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8 Best 9mm Cleaning Kits Reviewed in 2024 & Best 9mm Cleaning Kit Buying Guide

Want to discover the best 9mm cleaning kit that is best in compactness, convenience, and cost-effective? Luckily, there are many of them in the list below. By that, you will have some best options to choose from. Hence, you can achieve being practical and well-prepared even outdoors because you can effortlessly bring the best 9mm cleaning kits along as they are truly compact. Therefore, you are ready for a quick and immediate clean in case your 9mm malfunctions. So, without further ado, let's find out what's on the list.

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Doubtless, the popularity of 9mm handguns has pushed cleaning kits manufacturers to design the best 9mm cleaning kits that can efficiently provide the 9mm cleaning needs. After all, 9mm handguns need their exclusive cleaning kits as they have smaller barrels. With that being said, other standard gun cleaning tools won’t fit on their barrels and can only scratch and damage them. 

Basically, if you have a 9mm handgun, you must know that your only options are 9mm cleaning kits or universal cleaning kits compatible with 9mm. Of course, you need cleaning tools because your 9mm handgun won’t surely survive long without cleaning, especially if you regularly take it in the shooting range. See, even if you only shoot once, your handgun will already build up gunshot residue, and other foreign contaminants can land on your handgun parts, affecting its accuracy and condition. 

Of course, only the best 9mm cleaning kits can help clean your 9mm handgun and maintain its cleanliness and optimal working performance. With the right cleaning kits, you can highly prevent experiencing 9mm handgun malfunction and deterioration caused by the primary source of residue, gunk, and dirt: shooting environment and gunpowder.

Thankfully, a 9mm handgun’s possible malfunction and deterioration are highly preventable issues. What you just need to practice is to regularly clean and maintain yours with the best 9mm cleaning kits and gunsmithing tool kits. Luckily, some of the cleaning kits also have gunsmith tools. Find them, and you can save more of your 9mm handgun care and maintenance. The luck is you because you don’t need to search further as they are listed here. 

However, don’t be too fast in exploring the list because you need to learn more about the importance of 9mm cleaning kits. Don’t worry because it is also fun and interesting to know. Therefore, just enjoy your journey here and continue scrolling below. 

9mm gun cleaning kit

Importance of 9mm Cleaning Kits

One thing is for sure about gun cleaning and gun cleaning kits; compatibility has a greatly significant impact. It makes sense because 9mm handguns are meant for great concealment that a gun belt can support it to carry around. Of course, it is highly possible because of their small barrels that are only compatible with 9mm cleaning tools. 

Basically, compatibility truly matters in 9mm cleaning. Now, the question is, what makes the best 9mm cleaning kits important? Interestingly, they are important because of three primary advantages: convenience, cost-effectiveness, and compactness. See, these 9mm cleaning kits already provide you with a set of 9mm cleaning tools you need. With that, you don’t have to spend more time and money to buy the cleaning tools separately. 

Of course, there’s no question about the compatibility of the 9mm cleaning tools in a kit as they are all in the proper size not to harm 9mm handguns. With them, you have suitable and excellent cleaning tools to remove any residue, gunk, and foreign contaminants, keeping your 9mm handgun in the right shape to maintain its optimal performance. 

Conclusively, choosing the best 9mm cleaning kits is the most practical choice you can have to cut off frustrating trouble and slack from buying the 9mm cleaning tools individually — wondering how can you truly save by choosing kits? Well, just explore the general anatomy of most 9mm cleaning kits and see how many tools you need to find and individually buy if you don’t want to choose the cleaning kits. By that, you can have your conclusion and decision. 

General Anatomy of 9mm Cleaning Kits

Even though 9mm cleaning kits are only compatible with 9mm and some caliber sizes, there are still different kinds of cleaning tools inside them. As a guide, here is the general anatomy of 9mm cleaning kits; they are all useful in helping you achieve a flawless and thorough cleaning. To discover, explore them below: 

9mm cleaning kit

Cleaning Brush

Admittedly, you won’t have too many brushes in 9mm cleaning kits. In fact, you will only have one bore brush and one utility brush. They are designed to clean only 9mm handguns and other similarly sized calibers. Basically, there’s no need to worry about their quality as they are durable with nice bristles to offer smooth brushing of the bore and other parts. 

Generally constructed from brass, nylon, or bronze, these cleaning brushes are dependable to fight off and eliminate different residue types, such as carbon, copper, lead, and many more, depending on the bullet and ammo used in the 9mm handgun. 

Cleaning Jag

Usually, you will only have one cleaning jag in a 9mm cleaning kit; it is compatible with 9mm handguns, of course. The primary purpose of this cleaning tool is to attach a cleaning patch and work together with a cleaning rod to reach the end of the bore, leaving no uncleaned spot. 

Since it can securely hold a cleaning patch, a cleaning jag provides a fast way to precisely clean, lubricate, and apply oil to the gun bore. Generally, most cleaning jags are constructed from brass material known for high durability and long-lasting lifespan due to rust and corrosion resistance. By that, you don’t have to worry about having only one jag as you can stay will you for long. 

Cleaning Rod

A cleaning rod is among the standard cleaning tools. That’s why it is not possible that a kit will not include it, except that it prefers to offer a bore snake. Going back to talking about the cleaning rod, it is mostly designed as a disassembled 2-piece that you need to put together when you need to use it. By that, it can surely fit in a compact storage case. 

Moreover, a cleaning rod typically comes with a rod and swivel handle. If you choose the dedicated 9mm kits and not the universal ones, you won’t need to worry about any fitting adjustment to smoothly clean the bore without any issues. The main function of a cleaning rod is to provide a secure grip, control, and leverage for deep cleaning in the bore. 

One important note that you need to remember about a cleaning rod is to find the one made from soft yet durable material. For instance, if your 9mm handgun barrel is constructed from steel, it is best to have a cleaning rod made from aluminum or carbon fiber material. More importantly, you need to know how to manage a cleaning rod properly. 

Basically, you need knowledge and skills as it is common that a cleaning rod can be a threat to a gun when misused. Of course, some cleaning tools, like a bore guide, can be helpful in efficiently avoiding such mistakes. 

Cleaning Patches

Like a cleaning rod, a pack of cleaning patches is also fundamental in a cleaning kit. In addition, they have versatile functions. First, cleaning patches can absorb cleaning solvents to spread in the bore and loosen the stubborn residue and foreign contaminants on it. Plus, they also pass through other narrow areas to clean them, leading to a complete clean. 

Aside from spreading gun cleaner solvent, cleaning patches are also useful in applying oil throughout your 9mm handgun. As mentioned above, cleaning patches are highly consumable because you must already dispose of them once they are dirty. With that being said, buying them in additional bulk will make you save for sure. 

best 9mm cleaning kit

Cleaning Solvent 

Some high-quality, top-notch 9mm cleaning kits feature a cleaning solvent. It is a cleaning chemical that efficiently aids in eliminating residue and cleaning your handgun. With its powerful rapid effect, it can quickly loosen any contaminants on your handgun, so you can effortlessly brush them away. 

That’s the general anatomy of most 9mm cleaning kits. More often, some have more than them. Now, if you want to explore the best 9mm cleaning kits, you don’t have to find them elsewhere. Get to know them here. 

Let’s get started. 

8 Best 9mm Cleaning Kits

Want to discover the best 9mm cleaning kit that is best in compactness, convenience, and cost-effective? Luckily, there are many of them in the list below. By that, you will have some best options to choose from. Hence, you can achieve being practical and well-prepared even outdoors because you can effortlessly bring the best 9mm cleaning kits along as they are truly compact. Therefore, you are ready for a quick and immediate clean in case your 9mm malfunctions. 

So, without further ado, let’s find out what’s on the list. 

1. Otis Tactical Cleaning System

Otis Tactical Cleaning System

Jam-packed with the essential 9mm cleaning supplies, the Otis Tactical Cleaning System is designed to give you convenience and ease in cleaning. In addition, it is one of the best 9mm cleaning kits that offer versatility at a budget-friendly cost. By choosing it, you can clean different rifle, pistol, and shotgun calibers aside from 9mm or .38. In fact, it features six firearm-specific bronze bore brushes for calibers .38/9mm, .223/.22, .308/.30/30-30/30-06, .45 cal, .270, and 12 ga. 

Basically, you are lucky if you have firearms in the covered calibers as you can clean several firearms in just one cleaning kit. There’s a high chance that you can make the most out of this 9mm cleaning kit because the covered calibers are common and popular. Aside from the firearm-specific bronze bore brushes, more cleaning tools are neatly packed inside the Otis Tactical lightweight, compact soft pack case. 

The 9mm cleaning kit is also equipped with packs of 2 and 3 inches of 100% cotton cleaning patches that can quickly absorb cleaning chemicals to remove residue and debris effectively. Plus, they can deliver a 360-degree coverage cleaning for thorough cleaning results. At the same time, there are also 3-piece slotted tips and 2-piece patch savers that go along in the set. These gun components can make your work easier.  

Thanks to the included 8 inches and 30 inches aircraft-grade Memory-Flex cables that work along with thread connectors; you can apply an effective Breech-to-Muzzle to your firearms. As the name suggests, the small and large obstruction removers will not let any snow, mud, stuck casings, and many more build up on your firearm parts; they can effortlessly knock them out. 

Meanwhile, the T-handle can conveniently and quickly attach to cable to deliver added comfort when you are pulling a gun cleaning patch from Breech-to-Muzzle cleaning. On the other hand, you can utilize the Otis Tactical Cleaning System chamber flag as your tool for your visual indication that your firearm is already disassembled. Plus, it also helps assess the bore’s cleanliness by illuminating it. 

Moreover, the 9mm cleaning kit also provides Shooter’s Choice FP-10 Lubricant Elite. This cleaning chemical can efficiently remove the powder, lead, and carbon fouling. Aside from that, the lubricant can also reduce a firearm’s wear and friction. To top it all, it can also impressively deliver a protective coat that prevents corrosion and rust. 

Worried about cleaning mistakes? There’s nothing to fear because the Otis Tactical Cleaning System includes a cleaning instructions manual to guide you in every step, saving you time from any missteps. Now, going back to the kit’s compact case, you can ensure that everything inside will remain organized. The case is innovatively designed with an elastic strap, rubber insert, back pocket, and back rubber insert to hold the cleaning tools inside securely. 

Overall, suppose you want a 9mm cleaning kit that helps you clean in the natural direction where the bullet travels to avoid the trouble in disassembling. In that case, the Otis Tactical Cleaning System will offer you that advantage at a low cost to help you have the best clean working firearm. 

2. Real Avid PRO Handgun Cleaning Kit

Real Avid PRO Handgun Cleaning Kit

Who says that you can’t effortlessly bring along a 9mm cleaning kit with you outdoors? Surely, it is not the Real Avid PRO Handgun Cleaning Kit because it is truly compact with its crush-proof, spill-proof, stand-up case that can fit even to a small range bag. With that being said, you can have an immediate and quick 9mm cleaning at the range by having it. 

Moreover, the cleaning kit is genuinely worth owning since it is a premium multi-caliber cleaning kit. It means that it can also clean several pistol calibers aside from 9mm, and that includes .22 pistol, .38 special, 45 caliber, 357 magnum, 44 magnum, 40 caliber, and 41 caliber. Hence, it is highly accessible and functional in versatile ways. 

By choosing this cleaning kit, you can look forward to an ergonomically premium 2-section cleaning rod constructed for quality and durable brass. Work along with the cleaning rod is the rotating T-handle. Together, they can thoroughly clean the rifled barrels, promoting effortlessly clean and smoother surfaces. Besides that, they can also function as a detailing handle for the tap hammer to punch out disassemble pins. 

Like the cleaning rod, the different-sized slotted tips are also constructed from brass for outstanding durability. These cleaning tools can efficiently attach soaked cleaning patches from CLP or gun cleaner solvent. Together, they can go through the bore and loosen the carbon built, fouling, and residue on it. 

Moreover, the Real Avid PRO Handgun Cleaning Kit also features several differently sized bore brushes to clean various caliber bores. In addition, these brushes are equipped with phosphor bronze bristles. With that being said, the bore brushes can offer a great balance of excellent flexibility and stiffness. Therefore, you can depend on them for effective and safe scrubbing the bore to eliminate hardened residue and fouling. 

Thanks to the highly absorbent cleaning patches contained inside the kit, you can always have huge coverage of applying solvent or other cleaning chemicals to your pistol. At the same time, the cleaning jag can also attach cleaning patches to do a double-check on the firearm cleanliness. It can remove any left-over residue and gunk, promoting superior cleanliness for the firearm. 

All in all, the Real Avid PRO Handgun Cleaning Kit screams convenience and innovative functionality that deliver you nothing but premium pistol cleaning results. Truly, it is a greater starter kit that will not break a bank. 

3. RangeMaxx 9mm Gun Cleaning Kit

RangeMaxx 9mm Gun Cleaning Kit

Bring back your confidence with a quality and highly affordable 9mm cleaning kit with the RangeMaxx 9mm Gun Cleaning Kit. As the name implies, it is only specific and compatible for cleaning 9mm handguns. That’s why it does not have too many cleaning tools included, promoting small and compact size. Interestingly, it does not only consist of essential tools for cleaning but also supplies for maintenance that you can get for a fair price. 

This 9mm starter cleaning and maintenance kit consists of a 6-piece bit set that operates together with a multi-function handle that compatible works for bits and tips. At the same time, it also features a 2-piece brass cleaning rod as dependable conjunction of other cleaning tools to reach and clean stubborn residue and fouling in the bore. 

Of course, since the RangeMaxx 9mm Gun Cleaning Kit is specifically only for 9mm handguns, there is only one piece of the essential cleaning tools, including bore brush, brass jag, mop. Yet, you can utilize the slotted brass tip for universal use. Meanwhile, the 25-piece cleaning patches are highly suitable to clean the bore with their 1.5″ x 3″ size. By that, they can run through the bore smoothly, without any worry that they will get stuck. 

Moreover, you should know that there’s nothing fancy with the plastic storage box of the RangeMaxx 9mm Gun Cleaning Kit, primarily because of its low cost. However, it is still impressive since all the cleaning tools have their respective space inside the storage box. Thus, you can still keep everything organized and neat. 

Don’t find cleaning chemicals because the 9mm cleaning kit does not have one, to begin with. Well, it is not extremely a bad thing because cleaning chemicals, like gun cleaner solvent, are consumable. With that being said, you will still need to buy them repeatedly. In a positive light, you can find the most suitable cleaning chemicals that work for your 9mm handgun since there’s none with the RangeMaxx 9mm Gun Cleaning Kit. After all, it specialized more in providing the essential cleaning and maintenance tools. 

Truly, if you want a quality starter kit at a low, fair cost that will not burden you in any way, you can’t go wrong by choosing the RangeMaxx 9mm Gun Cleaning Kit. Best of all, if you love handgun cleaning at fields to secure excellent accuracy and cleanliness, it will genuinely be a great addition to your range bag. Just make sure to bring along a gun cleaning mat to cover any surface you don’t want to damage with your cleaning chemicals. 

4. DAC GunMaster 14-Piece Pistol Gun Cleaning Kit

DAC GunMaster 14-Piece Pistol Gun Cleaning Kit

As the name suggests, the DAC GunMaster 14-Piece Pistol Gun Cleaning Kit only features 14-piece cleaning tools. Of course, as there are only several cleaning supplies inside a kit, it is surely compact and lightweight. Even though there are only 14 pieces of cleaning tools included, you have nothing to worry about because they are all essential. Basically, it includes what you need and does not include what you don’t need. 

In addition, all the cleaning tools are neatly organized and housed in the impressively custom-made GunMaster case. That’s why you don’t have to worry about the safety of the cleaning tools whenever you bring them along with you outdoors. With that being said, you can effortlessly utilize the DAC GunMaster cleaning kit even in the field to achieve a thorough and meaningful cleaning for your 9mm pistol. By that, you can maintain its optimal condition to deliver you a shooting performance at its peak.

It is important to mention that the DAC GunMaster 14-Piece Pistol Gun Cleaning Kit is available for other caliber sizes, such as .22 Cal and .44/.45 Caliber. That’s why if you are going to purchase it, you need to pay attention to choosing the right model. After all, you don’t want to waste any money, right? Following are the cleaning tools incorporated inside the cleaning kit: 

First, the cleaning kit features a durable hybrid multi-function handle that helps ease the pistol cleaning. Since it is already mentioned that it is only a dedicated pistol caliber, you can look forward to the fact that you will only have one of each cleaning tool. That’s why you will only have one cleaning mop, brush, slot tip, solid brass jag. However, the cleaning rods are two pieces, and there are also 25 pieces of cleaning patches. 

On the other hand, the DAC GunMaster is equipped with a 6-piece bit set for pistol maintenance tools that include two Phillips, one star, one hex, and two flat heads. Basically, if you only own a 9mm pistol right now and have no plans to add firearms shortly, you can save on cleaning costs with the DAC GunMaster 14-Piece Pistol Gun Cleaning Kit, especially since it has a multi-purpose advantage. 

5. Allen Company Ruger Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit

Allen Company Ruger Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit

Admittedly, there’s nothing wrong with favoring the best 9mm cleaning kits with great reputation and popularity. After all, they become popular because of their superior advantage in quality and functionality. Basically, they are already tried and tested, which is why countless gun owners approved them. You can try the Allen Company Ruger Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit if you want a highly trustworthy and dependable cleaning kit. More than that, it feels complete because it features essential tools and accessories you need to keep your 9mm handgun in its optimal condition. 

Truly, this popular cleaning kit is worthy of having as it is for multi-caliber cleaning. In fact, its cotton bore swabs, cleaning jags, and bore brushes are suitable for cleaning other handgun calibers aside from 9mm. They are compatible with .43 caliber, .38 special, .40 caliber, .357 Magnum, and many more. If you are curious about the other calibers, you can check them at the link below. 

Going back to discussing the kit, it is also equipped with a durable, removable tray that provides you with additional storage space underneath to keep your small gun accessories. If you are a person who wants additional space on your cleaning kit, you will like it more. Of course, to keep the review real, it is important to mention that some past buyers said that some of the cleaning components seem a bit loosened. Nevertheless, their overall quality is still unquestionable. That’s why you can still depend on them. 

In addition, the 2-piece cleaning rod is just right for cleaning handguns. Interestingly, it is also versatile enough to be compatible with shorter rifles. On the other hand, the slotted brass tools included in the kit offer an outstandingly convenient and smooth running of the gun cleaning patches in the handgun bore. Speaking of the cleaning patches, the Allen Company Ruger Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit provides 20 100% cotton material pieces. By that quality, the cleaning patches can effectively absorb to collect and spread the gun cleaning solvent and oil. 

Since there are only 20 pieces, you can expect to consume them immediately, primarily that you need to replace them if they are already dirty. There’s nothing to worry about because you can purchase them at trustworthy manufacturers. At the same time, you can also have utility brushes, brass adapters, and muzzle guards by choosing this kit. These tools contribute to ease and complete the cleaning process. 

Moreover, the storage case is impressively organized and uncluttered that features clear rid and secure latches. That’s why you can easily find the cleaning tools you need to use. At the same time, the case is highly sturdy and durable. With that being said, it won’t easily break even if you accidentally drop it hard. More importantly, it has high resistance to harsh weather, promoting high safety to the cleaning tools when you bring them outdoors. 

Suppose you are looking for a highly popular and high-quality cleaning kit for your 9mm handguns. In that case, the Allen Company Ruger Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit is a smart, non-regretful option that you must put on your top list. 

6. BOOSTEADY Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit

BOOSTEADY Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit

Who says that a universal cleaning kit can’t be compact and lightweight? Surely, it is not the BOOSTEADY Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit, as it is impressively designed to fit even in a pants pocket. As the name implies, it is dedicated to universal handgun cleaning of different calibers, such as 9mm, .45, .22, .38, and .357. 

Now, let’s explore more about the tool’s case. It is truly compact because it is designed with a pouch size. In addition, the case is also zippered and compact padded, promoting high safety to the cleaning tools inside. Of course, each tool has its specific slots, resulting in a neat and organized hold. 

Moreover, the universal handgun cleaning kit features several cleaning tools. First, it comes with high-quality phosphor bronze bore brushes that you can use for safe and precise cleaning of the bore. Aside from that, there’s also included nylon brush for trigger mechanisms and action areas, leaving no unclean handgun parts. 

Besides that, the cleaning jags are constructed from brass material to provide durable and quick means to entirely and precisely clean, dry, or oil the bore. Even though many cleaning tools are included, you don’t have to fret as they are distinctly marked according to their caliber. So, you won’t have to worry because you will not get the wrong caliber size. 

By choosing the BOOSTEADY Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit, you will have 100-piece cleaning patches. Meanwhile, the brass slotted tips are useful in working together with cleaning patches to reach the narrow handgun parts. On the other hand, the stainless steel pick gives you the advantage of picking and removing the dirt and residue that the brush can’t get off. 

Truly, its impressive quality and functionality make the BOOSTEADY Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit popular. If you want something like that, it is better to try it. Basically, there’s nothing that can convince you more than utilizing it yourself. In fact, you won’t realize that you need a compact and cost-effective cleaning kit like BOOSTEADY unless you own it. 

7. KleenBore Classic Cleaning Kit

KleenBore Classic Cleaning Kit

You can’t go wrong with the KleenBore Classic Cleaning Kit if you are looking for a pretty standard kit that can bring you great help in 9mm, .357, and .38 pistol cleaning. The cleaning kit features a 2-piece working cleaning rod that can accommodate #8 to #32 accessories. In addition, its swivel handle section can help you efficiently clean the barrel without any problem. 

Unlike other cleaning kits, KleenBore’s cleaning rod is constructed from steel material instead of aluminum. If there’s an extension, the cleaning rod can even clean barrels up to 10 inches. On the other hand, the cleaning kit also comes with other effective cleaning tools, such as a bore brush, patch holder, and nylon bristle brush. All these cleaning tools are made sturdy and durable. That’s why it works well. 

Moreover, the KleenBore Classic Cleaning Kit is also equipped with a cleaner and lubricator. They are highly effective in eliminating different fouling and residues, such as carbon and copper. Of course, the kit also includes a pack of cleaning patches. One flaw about them is that they are small and depleted quickly. With that being said, you must have some additionals. Just remember to buy at trustworthy manufacturers. 

As already said, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing this multi-purpose pistol cleaning kit to keep your 9mm top working condition and quality for a long time.  

8. UTG 9MM Pistol Cleaning Kit

UTG 9MM Pistol Cleaning Kit

There’s no doubt that the UTG 9MM Pistol Cleaning Kit perfectly suits a 9mm pistol, as it is already hinted at in its name. By that, it is sure an impressively designed kit is a wise choice for a starter to-go cleaning kit since it can fit in small range bags. Basically, it is good for outdoors and traveling to attain immediate cleaning right after shooting. 

By purchasing this 9mm pistol cleaning kit, you’ll have three bronze brushes and cotton mops to achieve light or thorough cleaning operations. Aside from that, the quality copper loop delivers a great attachment platform to cleaning patches. By that, they can reach the bore together, ensuring time-saving cleaning. 

On the other hand, the included threads are a standard 8 to 32. Also, they are interchangeable with other components available in the market. Meanwhile, sturdy nylon brushes are dedicated to exterior cleaning. The cleaning rods are constructed from quality brass, delivering high durability. Now, the kit’s case is designed with polymer material. On the inside, there’s a soft and sturdy interior padding and clam that promotes impressive portability and easy storage at a low cost. 

Overall, the UTG 9MM Pistol Cleaning Kit is pretty straightforward. In fact, it already says outside the kit what cleaning tools it has and for what caliber. One thing is no doubt, it has the cleaning tools that you need and doesn’t have what you don’t need, keeping the price highly affordable to meet the demands of 9mm pistol owners. 

Best 9mm Cleaning Kit Buying Guide

Even when you have explored the best 9mm cleaning kits above, you might still be confused about what to choose. After all, it is not practical to get everything, right? That’s why having factors to consider as a buying guide will surely save you from experiencing overwhelming feelings with choosing. Following are the best factors to consider: 

Material Quality

Indeed, when you buy a 9mm cleaning kit, you want to get the most of it. For that reason, you will need to evaluate the quality of the material and the case. Basically, plastic cleaning tools will not give you the utmost satisfaction. Clearly, plastic material is already a hint that your cleaning tools will not last long. Instead, it is best to choose a 9mm cleaning kit that features cleaning tools made from brass or other durable materials.  


If you regularly head to a shooting range, you should match your cleaning kit to your advantage. With that being said, you must value portability, so when you constantly move, you don’t feel the burden of bringing a cleaning kit. Thus, choose the best 9mm cleaning kit that is compact and lightweight, truly meant to be used outdoors. 

Caliber size

Since you will purchase a cleaning kit for your 9mm handgun, you must pay attention to the cleaning tools and accessories caliber size because 9mm handguns have smaller bores. Hence, anything bigger can scratch or damage them. So, always review the details of the cleaning kit before buying if you opt for universal ones. There is less stress with choosing the caliber-specific since they surely have the caliber size you need. 


Admit it or not, price does matter in buying anything, same for the 9mm cleaning kits. Even if you have enough money to spend on your 9mm cleaning kit, you still need to consider the price. See, 9mm cleaning kits are highly compact since they do not have many cleaning tools and often provide only one piece of each kind. Therefore, always go for the cleaning kit that will offer a reasonable price for its quality and value. 

Final Thoughts

There you go, you have already discovered the best 9mm cleaning kits list and a buying guide. At first, it is understandable that you will feel daunted and overwhelmed finding the best 9mm cleaning kits. By that, hopefully, you can get started with the recommendations here as they are truly the most practical and unregretful choice. After all, you need to conquer anything to find the best 9mm cleaning kit that works well for you to keep your 9mm in good working condition for a long time. 

Always remember that nothing can go wrong with reflecting on your needs and preferences, above all. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed down below are the most frequently asked questions about 9mm guns, 9mm cleaning, and 9mm cleaning kits. To know about them, continue reading below. 

How often should the 9mm pistol cleaning be?

Admittedly, cleaning a 9mm pistol after the end of every shooting session can be a good rule for its care and maintenance. Even with that schedule, you will not clean your 9mm pistol too much because shooting it will accumulate debris and gunpowder residue. With that being said, there are already contaminants that can negatively affect your pistol’s accuracy and condition. 

Of course, if you let those damaging contaminants build up on your pistol, it will eventually lead to inevitable malfunction. Worst, you might only need to repair some parts. That’s why it is best to have regular and immediate 9mm pistol cleaning every trip to the shooting range. Aside from that, it is also beneficial to give your pistol deep and complete cleaning frequently as dirty pistols have no edge with the clean ones in condition and aesthetics. 

Should I really buy a 9mm cleaning kit?

For convenience and to make your cleaning job work well, you need to buy a 9mm cleaning kit. In fact, as a 9mm pistol owner, one of the most important tools to have for excellent 9mm care and maintenance. Of course, as 9mm cleaning kits are purposely designed for 9mm pistols, you can look forward to them delivering functionality to your advantage. With that being said, if you aim to extend the lifespan of your 9mm pistol by cleaning it, you need to own a 9mm cleaning kit. 

Why do people like 9mm guns?

There’s no doubt that 9mm guns are incredibly popular, and that is because of their impressive performance in different applications. Yet, 9mm guns are mostly in-demand for self-defense and target shooting. Of course, there are satisfactory reasons why people extremely favor 9mm guns. Well, they don’t have much recoil or kickback. In fact, 9mm guns only have a minimal amount of recoil when shooting. With that being said, their great deal of energy and power is transferred mostly into targets, promoting greater shooting results.

Basically, 9mm rounds are powerful enough to provide 9mm guns with superior power in the shooting. Even though 9mm guns are powerful, they only have light recoil, making the shooter more comfortable. In addition, the relatively low recoil allows the 9mm guns to have quicker follow-up shots at outstanding accuracy. Therefore, 9mm guns pass with flying colors for self-defense and target shooting purposes. 

Can I use a 9mm bore brush on a .357?

You are lucky if you have both 9mm and .357 caliber firearms because the 9mm bore brush works for both. But remember to push the 9mm bore brush all the way through to the end to precisely clean the .357 caliber firearm. 

How long can a 9mm handgun last without cleaning?

Given that your 9mm handgun is properly stored in a cool, dry, and locked place since you don’t regularly use it, your 9mm handgun will last for approximately six months. However, you need to act when you see the moisture and dirt build up on it already. That’s why you need to have the best 9mm cleaning kit ready. 

How often should I oil my 9mm handgun?

The schedule of oiling your 9mm handgun depends on how often you go shooting. Generally, it is best to oil it regularly, at least once a week. Of course, you can oil it more often during humid and hotter months of the year to protect from possible moisture damage. However, you need to control that oil because too much will also be harmful. After all, it can also attract dirt and residue. 

In general, how long does it typically take to clean a 9mm handgun?

For immediate cleaning outdoors, it will only take 20-30 minutes for the cleaning process if you only deal with light residue. That’s why it is best to clean regularly and always pay attention to ensure that you clean your handgun correctly. 

Where should I buy the best 9mm cleaning kits?

There’s no doubt that people of today’s time are very lucky to have options. With that being said, you can buy your 9mm cleaning kit either at local or online stores. Of course, both options have their disadvantages and disadvantages. Buying from a local store is ideal because you will see the product up close and personal, you can quickly evaluate that quality. However, going to a local store needs effort, especially if it is far and crowded. 

On the other hand, buying from an online store will let you enjoy convenience and good deals. However, it is easy to get ripped off online. That’s why it is best to buy only at reputable and trustworthy online stores, such as Cabela’s, Amazon, Palmetto State Armory, and many more. Weigh things better because the choice is ultimately yours. 

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