also has a versatile 1-piece 1913 Picatinny rail that accommodates a great variety of optics. Ultimately, the Franchi Momentum Elite proudly boasts its light and smooth trigger, along with its intuitive, 2-position safety. When you get a hold of this bolt-action rifle, you will be able to keep up with competitive hunting games. 

Final Thoughts

hunting rifle

Most of the time, you need to invest an effort to get to know the best rifles so that you can get to experience epic and powerful hunting results. All of the rifles on the list are the best rifles you can own to boost your accurate shooting. The choices are selected to help you get a reliable and authoritative weapon in a rugged environment. So, next time, you can competitively perform shooting with your best hunting buddy.

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