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Best Long Range Rifle Buying Guide & 14 Best Long Range Rifles Reviewed in 2024

Whether you choose to pick from the best long-range rifles here, you need always to remember that you should buy a rifle that can make a significant difference to your shooting performance. However, your skill and experience are the most valuable factor in the long-range shooting because it challenges skill and experience to calculate ballistic factors.    Hopefully, the best long-range rifles list here will help you find your best and most fitting choice to adapt and match your shooting skill. Since long-range shooting is not only about weapons, the primary factor is knowing how to calculate various ballistic factors and interpret conditions successfully.  

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Long-range shooting has different demands than other shooting applications. Hence, it requires a purposely designed firearm for that, and it is the best long-range rifle. In addition, shooters move up and commit to long-range shooting because it brings challenge not only with the rifle but most with the shooter’s skill and experience. 

So, if you are getting into the long range platform, you need a capable long-range rifle capable of providing you with accuracy that helps deliver consistent target hits at long yards shooting. 

But first, you need to look at the primary features and demand you must for your best long range rifles that will also serve as your helpful buying guide. Let’s start. 

best long range rifles

Best Long Range Rifle Buying Guide 

Here are some of the basic requirements that you need to find in your best long range rifle to ensure a reliable rifle that can adapt and increase your shooting skills to provide a superior performance: 

Quality Trigger

The trigger has a significant impact on a long-range rifle’s accuracy. The best trigger to look for in a long-range rifle is an adjustable trigger that delivers a predictably simple. 

In addition, fixed triggers are also tolerable as long as they can deliver a light, crisp trigger pull that has no overtravel. Although shooters can overcome the effect of a bad trigger, there is no good reason not to take advantage of a quality trigger.  

Rigid Forend

It is highly beneficial to secure a rigid forend since it is dependable for supporting a long-range rifle’s weight. More importantly, the best rigid forend can accommodate aftermarket accessories, such as a bipod, that improve the overall performance through reducing unwanted motion and increasing accuracy and stability. Thus, ensuring that the forend is rigid can make a significant difference, so shooters must choose a rifle with a rigid forend if they can.  

Properly Shaped Stock

Another feature to ensure in choosing your best longe-range rifle is to choose a stock shaped appropriately to give excellent support with the forend plus, it must also permit scope alignment. 

Moreover, a quality pistol grip that supports a superior trigger control is a reliable addition to a properly shaped stock. Aside from that, the best choice for beginners is the options with a standard length of pull. Meanwhile, a short length of pull choice is for shooters who shoot in prone shooting positions. 

Free-Floated Barrel

A free-floated barrel provides extreme support for shooters because they offer a more reduced barrel alignment’s mechanical pressure distortions. Hence, there will be more minor hindrances with the shooting. 

long range rifle

In addition, a long-range rifle with a free-floated barrel also permits vibration to occur at the natural frequency. With that, the shooter can obtain more consistent shot after shot results. 

After discovering the essential features of the best long-range rifles, it is still overwhelming to find the most trustworthy option in the firearms market. With that in mind, it is best to learn about the best long-range rifles list here to help you find one that will match and support your shooting skills and needs. So, keep on reading. 

14 Best Long Range Rifles

There is no uncertainty that there is a seemingly limitless choice for excellent and reliably long-range rifles. With many options available, shooters find it more complex and challenging to find the best long-range rifle that matches their skills, needs, and budget. Thus, take a look at the 14 best long-range rifles that are uniquely different, so they cover every. Scroll down to discover what’s on the list.    

1. Browning X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Max Long Range Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle

Browning X-Bolt Hell's Canyon Max Long Range Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle

It is not entirely surprising that the Browning X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Max Long Range is included in the best long-range rifle list because it is specially designed for competition and long-range recreational shooting. Hence, it comes with incredible features that support its high advantage and reliability to long-distance shooting. 

The long-rifle is constructed from excellent parts and features to stay concealed while hitting targets at long distances in any shooting environment. Moreover, the X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Max’s heavy-sporter contour barrel is built and designed with exceptional designs for outstanding performance. First, it is free-floated, allowing less pressure and vision distortion in the barrel alignment for a more consistently accurate shot after shot. Also, it is target-crowned, making it shielded from possible dents and improving the accuracy simultaneously. 

Aside from that, the rifle utilizes an adjustable Feather Trigger System that allows shooters to modify the trigger weight pull depending on their preference to obtain optimal comfort and improve potential accuracy by giving a crisp and clean trigger pull with minimum overtravel and no take-up. Also, the Dura-Touch Armor coated composite stock is designed and finished with impressive A-TACS AU(Arid/Urban) camouflage. Hence, making the long-range rifle stay concealed in any environment. 

On the other hand, the receiver and the barrel are designed using a Cerakote Burnt Bronze finish to offer dependable durability and performance in inclement conditions. Additionally, the bolt-action rifle comes with an Inflex Technology recoil pad that secures the buttstock firmly in its position. Plus, decreasing the recoil along with the threaded muzzle brake. Therefore, achieving better control and consistency on follow-up shots. 

Besides that, the Browning X-Bolt uses three locking lugs to ensure a durable, exceptional strength. Meanwhile, the 60° bolt lift guarantees a fast yet smooth cycle. Plus, it provides an adequate margin of space between the scope sight and the shooter’s hands, assuring that there will be no hindrance while shooting. 

The presence of the vertical pistol grip gives improved control and intuitive grip; while, the detachable rotary magazine feeds the cartridges directly with the chamber, unlike the conventional operation. At the same time, the rifle operates with top-tang safety. It is a safety feature that permits shooters to load and inspect in a safe position. 

Browning X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Max Long Range has all of the demanded excellent features to achieve consistent precision shooting at exceptional long ranges. 

2. Ruger Hawkeye Long Range Target Rifle 

Ruger Hawkeye Long Range Target Rifle

The Hawkeye Long Range Target rifle is purposely constructed to support shooters hitting targets at long-range distances successfully. It offers reliable performance without committing any mistake to miss any target. 

Moreover, the rifle comes with a heavy-contoured, target-profile barrel that offers more control with dependable resistance to heat and vibration. Hence, obtaining lower recoil and improved accuracy. At the same time, the firearm also features a hybrid muzzle brake. Its purpose is to provide shooters a better control of the recoil, plus it comes in handy at long-range shooting, where shooters need to keep a reliable sight picture. 

Other than that, the Ruger Hawkeye enables the length of pull and stock comb height customization. It is favorable for every shooter that requires a perfectly fitter rifle to shoot with confidence and comfort. 

Aside from that, the polymer stock gives a reliable resistance to harmful elements in any shooting environment, and it is also lighter than other stock types. Thus, it offers a longer lifespan. Every Ruger Hawkeye Long Range Target rifle is designed with quick-detach sling-attachment points. It is a practical, built design for shooters who find it better to carry their firearm with a sling. 

Besides that, the long-range rifle also uses an M-LOK rail that offers mounting attachment space to any accessories, such as bipod, flashlight, optic, or laser. Best of all, it allows mounting anything to the rail without requiring you to remove the rail. Thus, shooters can freely upgrade the rifle utilizing any accessory to enhance its overall performance at long-range shooting.

3. Winchester Renegade Long Range SR Bolt-Action Rifle

Winchester Renegade Long Range SR Bolt-Action Rifle

If you want a purposely designed long-range rifle with excellent rich features to take on long-range shooting – the Winchester Renegade Long Range SR Bolt-Action Rifle is the precise long-range rifle you are looking for. 

Moreover, the bolt-action rifle boasts advanced features and ergonomics that provide impeccable long-range accuracy and shooting performance. It utilizes an advanced Grayboe Renegade Long Range stock. Additionally, it comes with an enhanced vertical profile pistol grip for better leverage and comfortability. Plus, the grip will become easier with less muscle tension to maintain a straight, relaxed shooting position. 

Along with the pistol grip, the stock also features an undercut buttstock. It offers incredible and impressive ergonomics that allows a more stable hold and optimal control, whether in any shooting position. 

On the other hand, the free-floated, button-rifled, and target-crowned barrel is designed using an impressive non-reflective, Perma-Cote matte black finish. The design and finish provide the rifle with superior concealment with decreased glare. Meanwhile, the nickel Teflon-coated bolt brings smooth manipulation and control advantage. 

The presence of the M.O.A. trigger system allows light and consistent trigger pull. Aside from that, the 2-position safety parts make sure a reliable and quieter field shooting performance. Thus, it supports achieving outstanding tactile safety and ultimate stealth goal for long-range shooting performance.

4. Savage 110 Long Range Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle

Savage 110 Long Range Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle

When it comes to the best rifles that give the best hunting performance at extended ranges – Savage 110 Long Range Hunter is undoubtedly a hard-to-beat best contender. The reason is that it is constructed with excellent materials without exceeding its price to more than $1000. 

In addition, the long-range rifle features an extraordinary Savage’s AccuStock that uses a rigid aluminum rail system that guarantees the action three-dimensionally along with its overall length. At the same time, the Savage AccuFit systems offer a quick and convenient length of pull and comb height adjustment. With that, shooters can obtain their preferable length of pull and comb height, making them a seemingly perfect fit with the shooter. 

Sometimes, the weather is unpredictable in the shooting or hunting environment. However, it is not a problem with the Savage 110 Long Range Hunter, thanks to its soft grip over-mold on the pistol grip and forend surfaces. By that, the rifle gives a non-slip, solid hold even in any weather. 

Moreover, the carbon steel barreled action gives a valuable contribution to enhancing the overall barrel harmonics or the shot-to-shot accuracy. Plus, it is designed using a matte black finish that gives an impressive appearance. 

The barrel comes with an adjustable muzzle brake. It offers several benefits, including rapid realignment of the sights, improved accuracy, decreased recoil, and less motion while shooting. Meanwhile, the user-adjustable Savage’s AccuTrigger operates with a light and crisp release with no creep. 

Aside from that, the gun‘s basic bolt design ensures that the locking lugs are entirely in contact with the receiver. It is crucial to hold the minimum headspace every time that the bolt is locked. Thus, it results in an accuracy improvement. 

On the other hand, the 3-position receiver tang safety serves as convenient safety and assurance to shooters for loading and unloading with the safety engaged. At the same time, the hinged floor plate provides fast yet safe unloading. Most importantly, it has scope bases that allow accessories attachment. Therefore, giving the advantage to upgrade the rifle’s overall performance since some accessories are especially beneficial in long-range shooting.

5. Tikka T3x TAC A1 Bolt-Action Rifle

Tikka T3x TAC A1 Bolt-Action Rifle

The Tikka T3x TAC A1 is a well-designed long-range rifle with innovative features that come in handy to adapt to various shooting ranges and environments. 

Moreover, the gun is equipped with a modular aluminum chassis. That’s why the Tikka T3x highlights heavier weight than other rifles. Plus, aluminum is also a substantially heavier material. Additionally, it utilizes a folding stock, getting the advantage of shooting in a more discreet method and making it more compact for storage and carrying. The chassis is highly compatible with any AR-15 pistol grip, handguard, and stock. 

Also, the folding stock comes with an adjustable cheek riser and buttpad that allows customization on the length of pull. Meanwhile, the modular removable handguard features multiple QD sling clip points and sockets for improved reliability. Plus, the full, flat-top Picatinny rail along with the M-LOK slots provide excellent aftermarket accessories attachment. 

Aside from that, the bolt-action rifle operates with a 2-lug bolt highlighting a 75° bolt lift. That gives an effortless cycle to shooters, even for those who are wearing shooting gloves. At the same time, the enlarged ejection port enables reliable hand-feeding rounds for quick 1-off shots. 

Further, the long-range rifle manages with a double-stage adjustable trigger. It is a vital rifle feature to get a crisp and clean trigger fire that can result in quick yet accurate shots, even in any field shooting conditions. 

The Tikka T3x TAC A1 uses a detachable 10-round steel magazine that improves accelerated reloading and firepower capacity for overall performance enhancement.

6. Fierce Edge Long-Range Bolt-Action Rifle

Fierce Edge Long-Range Bolt-Action Rifle

To deliver satisfactory and flawless performance in long-range shooting, the Fierce Edge Long-Range reliably ensures .50 MOA accuracy right of the box. In addition, its potential accuracy starts with a 1-piece, 3-lug bolt. It is locked and machined into the Triad receiver to attain an outstanding tight tolerance. 

In addition, the rifle comes with a bolt that functions along with the controlled-round feeding. With that, it ensures a more reliable and efficient extraction. Also, it is equipped with a Sako-type extractor that offers excellent workable options and extraction improvement. Other than that, a fixed-blade ejector produces an adequate space of the surface area during ejection.

Moreover, the rifle’s action is pillar-bedded into a composite stock. Thus, it results in free-floating the barrel. A free-floated barrel offers to lessen any possible barrel alignment’s mechanical pressure distortion. Therefore, making a more consistent shot after a shot performance. 

Aside from that, the presence of a match-grade, button-rifled barrel contributes to providing consistent accuracy. It is also hand-lapped to give an improved accuracy with less fouling. Most importantly, the barrel is cryogenically treated, which allows relief caused by hammer forging. So, creating a smoother and more uniform barrel surface. Overall, with the barrel design and materials, it boasts durability and consistently precise shot placement. 

On the other hand, the receiver and stainless steel barrel are designed with a LastGuard weather-proof finish that promotes durability against any shooting environment. Meanwhile, the barrel fluting supports heat dissipation. Besides that, the stock is equipped with a Limbsaver recoil pad. It gives exceptional protection from today’s magnum cartridges.

The adjustable, match-grade trigger is factory set at 2.75 lbs trigger pull weight. Yet, it is adjustable for shooters who want to obtain more comfortable and best-suited trigger pull weight. Plus, the presence of a 3-position safety promotes secure loading and unloading even at a rearward or middle position. The Fierce Edge Long-Range operates with a detachable steel magazine. 

If you want a right-of-box long-range rifle with guaranteed .50 MOA accuracy, the Fierce Edge Long-Range is the best-suited weapon that promotes an absolute pleasure to shooting. 

7. Savage MSR 10 Long Range Semi-Auto Rifle

Savage MSR 10 Long Range Semi-Auto Rifle

When it comes to the best long-range rifle that produces a reliable precision accuracy, the Savage MSR 10 Long Range Semi-Auto Rifle is the best choice for shooters. It comes with excellent parts that support successful hard-hitting projectiles at long ranges. 

The Savage MSR 10 function uses a direct-impingement system. It delivers more accurate firing results aside from allowing ease of maintenance. Also, it fieldstrips like any AR-style rifle and is helpful for inspection and cleaning.   

Moreover, the rifle utilizes a BLACKHAWK! 2-stage target trigger. The trigger style provides the shooter the exact time that firing will take place. It is possible because the trigger is ready to fire after completing the first phase. Additionally, the trigger is constructed using a Nickel Boron treatment, which improves the hardness and wears resistance.

On the other hand, the 5R rifling helps obtain the Savage MSR 10 rifle’s full accuracy potential. Meanwhile, the Magpul PRS Gen3 buttstock promotes length of pull and comb height adjustment to attain excellent customization. 

Aside from that, the presence of a free-floated M-LOK handguard is beneficial for producing virtually limitless mounting attachment points for aftermarket tactical accessories. Hence, it is a feature that promotes an overall improved performance.

Harsh elements that can harm a rifle are inevitable in shooting ranges. However, there’s no need to fear that the Savage MSR 10 will quickly wear because it is constructed with a Melonite QPQ finish. It efficiently shields the heavy, fluted barrel from any damaging elements. 

Further, the rifle’s upper receiver is equipped with a full-length Picatinny rail that butts up flush to the Picatinny handguard rail. The significance of the handguard is to protect the shooter’s hand from scalding in the metal barrel, plus it enhances ventilation for cooling and preserving accuracy that is helpful for long-range shooting. 

8. Ruger Precision Gen 3 Bolt-Action Rifle

Ruger Precision Gen 3 Bolt-Action Rifle

It is hard to beat a rifle that is specially designed. So, the Ruger Precision Gen 3 Bolt-Action Rifle is the best-suited choice for long-range, tactical shooting. In addition, it is purposely built with rifle parts that offer superior performance to achieve excellent leverage at long-range shooting. 

The rifle is equipped with a free-float M-LOK handguard. It is a beneficial feature that produces an adequate clearance for the large-diameter objective lens scopes. At the same time, the factory-installed muzzle brake utilizes a hybrid port design. By that feature, the muzzle blast and recoil are highly lessened from 40-60%. More importantly, they improve control and accuracy for pleasurable and efficient shooting. 

On the other hand, the one-piece bolt and upper receiver are precision CNC-machined. It also utilizes a pre-hardened 4140 chrome-moly steel, and it is lighter weight than other materials. Thus, it translates to faster yet more comfortable maneuverability and minimizes distortion. Meanwhile, the 20-MOA Picatinny rail is securely attached to the receiver using four #8-40 screws that guarantee superior rigidity.

Besides that, the bolt comes with three lock lugs, giving a 70º throw and excellent strength. The presence of the billet-aluminum bolt shroud promotes superior durability and long-lasting strength. Additionally, the Precision MSR buttstock is securely attached on a left-folding hinge of the AR-style buffer tube. More importantly, the rifle offers a convenient length of pull and comb height adjustment.

Moreover, the Ruger Precision’s buttstock is equipped with an impressive rubber buttpad, QD sling attachment points, and a bottom Picatinny rail; all materials increase shooting stability and comfortability. Other than that, the extended trigger-reach, AR-style grip, and a 45º reversible safety selector permit excellent control and manipulation using either hand. However, it can be heavier depending on the cartridge. Best of all, the rifle is highly compatible with any AR-style selector and grip. Thus, it results in superior versatility.

Furthermore, a cold hammer-forged 4140 chrome-moly steel medium-contour barrel possesses reliable, accurate 5R rifling. Additionally, the barrel nut permits a close-tolerance headspacing. The Marksman Adjustable trigger offers a clean break for accurate shooting enhancement. 

The Ruger Precision Gen 3 operates with a multi-magazine interface that works with the Gunsite Scout magazines and AICS, polymer AR-10. With added accessories like bipod and optics, it can undoubtedly perform superior and sharpshooting. 

9. Savage 110 Elite Precision Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle

Savage 110 Elite Precision Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle

The Savage 110 Elite Precision Bolt-Action Rifle is well-equipped with unique features and the legendary Savage 110 action. Hence, it offers an awe-inspiring and excellent performance.

Also, it utilizes a fully customizable Adjustable Core Competition stock that provides superior adaptability, comfort, and accuracy. Thus, it can match any shooter’s unique shooting style, making it stand out even more from other contenders. 

Moreover, the rifle comes with a securely threaded stainless steel barrel that gives superior heat resistance and dependable rust resistance, reducing corrosion when shooting in humid environments. Meanwhile, the integrated ARCA rail features several advantages, such as the ability to swiftly unload and load shift bipods and tripod mounts for different applications. 

Plus, the integrated rail permits quick readjustments for high-stress shooting situations. Therefore, making the Savage 110 Elite Precision that provides hard-hitting, performance accuracy for various shooting applications. On the other hand, the aluminum-framed rifle is designed with a durable, weather-resistant Cerakot finish. It supports the firearm to incredibly withstand any inclement weather in any shooting conditions. 

Besides that, the presence of a stainless steel target receiver is ideal for standing up against elevated temperatures and pressures that make an impressively high corrosion resistance. Additionally, the receiver features a titanium nitride bolt body and flash nitride coating that supports quick yet smooth manipulation for flawless operation.

Other reliable features include a self-timing, taper-aligned muzzle brake that is beneficial for reliably reducing recoil, mitigates muzzle rise, producing only minor concussion, and blows back on the shooter. Plus, the 8- or 10-round AICS detachable box magazine provides maximum stopping power and lessens reloads. Best of all, it uses an adjustable AccuTrigger that enables 1.5- to 4-lbs consistent and crisp trigger-pull, depending on the shooter’s specific preference.  

10. Browning X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Long-Range Bolt-Action Rifle

Browning X-Bolt Hell's Canyon Long-Range Bolt-Action Rifle

The Browning X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Long-Range Bolt-Action Rifle is specifically designed to be a best-suited long-range rifle for distance shooters. In addition, it also features a unique A-TACS AU color and a Burnt Bronze Cerakote finish that gives off a camouflage appearance. Thus, it impressively blends in with any field and woodland shooting environment for superior concealment. 

Moreover, it is equipped with rich features supporting its ability to hit any targets at more than 1,000 yards quickly. Also, it comes with insight on the renowned Hell’s Canyon Speed for guaranteed success. 

Aside from that, the presence of a free-floated, fluted, sporter-contoured barrel brings improved accuracy and reduced weight. Plus, it complements the muzzle brake that reliably drastically decreases the muzzle rise and recoil. On the other hand, the short-throw bolt with a 60° bolt lift conveniently allows easy yet quick cycling, even from prone shooting positions.    

In addition, the Browning X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon utilizes an adjustable feather trigger that enables a custom trigger pull to attain a pleasurable and comfortable customized trigger pull weight. Meanwhile, the detachable rotary magazine is essential for allowing a maximum round count within a compact, flush-fit package while reliably feeding. 

Overall, the Browning X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Long-Range Bolt-Action Rifle stands out because of its power to make easy hits at long ranges and its impressive concealed designs and finish. 

11. Christensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle

Christensen Arms Modern Precision Bolt-Action Rifle

If you want a long-range rifle with excellent precision and pinpoint accuracy, the Christensen Arms Modern Precision is worth trying. 

The bolt-action rifle is equipped with top-notch quality parts that got you covered for exceptional long-range performance. First, it comes with a free-floated, 416R stainless steel, hand-lapped, and button-rifled barrel. The barrel’s designs support shooters like you to attain high durability for superior strength, hardness, and wear resistance. Plus, the barrel also supports you to produce consistent shots with extreme accuracy.     

In addition, the barrel highlights V-Block bedding that offers increased performance in pinpoint accuracy. Also, it has an Aerograde carbon-fiber wrap for reliable protection. Meanwhile, the presence of a removable side baffle brake highly lessens the recoil or kick. With that, you can shoot more comfortably.   

Aftermarket accessories, such as suppressors and muzzle brakes, are becoming more vital features in long-range rifles. Thanks to the 5/8″-24 threaded muzzle, the Christensen Arms Modern Precision readily accepts accessories to enhance the overall shooting performance.    

Moreover, the match-grade flat trigger offers handling and control improvement for increased accuracy and comfort. At the same time, the 20-MOA rail gives adequate space for tactical accessories and optics mounting attachment. Plus, the skeletonized bolt handle works with ease together with a nitride-treated twin-lug, spiral-fluted bolt.

On the other hand, the dual ejectors are dependable for excellent spent shells extraction, even with any magnum caliber. The black hard coat-anodized 7075 billet aluminum chassis is crucial for superior durability.

Also, the folding stock features a Magnelock technology that offers length of pull adjustment between 12.5 and 14.5 inches. It permits comb adjustment to obtain a custom fit for improved ergonomics and maximum control. 

The multiple M-LOK slots accommodate various compatible bipods and accessories. Besides that, the carbon-fiber handguard presents exceptional reliability. Meanwhile, some shooters opt to use a sling for easier carrying. With that, they will find the six quick-detach flush-cup essentially helpful because it gives multiple sling attachment points. 

The Christensen Arms Modern Precision operates with an AICS-compatible detachable magazine. It delivers a tactical-style release that produces fast yet easy reloading and unloading.       

12. Sig Sauer Cross Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle

Sig Sauer Cross Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle

The Sig Sauer Cross Bolt-Action Rifle is designed and constructed from the reliable input of elite long-range shooters, hunters, and military snipers. Thus, the rifle can support the shooters to take their shooting performance to a superior level. That’s why it is trustworthy to keep up with the demand performance needed by backcountry hunters and long-range precision shooters. 

Moreover, it is purposely designed to meet the demands in long-range shooting, allowing shooters to keep a successful hit. Additionally, the rifle boasts a weight of under 6.5 lbs., making it stand out more for its ideal lightweight carrying and portability. 

Aside from that, the long-range rifle is built with a folding precision-style stock. It enhances the rifle’s precision advantage while allowing the shooters to have a more compact and lightweight weapon. At the same time, it comes with a 2-stage, match-grade trigger that offers a light, short, and crisp trigger pull. 

On the other hand, the presence of the oversized and textured bolt handle gives a significant contribution to smooth and intuitive manipulation for rapid but safe operation. Meanwhile, the 1-piece aircraft aluminum receiver provides an impeccable accuracy that improves shooting results. 

In addition, the stainless steel barrel enables lightweight accuracy. It also features 5/8×24 threads and a recessed crown to highly accommodate muzzle devices and suppressors, making the rifle have an easy upgrade. Other than that, the factory-installed M-LOK handguard readily accepts any compatible aftermarket accessories and tools to achieve superior versatility. 

Overall, the Sig Sauer Cross Bolt-Action Rifle is undoubtedly reliable to meet the demands in long-range shooting. Best of all, it is well suited for shooters who prefer to have a lightweight, long-range rifle that comes with easy carrying.

13. Savage AXIS II Precision Centerfire Rifle

Savage AXIS II Precision Centerfire Rifle

If you want a long-range rifle with rich features and budget-friendly performance, the Savage AXIS II Precision Centerfire Rifle is exactly what you are looking for. In addition, it is constructed with superior and highly customizable parts. 

The rifle is built using an exclusive black aluminum Modern Driven Technologies chassis, enabling shooters a more traditional shooting feel. Moreover, the presence of a highly customizable stock is beneficial for allowing comb and length of convenient pull adjustment. 

In addition, the adjustment AccuTrigger offers 2.5-6 lbs. Shooters can modify the trigger pull weight according to their most comfortable preference. On the other hand, the black aluminum chassis comes with an injection-molded skin that gives an extra appeal and strength. 

Aside from that, the M-LOK slots provide reliable mounting slots for compatible aftermarket accessories. Also, the Savage AXIS II Precision weighs under 10 lbs. Thus, it allows ease of carrying and handling. 

Moreover, the long-range rifle also highlights an impressive 1:7 twist ratio. It is a fast rate twist that is best for handling heavier bullets and heavy, long calibers—additionally, the rifle loads from a reliable box magazine. Box magazines have more advantages than tubular magazines because they can hold a reasonably large number of various cartridges. 

The Savage AXIS II Precision Centerfire Rifle offers a price that does not break a bank while not compromising features. Thus, it is worth it to try for shooters who want a budget-friendly and reliable long-range rifle. 

14. Sako S20 Precision Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle

Sako S20 Precision Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle

The Sako S20 Precision Bolt-Action Rifle is extremely useful for long-range precision shooters and hunters since it is purposely to meet their demands to take their shooting to the next level. In addition, it is designed with a feature-rich performance platform for a long lifespan.

Moreover, the rifle utilizes a cold hammer-forged, fluted stainless steel barrel. The cold hammer-forging method supports the barrel to achieve a smoother surface that translates to consistently high quality and precision assurance. Meanwhile, fluting the barrel allows faster cooling, and the stainless steel material provides dependable heat erosion, corrosion, and rust resistance.  

In addition, the barrel comes with a recessed crown that enables high protection for bore edges against dents. Plus, the barrel is built with a durable Cerakote finish, which enhances the rifle’s properties, including the impact strength and hardness. More importantly, it gives a high resistance to abrasion/wear, corrosion, and nasty elements. 

Aside from that, the long-range rifle delivers impeccable accuracy in virtually any long-range shooting environment. Also, it is built with a sculpted stock that highlights a recoil pad that improves comfortability and shields the shooter from possible damage and pain if the rifle goes off and kicks back. Lastly, it features an adjustable cheek pad that delivers optimal accuracy, control, and performance through decreasing recoil and increased recovery.   

On the other hand, the M-LOK monopod delivers added stability since shooters can easily attach it to the rear. Also, the presence of an adjustable trigger enables a consistent pull, even if the shooters modified it according to their preference. Thus, it enhances the efficiency of the shooting performance. 

Further, the long-range rifle’s receiver is mounted to full-length bedding. With that, it results in increased durability and strength. Additionally, the receiver features an integrated, precision-machined 1913 Picatinny rail on the top. That’s why it delivers incredible rigidity and strength. Best of all, it readily accommodates various compatible accessories and optics and sports a solid, reliable hold. 

At the same time, the stainless steel, 3-lug bolt locks provide extra safety and additional stability. The oversized bolt handle guarantees a snag-free and intuitive control and manipulation. Lastly, the low throw profile provides quick clearance in the scope. 

Overall, the Sako S20 Precision Bolt-Action Rifle is an excellent long-range rifle that delivers a pleasurable feeling when shooting. Its smooth accuracy boosts the overall shooting performance.  

Final Thoughts — Buying Tips

Whether you choose to pick from the best long-range rifles here, you need always to remember that you should buy a rifle that can make a significant difference to your shooting performance. However, your skill and experience are the most valuable factor in the long-range shooting because it challenges skill and experience to calculate ballistic factors.   

long range rifles

Moreover, there are various cartridges available. So, you also listen to the expert’s advice, but you don’t always need to follow the trend because there is no perfect option for everyone, and it also applies with rifles and cartridges. Most importantly, excellent practice with a long-range rifle highly increases a shooting skill, so it is greatly recommended for long-range shooting.     

Hopefully, the best long-range rifles list here will help you find your best and most fitting choice to adapt and match your shooting skill. Since long-range shooting is not only about weapons, the primary factor is knowing how to calculate various ballistic factors and interpret conditions successfully.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Undoubtedly, to succeed in long-range shooting, shooters like you need adequate knowledge. Therefore, here are some frequently asked questions that can help you to discover more about long-range rifles and other relevant information about them:

How much is a long-range rifle?

There are various long-range rifles. With that, it is not surprising that there is a wide range available in prices. Hence, some long-range rifles are available at friendly-budget prices, and others have a top-tier value at thousand dollars. However, when buying the best-long range rifle, it helps to balance the price and performance. Most importantly, choosing according to your preference and skill is essential because your long-range rifle should successfully adapt to your shooting style to use its excellent full performance.  

What are long-range rifle shooting techniques?

Most long-range rifles provide more than accuracy and precision advantage. However, the best technique to succeed in long-range shooting is to have an excellent skill as a fundamental requirement. Many factors can affect success. That’s why it is essential to learn how to calculate the trajectory. Best of all, it greatly helps to choose the best-suited cartridges and optics to increase the overall shooting performance. 

Is long range shooting hard?

Long-range shooting can be challenging for beginners, but shooters like long-range shooting because it tests their ability and skills. One of the main challenges with long-range is that shooters need to calculate various ballistic factors, such as gravity and wind.

However, to meet the demands in long-range shooting, shooters like you need to use the best long-range rifles that can support reliability and accuracy. For longer ranges, shooters need some accessories and optics to hit distanced targets successfully. 

Is the trigger important in the long-range rifle? 

A trigger is an essential feature of a long-range rifle that gives a significant difference. While the trigger has a notable impact on the precision, it is still vital to own an excellent quality trigger because it will compensate for the lousy trigger control effect.  

Moreover, a top-notch quality trigger can increase the overall accuracy. So, even if you are an experienced shooter that can overcome a lousy trigger, there is still no good reason to settle with a bad trigger.  

What is the best long-range rifle for precision and tactical shooting? 

The best long-range rifles for precision and tactical shooting are designed with reliable features to meet their purpose. Most options come with a lightweight chassis with a heavy barrel to quickly attain an excellent precision shot at multiple targets.

What are the best long-range rifle calibers?

There is an extensive list of the best long range rifle caliber choices that can provide excellent performance. However, the harsh truth is there is no single cartridge that does every job. That’s why there is a wide selection of cartridges. Some of the best calibers for long-range rifles are 6.5mm Creedmoor, .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, .243 Winchester, and many more. 

How to choose the best long-range rifle for hunting?

The best long-range rifle for hunting applications must be lightweight because hunting requires going through rugged terrain and obstacles to reach the best position in a hunting environment. That’s why hunters need a reliably powerful yet lightweight, long-range rifle that will not exhaust them in the long hikes. However, reducing the rifle’s weight also affects precision. Therefore, hunters must be ready to compromise with that and improve their shooting skills. 

How much should I spend on a long-range rifle scope?

Long-range shooting requires the shooter’s effort in calculating various ballistic factors that significantly impact the shooting’s success. Scopes support shooters to achieve consistent hits at targets and enable them to see the bullet impacts on their targets. However, when buying a scope, the best decision is to buy according to your budget. 

Shooters like you need to buy the best choice that suits your money. In addition, scopes are now of better quality with a budget-friendly price due to fast technology. Thus, there is no need to fear using budget scopes since the most crucial factor for success always boils down to the shooter’s skills and experience. 

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