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How to Buy Ammo Online & 7 Best Places to Buy Ammo in 2024

Buying ammo online is convenient and accessible. Firearm owners like you can just visit online ammo stores. Suppose that you don't like the deals and options in the first online retailer; you can visit others. When you finally want to buy, you only need to go through an effortless process. Keep reading to discover the best websites to buy ammo online to avoid getting ripped off when buying.

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Ammo online websites create a massive buzz for being an excellent place to get ammo aside from local stores. However, getting online is challenging because there might be some bogus sellers and scammers. Therefore, firearm owners, including you, should know how to buy ammo online to avoid getting ripped off by shady ammo deals. Instead, it would be best to exclusively buy from websites with an excellent reputation to get quality and safe ammo transactions. 

Keep reading to uncover why it is also ideal to buy ammo online if you are still thinking twice about it. Best of all, it also covered here the best online places to buy ammo and how to buy from them.  

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Why Buy Ammo Online?

Like you, every firearm owner needs a consistent ammunition supplier to continue enjoying shooting and hunting as their hobby. Without ammo, every firearm is useless, and it leaves every shooting range and hunting ground empty of action. Worse, buying ammo started to become pretty tricky for gun owners to search for ammunition that would not rip them off since the availability of ammo nationwide began to have shortages. With that, some gun owners choose to buy ammo online. 

Better Price and Availability 

Buying ammo online comes with decent advantages, including the chance to buy discounted or cheaper ammunition that is on sale online. In addition, buying bulk ammo online means saving money because it allows discounted deals. Thus, even with the shipping fee, purchasing online is still more beneficial concerning prices and money saved. More importantly, online places that sell ammo are highly accessible. 

Moreover, even if there are shortages, online ammo retailers exert double effort to present more ammo stocks to buyers. One big reason for that is because the competition of business online is stiff and crucial. The online ammo retailers go to extreme miles to avoid having out of stock. They are aware of the close rivals, plus they know that firearms owners will not wait for them since it is accessible to look elsewhere online. Thus, they will surely lose their loyal buyers if they cannot provide a decent amount of ammo stocks. 

Although it is inevitable to run out of ammo stock from time to time because of high demand, it is still preferable to buy ammo online since buyers can also directly purchase from the manufacturers. Also, they allow online buyers like you to pre-order. Hence, they can be the first in line the ammo becomes available.   


Undeniably, choosing to buy ammo online comes with convenience. Say that your local ammo store is far from where you live; deciding to buy ammo online saves you from traffic and long customer lines. At the same time, it doesn’t matter how long you want to shop or what time you browse online because there is no strict time online, unlike local stores that only open at a specific time. 

hunting ammo

Aside from that, it is effortless to buy ammo online. You only need to add your chosen ammo to your online cart and fill in your details, including shipping and payment. After that, you are ready to check out, and you are done! More importantly, you don’t have to feel shy about going to an online store website and not buying from them. Sometimes, it can be terrifying to shop at local stores if you think about that. 

One downside of getting ammo online is that buyers like you must wait because there are processes before shipping your ammo. So, if you do not have the leisure time and patience to wait for your ammo, then the better option is to buy from local stores. 

Whether you buy ammo online or in local stores, both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, there are no doubts about the benefits of getting ammo online, and it is worth exploring the best places that sell ammo online if you want a regular supply of ammo. 

Later, you can discover the best place to buy ammo online. So, keep reading. 

Why is there no ammo online?

To start, it is not precise to say that there is no ammo online; the actual situation is there are fewer stocks online. The reason is simple: ammo stocks are directly impacted by the demands. The supply highly decreased because some firearms owners hoarded too much ammo during the crisis of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, it significantly disrupts the supply chain of ammo and other firearm accessories. 

Unfortunately, the current pandemic slowed down the supply chain of ammo in the online market and even online stores. Therefore, it is not surprising that ammo prices are slightly available at a higher cost than before. However, there is still hope that ammo stock will slowly return to normal when the situation gets better. With that, there is no reason not to know the best places to buy ammo online.        

How to buy ammo online?

Buying ammo online is convenient and accessible. Firearm owners like you can just visit online ammo stores. Suppose that you don’t like the deals and options in the first online retailer; you can visit others. When you finally want to buy, you only need to go through an effortless process:

  • Put your chosen ammo products in the store’s online cart.
  • Check out the product.
  • Go straight to payment.
  • Fill up shipping details.   
cheapest ammo online

Moreover, there are some things that firearm owners should remember to buy ammo online safely. They must know first the laws regarding firearms and ammo in their local state; otherwise, they can get into trouble with the law. In addition, it is best to buy ammo online at the best places to secure excellent ammo availability, prices, and discounts. 

Keep reading to discover the best websites to buy ammo online to avoid getting ripped off when buying. Let’s get started. 

Best places to buy ammo online 

After knowing that it is worth exploring online stores to get ammo, it is essential to know the best website places to buy ammo online because it serves as a helpful guide to prevent getting ripped off online. In addition, there is a tight competition for ammo online. Thus, it proves that many ammo retailers indeed sell online, but not all can offer the best deals. That’s why we took the liberty to help ammo buyers like you cut the trouble from searching. So, here is the list of the most reliable and best places to buy ammo online:    

1. Cabela’s

Cabela's ammo online

Cabela’s has it all, from various ammo like centerfire rifle ammo, rimfire ammo, shotshell ammo, handgun ammo, to many more; they offer fantastic deals. Also, Cabela’s is now acquired by Bass Pro, so its deals and prices are made even better. However, even before the acquisition, Cabela’s already earned an outstanding reputation of joining the list of best ammo and firearm stores. 

Moreover, they provide consistent ammo stocks for every hunting and shooting firearm that buyers can ever imagine. Not to mention its excellent website that looks impressive and accessible. So, there’s no reason to hesitate to visit their website since it is easy and appealing. 

Besides that, browsing Cabela’s website is not time-consuming because a reliable search bar ensures relevant results. With that, it is the best place for ammo buyers that have a definite ammo choice. The website is jam-packed with hunting, camping, fishing, boating products and equipment, and much more; plus, they are incredible products tempting to put all in the online cart. More importantly, Cabela’s provides entertaining and essential product details that help every buyer choose carefully from their various options.    

On the other hand, Cabela’s is a trusted website of all outdoor hobbyists, including hunters, shooters, and fishers. They got almost everything from exclusive products, branded gears, the best rifle bags, jackets to optics, best discounts, and trustworthy customer service. 

In addition, Cabela’s has a buyer’s club, and members can enjoy incredible perks, including discounts and exclusive offers. Thus, Cabela’s is worthy of exploring and trying! Best of all, Cabela’s product quality is one of the most reliable and valuable, so expect that they never disappoint and value more than their price.  

2. Brownells

Brownells ammo online

Brownells are serious in their goal of providing firearms shooters with the best ammo deals. They have been in the firearms and ammo business for a long time, specifically in 1939. So, they are very experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable for concerns and inquiries.

Aside from ammo, firearms owners like you can also buy top-notch specialty gears, gun parts, and tools that improve overall shooting performance and experience. Brownells also proves that they are among the best places to buy ammo because of their excellent customer service and reasonable shipping terms and conditions.  

The Brownells come with a more straightforward website with less design than Cabela’s, but they have similar helpful and relevant product details. In connection with that, the Brownells website is integrated with fantastic technology that allows buyers to add their chosen ammo and other products to their cart. Then, they can straightly go through inputting their shipping details, including their zip code. After that, it guarantees a successful transaction. 

Aside from that, Brownells has an ideal easy return policy except for other products like ammo since safety concerns and precautions exist. So, it is better to be aware of their return policies since Brownells’ ammo is as high-quality as their other products, gun parts, gears, and tools. Thus, buyers like you might have difficulty leaving the website because you will see tempting and top-notch deals that are hard to resist. 

3. Palmetto State Armory (PSA)

Palmetto State Armory ammo online

If you are searching for the best trustworthy place to buy bulk ammo – you can never go wrong on the Palmetto State Armory website. It is where the best deals happen. So, it is undoubtedly a go-to online website for every firearm owner.

Since PSA permits gun buyers to get bulk ammo, it is not surprising that they give fantastic discounts and even free shipping. But if not qualified, buyers can still save from buying since PSA already has wise deals. 

Moreover, Palmetto State Armory used to have a slow shipping process that took buyers’ patience. Thus, some buyers skip visiting their website even if they have excellent deals on quality products. However, the good thing about the PSA is they keep on improving their services, so their shipping is not a downside anymore. Therefore, there is no reason for buyers like you not to buy ammo from PSA. 

Like the Brownells website, the Palmetto State Armory’s website is jam-packed but straightforward with excellent categories, brands, and product information that buyers can use to compare. In addition, PSA provides help centers for their new buyers. 

The Palmetto State Armory is for firearm owners who want to search for quality deals in ammo and other gun products from gun parts, optics, shooting gloves to accessories and discounts.   

4. Sportsman’s Guide

Sportsman's Guide ammo online

The Sportsman’s Guide website allows ammo-back ordering, which gives an advantage for firearm owners who want to keep an adequate supply of ammo.

Even first-time buyers won’t get lost at the Sportsman’s Guide website because it has an easy search bar that gives relevant and straight results. With the right keyword, buyers ought to see the best product and deals. 

Every outdoor hobbyist can look for almost everything in the Sportsman’s Guide store. They have products, gear, and accessories from camping, shooting, hunting, fishing, boating, military surplus, and many more. Thus, they are a to-go website for buyers who want to look for different product options and brands.   

Aside from that, the Sportsman’s Guide has a buyer’s club that is open for their buyers. The primary advantage of getting a membership in the buyer’s club is the incredible discounts that await buyers. The club members can enjoy 5% off when they buy ammo and guns. Meanwhile, it is a whopping 10% off the price for the gear. It is a considerable saving that firearm owners can use for their next shopping for shooting needs like power tools, guns, and ammo.    

The Sportsman’s Guide is a to-go online shop for ammo buyers that don’t want to feel desperate with insufficient ammo supply.   

5. True Shot Gun Club

True Shot Gun Club ammo online

The True Shot Gun Club is a competent online ammo supplier that doesn’t disappoint buyers in providing a consistent stock of ammo. Even if they have quick sales in ammunition, they will only have a low stock. In addition, they guarantee that they will have no stock since they receive regular and consistent product shipments that support them always to have product availability. 

However, if there is a real hoarding on their products that leads to no stock, buyers can join their Waitlist. With that, the website will send an email if they have already restocked their products. Thus, people that have joined their Waitlist will be the first in line to buy. 

More importantly, the True Shot Gun Club website is relatively new compared with Brownells and other firearm online shops. Yet, they have already been a great match and competitor, which gives steady and consistent stockings. Also, they claim that they are popularly in-demand ammo dealers in the entire US and Arizona.   

Best of all, the True Shot Gun Club website has earned a trustworthy reputation and credibility with its incredible products and deals. Plus, their website is attractive and easy to navigate. When buyers visit their website, they can go directly to the search bar if they haven’t much time to explore. True Shot Gun Club has excellent website technology that filters the search result to give buyers incredible product results based on their price range. 

True Shot Gun Club proves that even newcomers can excel in fame and competition by simply offering outstanding deals, the best prices, and the shipping process. With that, it may be safe to assume that online dealers don’t need to create great websites to get buyers’ attention. Instead, they need to offer precisely the needs of buyers. 

There’s nothing more engaging for buyers than them seeing on a website what they need. Thus, the key is always to know what buyers want and work on to provide them; they gain loyal buyers.            

6. Lucky Gunner

Lucky Gunner ammo online

If you belong to the buyers that don’t have much patience in waiting, Lucky Gunner is the best place for you to buy ammo online. 

What is the best thing about Lucky Gunner is they are transparent about their actual product’s inventory. They show if their products are almost no-stock. So, their buyers won’t hurriedly buy to keep stocks for use and be disappointed to know later that the products currently have no stocks. 

Moreover, some unreliable ammo retailers don’t provide real-time inventory. That’s why some buyers become frustrated when they realize that they bought ammo with no stocks, so they either wait or ask for a refund, which takes a long time. With Lucky Gunner, there’s no need to feel trouble since they are reliable and trustworthy with selling.  

Aside from that, Lucky Gunner also has a shipping estimator that doesn’t require buyers to create an account and login. It is convenient for buyers who are only checking out for products and want to know about the shipping interval of a specific website. With Lucky Gunner’s shipping estimator, buyers can see and prepare for the shipping costs. In addition, they have a fast shipping process, so ammo buyers like you don’t have to wait long to get in the action at a shooting range.

Overall, Lucky Gunner is one of the best firearm and ammo online shops that provide convenient and trustworthy transactions. They offer every ideal service that a firearm enthusiast needs, such as displaying live inventory status, quick and helpful shipping estimation, and fantastic fast shipping.    

7. Optics Planet 

Optics Planet ammo online

On Optics Planet’s website, their main advantage is allowing their buyers to make straight product comparisons. So, buyers can carefully check their options to select the best one. 

Moreover, Optics Planet provides top brands that manufacture top-notch ammunition that every marksman, hunter, and shooter deserves to use. Also, they have a fantastic variety of ammo selections; all are guaranteed to produce reliable precision, power, and speed. 

Besides that, they have excellent customer service that accommodates every buyer’s concern and inquiries. They are reliable because product experts are the ones assisting the buyers. Thus, finding the perfect ammo for firearms is exceptionally effortless. Best of all, Optics Planet gives high discounts for their buyers who buy in bulk. 

Overall, Optics Planet promises convenient ammo buying in affordable deals. So, it will mean no harm to check out their website to avoid getting stressed from ammo prices in other retailers.  

Ammo Laws and Bureaucracy 

Undeniably, some states have stricter ammo laws. Some states require ammo buyers to buy at licensed sellers, and some have additional requirements that include the ammo buyers to have a license to prove that they are permitted to buy firearms and ammo.  

In addition, some states demand background checks while others have a minimum age required to possess firearms and buy ammo. Although it makes sense that buying ammo needs to have requirements, some states have more specific laws and policies. Hence, it is best for firearm owners to learn first the essential all state and local firearms and ammo laws before even attempting to shop ammo online to avoid getting in trouble and inconvenience.  

Here is the list of some states that have high restrictions on ammunition sales and shipping that every firearm owner should know:        


Most firearms and ammo online shops avoid selling to Alaska residents because the state has strict restrictions for ammo and primers shipping. More importantly, shipping of ammunition in Alaska costs very high, and most of the time, they are not worth it for the shipping process.


California is considered among the top states that have high restrictions and precautions in gun laws. The residents need to buy ammo from licensed sellers that can present Type 03 FFL (C&R) license with a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) or Federal Firearms License. In addition, the sellers must collect and keep every transaction record after making a thorough background check of their buyers. More importantly, their buyers must present a license that proves they can possess and buy ammo. 

Aside from that, if the residents buy ammo online, the online ammo sellers must contact a licensed ammo retailer based in California. The reason is that they need to ship the ammo to the licensed vendor because they will act as a trustworthy partner that will do background checks to guarantee that the transaction doesn’t violate any gun laws.    

Moreover, there’s a current law war between the Federal Government and California regarding the background check restrictions and policies about ammunition shipping. Thus, it would be best if residents would choose to buy ammo in their local ammo stores to save themselves from the complicated and troublesome shipping and background check. Best of all, they might save more money from buying locally rather than buying ammo online.  


Connecticut requires various certificates and permits. The ammo buyers need to present a couple of licenses and documents, including passport or government-issued ID, driver’s license, legal photo ID, simultaneously with any of the following: eligibility certificate for pistol, ammunition certification, long gun eligibility certificate, permit to carry a handgun or handgun permit.  

Besides that, Connecticut also forbids the .50-caliber Armor Piercing or Incendiary ammunition. More importantly, the buyers must be aged 21 above, and if they buy ammo online, sellers can directly ship it to their residence. 


Hawaii requires similar restrictions as Alaska. The shipping costs for ammunition and primers are very high. Thus, it is not surprising that online ammo retailers avoid selling in Hawaii since buyers will burden high shipping costs that they could have spent on other things. Plus, going through a strict shipping process is also not worth it. 


Firearm owners that need to buy ammo must first secure the requirements. They must send their state photo identity document, along with a valid concealed gun carry license or a firearm owner’s identification card (FOID). In addition, buyers must be 21 years old or older to purchase an order.  


Firearm and ammo buyers in Massachusetts are required to secure a firearm license. Laws are stricter for online buyers because they must go through checking before getting their ammo. If they buy ammo online, they must contact a local ammo dealer that is qualified to check licenses to get their ordered ammo.

Moreover, the local dealers act as Federal Firearms Licences. If there is no problem with the licenses, the online dealers are approved to ship the ammo.   

New Jersey 

The ammo law in New Jersey is quite complex because they have exceptions. For instance, it is more accessible to buy calibers such as .30-06, .30-30, .223, .308, .5.56, .243, .270, 7.62×39, 7.61×51, 12 and 20 gauge. On the other hand, buyers need to go through stricter and more careful checking of licenses if they want to buy anything else. Either firearm owners buy in local shops or online retailers, and they must send a copy of their licenses to the seller’s email before purchase. They can either use their NJ Permit to Purchase a handgun or their Firearm Owner’s Identification Card (FOID).      

New York

Firearm owners can buy ammo locally. However, since there are outstanding benefits of buying ammo online, some buyers choose to do that. Similar to other states, ammo shipments must go through strict and precise checking by local dealers/FFL or the registered Sellers of Ammunition (SOA). In addition, they also store a record of every transaction. 

On the other hand, buyers that want to buy a pistol and ammo must present a pistol permit. Meanwhile, background checking for ammo buyers is not yet needed.          

Washington D.C 

In Washington D.C, buyers can only buy ammo in-person from licensed ammo dealers. Also, they must be a registered firearm owner. Every firearm owner has a record file with the government. Above all, Washington D.C limits ammunition purchase. The firearm owners can only buy a specific amount of ammunition that needs a valid Firearm Registration Certificate before purchase. 

Moreover, Washington D.C considers the ammunition components such as bullets, cases, primers, and power as also ammunition. Thus, there is no exception to strict law.  

When is the right time to buy hunting ammo?

Undeniably, there is the best hunting season. It is the time where many hunters are out in the hunting range to takedown some trophy animals. Since some hunters wait for the best hunting season, it would be best to prepare and plan. Thus, waiting for the hunting season is the right time to buy hunting ammo. Best of all, there is vast availability and options when preparing earlier; it allows hunters to look for different ammo shops to find the best-suited hunting ammo to use.   

Final Thoughts

Buying ammo online or in local stores has both disadvantages and advantages. Yet, if firearm owners, including you, aim to look for a store with a great variety of ammo options, saves time and money, and have discounts, online retailers got it all. Most importantly, the best attitude when buying ammo that firearm owners should do is always think in their best interest and choose only reputable and trustworthy sellers.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, firearm owners require adequate knowledge when buying ammo to prevent breaking the law about ammo. Thus, it helps to keep reading to know about the people’s frequently asked questions about ammunition. 

Where to buy ammo online?

Undeniably, there are various ammo online detailers. However, buyers need to choose reliable and licensed online retailers with a secure website that guarantees safe and competent ammo transactions. Some best places to buy ammo online are Cabela’s, Brownells, Palmetto State Armory, Sportsman’s Guide, True Shot Gun Club, and Optics Planet.  

Who sells the cheapest ammo online?

Firearm owners can buy the cheapest ammo online in trustworthy shops like Cabela’s, Optics Planet, Brownells, True Shot Gun Club, Palmetto State Armory, and Sportsman’s Guide. They are the best places to buy ammo online since they consistently provide excellent service to buyers and remain transparent. Thus, buyers don’t need to fear getting ripped off when buying ammo.    

Is it safe to buy ammo online?

Some buyers are hesitant to buy ammo online because they worry about strict laws and restrictions regarding ammo. However, there is no need to fear shopping ammo online since it is safe, convenient, and gives a wide range of options. 

Therefore, firearm owners don’t need to fear buying online if they carefully check their local ammo and gun laws, especially since buying ammo online has several advantages.  

Why has the price of ammo increased?

Every product’s demands affect its prices. Recently, the price of ammo increased, and the primary reason is that it is directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic that changed people’s life and affected movement. Other than that, some buyers felt they might have a low ammo supply, so the demand increased. Thus, it resulted in inevitable ammo shortages that led to a high rise in prices.  

Can I sell ammo online? 

Let’s be accurate; there are only limited people that can sell ammo online, yet there are no specific laws about online selling of ammo. Nevertheless, suppose that you want to sell ammo online, you need to obtain the Federal Firearm License (FFL) certificate to sell ammo legally online. 

In addition, the FFL license is essential to ensure both the seller’s and buyer’s protection in any ammo online transaction.   

How to not avoid getting ripped off when buying ammo online?

Since there is constant news about the shortage of ammo, some firearm owners had no choice but to get ammo from less reputable online retailers. However, some have shady and questionable deals and availability. Hence, there is a massive possibility of bogus sellers. 

Therefore, the best way to avoid getting ripped off when buying ammo for firearm owners is to practice their patience and trust large, reputable online ammo retailers to provide adequate ammunition. They are trustworthy since they have become a large and influential online retailer for a good reason, they know how to manage ammo shortage effectively.     

Moreover, although it is good to buy ammo online, firearm owners should not neglect their local stores because they provide ammo with less strict rules since they are located within the states. 

Is hoarding ammo illegal?

Let’s be accurate; no specific law states how much a firearm owner can buy at one transaction. That’s why it is hard to define hoarding at some point. Also, no one keeps track of how much ammo buyers get. As per legal matters, it is hard to track who hoards ammo. 

Yet, since the demand for ammo soared high, although buying too much is not illegal, it is safe to call some buyers to stock too much ammo unfair. They are giving fewer chances for others to get ammo. Thus, hoarding is better determined as unfairness while there is no specific regulation to call it illegal.   

Why is there a shortage of ammo?

There is a recent problem about the shortage of ammo caused by the skyrocket ammo demands and purchases that most manufacturers find challenging to keep up with the demand. Also, the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic directly affects the manufacturers by restricting their workforce. Hence, most ammo companies struggled to keep pace with surging ammo orders, so there is currently less ammo to buy.     

How much ammo should you have?

There are no strict laws and regulations about how much ammo firearm owners should have. Also, there is no specific quantity to get started. However, it is recommended to get ammo according to how much they can use and have adequate stock if ammo prices surge. 

How long is ammo good for?

If ammo is appropriately stored in good condition, it can last for more than ten years. In addition, ammunition does expire, but losing potency happens over time. What firearm owners fear is to fire ammunition with less power to hit the target successfully. However, ballistics experts shared that even 30-year old ammunition is still good to shoot if stored in airtight condition or a cool, dry place. With that proper storage, ammo can have a remarkable and reliable long shelf life.  

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