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9 Best Gunsmithing Tools: The Ultimate Guide for Gunsmithing

There's no need to do an extensive search for the best gunsmithing tools. You're in luck because you can see them here. Explore them below, including the best recommendation in each tool. Discover more about them and see how they can hone your skills and make gunsmithing a fun and easy task to do. Let's get started.

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Confidence in gunsmithing is built up by using the best gunsmithing tools if you are just a gun owner. If you want a gun that works according to your high standard, you won’t escape learning gunsmithing. Also, there is no need to fear gunsmithing because it is a fun and interesting task to do that might become your hobby. 

In addition, gunsmithing allows your guns to keep their best shape and performance since it is all about repair, modification, decoration, and many more. The reason why some guns have better quality and condition than others boils down to gun care and maintenance: cleaning and gunsmithing. 

Still not convinced of getting gunsmithing tools? Don’t contemplate all by yourself and just indulge yourself with the relevant information here about the gunsmithing tools, starting with the importance of the best gunsmithing tools. Explore them all below. 

best gunsmithing tools

Importance of Best Gunsmithing Tools

Without the best gunsmithing tools, efficient and successful modifying, decorating, and repairing guns would genuinely be impossible. Gunsmithing contributes to supporting guns to improve performance and condition. Aside from that, gunsmithing tools are a way to grow a stronger bond between gun owners and guns

Unless gun owners want useless and inferior guns, they must know and get acquainted with gunsmithing basics, starting with the gunsmithing tools. Besides that, gunsmithing and the right gunsmithing tools are also important because of the following benefits: 

  • Increased knowledge, familiarity, and understanding of guns. 

Cleaning your gun and gunsmithing are the two best ways to gain outstanding knowledge and expertise in your guns, making you better than anyone in finding any flaws about them. Of course, the better that you know your guns, the safer, more efficient, and reliable they become. Doing the gunsmithing yourself will also make you appreciate your guns’ engineering and design subtleties more. 

In addition, appreciating your guns better than before will result in better care of them. By that, you can make the most out of the value of your guns. On top of that, knowing the best functions of your guns through gunsmithing will allow you to categorize them on which applications they suit the best. See, doing all the cleaning and gunsmithing will only give you advantages, so what’s stopping you from doing the work yourself using the best gunsmithing tools? 

  • Improves your shooting.

As mentioned above, gunsmithing leads to the best understanding of your guns’ functions and performance. With that knowledge, you can also improve their shooting performance by repairing any parts and modifying them by adding other excellent gun parts. Of course, even the best and most expensive guns can be a huge threat and liability to ignorant hands. Indeed, great responsibility always comes with gun ownership. 

In addition, working with your guns will result in more interest that will make you shoot more often. Eventually, it will hone your shooting skills, and you might even be surprised at how you quickly get better by just involving yourself more with your guns. Best of all, don’t forget only to use the best gunsmithing tools for successful results. 

gunsmithing tool
  • Enhance guns with the customization and personal touch. 

Once you have known to put your customization and personal touch to your guns using the best gunsmithing tools, it is hard to go back to just being an owner. Truly, once you discover the amazing world of gunsmithing, you will experience a never-ending adventure that you won’t surely want to leave. Gunsmithing always offers new skills, techniques, and tasks that you can learn. 

However, the choice is always yours when it comes to honing your skills in gunsmithing. You can stay at knowing the basics, or you can widen your range of skills at your own will and discovery. After all, knowing the basics of gunsmithing and using the best tools are already the best step in modifying or repairing your gun to fit you efficiently. True to itself, your basic gunsmithing skills can already provide you immense satisfaction and will make you proud of yourself. 

  • Gives you a rewarding hobby and outcome. 

Gunsmithing in itself will only be a rewarding hobby that leads to successful outcomes if you use the best tools. Admittedly, it is hard to work on guns without the right and appropriate tools. Not only that, but unsuitable tools can also create damage instead of benefits. Since gunsmithing is the key for many gun works, such as modifying, repairing, decorating, and many more, it is necessary to achieve peace of mind about the performance and condition of guns. Indeed, it is a rewarding outcome. 

With all the excellent benefits of gunsmithing tools, making them genuinely important for gun care and maintenance, it is intriguing and interesting to know more about them, right? Well then, you don’t have to search further because here are the best and must-have gunsmithing tools that make your gun ownership experience truly memorable and outstanding. Discover them below.  

9 Best Gunsmithing Tools

There’s no need to do an extensive search for the best gunsmithing tools. You’re in luck because you can see them here. Explore them below, including the best recommendation in each tool. Discover more about them and see how they can hone your skills and make gunsmithing a fun and easy task to do. Let’s get started. 

1. Gunsmith Screwdrivers

Wheeler Engineering Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set

You might be well aware of screwdrivers, but ordinary and hardware screwdrivers are unsuitable for gunsmithing. Guns feature unique screws that will not match the hardware screwdrivers since they have a unique hollow ground. Unless you want to leave damage to your guns’ edges and finish, you will never use hardware screwdrivers. Luckily, you don’t have to feel stressed about looking for the right screwdrivers since manufacturers have already built dedicated tools for that; they are the gunsmith screwdrivers. 

Too much pressure can certainly damage the sensitive parts of your guns. That’s why using the best gunsmith screwdrivers is highly necessary for work efficiency. In addition, they have the required beveled and tapered heads that make them fit most screw slots on various types of guns. Besides suitability, another best characteristic of the best gunsmith screwdrivers is their versatility since they are designed to work with most guns. 

Moreover, the blade of most gunsmith screwdrivers must fit the screw head completely. It is the only and best way that you can screw your gun perfectly. When you guarantee the right fit to the screw head, you can experience better control in your work by eliminating wobble and tilt. Above all, you can prevent injuring your hand and damaging your gun by using the correct gunsmith screwdrivers. 

In general, gunsmith screwdrivers come in two types: fixed-blade and magnetic-tipped screwdrivers. They differ in many aspects, resulting in a quick decision when choosing between them. For instance, fixed-blade screwdrivers offer more strength and superior control. That’s why they are more durable, sturdy, and stable. 

Meanwhile, magnetic-tipped screwdrivers are equipped with hollow magnetic ends. With that in mind, they can efficiently hold the screw against the bit, making them the more handy option if you are working with the smallest gun screws. Most importantly, they are cheaper and more convenient to use, especially for beginners.

The Wheeler Engineering Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set is among the best screwdriver sets to offer you combined versatility, durability, and functionality. What comprised the 89-piece screwdriver set is the result of outstanding research and measurements of over hundred of antique and modern firearms to ensure well thought-out bit selection and that there is a suitable screwdriver in any type of gun.  

Aside from versatility, the screwdriver set is built with two magnetized screwdriver handles. By that, you can put an end to frustrating swapping bits and convert it into a more simple working process. What includes the set are hollow-ground flat bits, hex-to-square drive adapter, 2 ¼ shaft extension, Allen, Torx, Phillips, and specialty bits. To top it all, these screwdrivers are constructed to be tough and sturdy, thanks to strong S2 tool steel material. 

All in all, it doesn’t matter even if you have a collection of various guns; the Wheeler Engineering Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set will surely offer you the functionality that comes in greater value than it cost.

2. Gunsmith Pin Punch Set

Wheeler Engineering Hammer and Punch Set

Gunsmith pin punches are other gunsmithing tools designed for efficient work on guns. They are built for quick and efficient removal of roll pins from guns, and they are needed for holding guns together in repairing or assembling. Basically, these gunsmithing tools work as dependable fasteners and components in the gun’s action and trigger assembly. In addition, they are available in two varieties, roll pins and solid pins. Of course, they vary in form and characteristics. 

For instance, roll pins are generally constructed like thin pieces of steel. They are rolled over to efficiently form like a durably hollow pin with a thin wall. When using roll pins, you must know that they need extra attention and care since they are fragile and vulnerable. In fact, they can quickly get damaged when they are reinstalled or removed. With that being said, they can easily be useless without proper care for working.

On the other hand, solid pins are just like their name implies; they are solid and usually look like regular pin punches. There is no problem working with them as long as you have the same size of the pin in your gun. Efficient gunsmithing requires you to have solid and roll pins. By that, it is best to have a pin punch set that can give you everything you need to do your gun work well successfully. 

Wheeler Engineering Hammer and Punch Set are some of the best choices for a pin punch set. It even comes with a non-destructive polymer/brass combination hammer for a more excellent deal as a bonus. With its effective combined material, the hammer guarantees a strong, sturdy, and durable performance. Also, the hammer is non-marring in contact when you use it. Therefore, it gives you the best possible performance and helps with gunsmithing. 

In addition, the pin punch set is equipped with four steel punches, eight precision brass punches, and two plastic punches for precision and ideal working on your guns. They are useful for various works, such as drifting sights and driving pins. Thanks to the set’s convenient and compact plastic molded storage case, you can bring that punch set along with you in any shooting range without any hassle. It is worry-free since the storage case holds the punches securely. 

Truly, it is always best to get a pin punch set rather than buying each variety of pin punches individually. A set like Wheeler Engineering Hammer and Punch Set is a money-saver and convenient to offer you a pin punch set that helps with effective gunsmithing. 

3. Gunsmith Hammer

Grace USA Gunsmith's Ballpeen Hammer

From the recommendation for pin punch sets, it is already mentioned that it is best to buy them with a gunsmith hammer. It is best to buy them a package. However, if you only need a hammer for any reason, you can find the best one here. But before that, let’s discuss the gunsmith hammer more as part of the must-have gunsmithing tools. 

As pin punches are essential for gunsmithing, as well as a gunsmith hammer, it is needed to work on effectively delivering large forces to small areas accurately. With that in mind, gunsmithing also involves a lot of hitting parts of the gun. Since there are fragile gun parts and softer gun components, the best trick in choosing a gunsmith hammer is to select a soft yet durable option to do the job well without creating any unpreventable damage to guns. 

Softer gun components usually include vulnerable materials, such as aluminum, plastic, low‑carbon steel, wood, and brass. That’s why the best hammer to use is constructed from plastic, brass, and lightweight ball‑peen to ensure that nothing can harm your gun. With those materials, you can safely and directly hit your gun without any fear of its finish. 

The Grace USA Gunsmith’s Ballpeen Hammer will surely pass the standard of safe hammering to your gun. As a bonus, it also provides excellent balance and exceptional strength control to avoid any damage while attaining precision gunsmithing results. Besides being a lightweight ball-peen, this hammer is also constructed with drop forged steel heads. By that, the hammer is set for tough and secure performance. 

Thanks to its amazing ergonomics and design, the Grace USA Gunsmith’s Ballpeen Hammer permits you to have the maximum striking force, which is needed for small areas and components of your gun. More importantly, the tapered handle provides you with a convenient and reliable hold since it is designed for an easy and comfortable grasp. With its functionality and design, it is worth it to check it out, right?  

4. Hex Keys

TEKTON Hex Key Wrench Set

Aside from screwdrivers and pin punches, hex keys are another part of gunsmithing tools that work as a dependable fastener for guns. Even though most modern guns usually use hex bolts. You can still use hex keys occasionally. Hence, it is not bad to have it prepared in advance. One best recommendation for hex keys is to buy them as a set to save more money rather than choosing only specific-sized hex keys. With that being said, it is best to try out the TEKTON Hex Key Wrench Set. It is a 30-piece set that is meant to offer you functionality in the best possible way. 

In addition, the hex key set is composed of a 15-piece long pattern hex key as well as a 15-piece short pattern hex key. They won’t mess up since they are neatly organized. All of these hex keys are guaranteed with precise sizing and an excellent straight end. By that, you can expect an excellent snug fit for a smooth and successful fastening and reducing the wearing at the same time. 

The hex keys are of assorted sizes to cover gunsmithing jobs on many firearms. Still, there’s no need to feel troubled about using them since they are clearly marked according to their corresponding sizes. More importantly, the hex keys are constructed with a durable black oxide finish that contributes to a long-lasting lifespan. Not only that, but that finish also provides strong and reliable protection against corrosion. Therefore, these gunsmithing tools can withstand even high-stress contact, making them a great investment. 

5. Calipers

LOUISWARE Stainless Steel Caliper

Accurate measuring is an essential part of gunsmithing. In fact, you need gunsmithing tools that provide correct measurements that you can use for measuring thread, bore diameters, and gun part dimensions. Calipers are the best gunsmithing tools that can reliably tell accurate measurements. In addition, calipers are versatile when measuring guns. 

In general, calipers are designed with a pair of jaws and a rule. There is one moving and one steadily fixed pointer. It is easy and surely manageable to use calipers since you just need to place gun components that you need to measure between the jaws so the rule can read the exact dimensions. 

One of the best calipers that can consistently offer absolute accurate conversions and measurements that help successful gunsmithing is the LOUISWARE Stainless Steel Caliper. You can trust it to deliver the accurate data you need in different measurements, such as external, step, internal, and depth in millimeters and inches. 

Also, meant to give comfortable and convenient use, this caliper is understandable that even a child can effectively manage to handle it without any mistakes. Hence, it proves that it is simple to use at any time and needs zero setting in any position. Aside from that, the LOUISWARE Stainless Steel Caliper features an exceptionally ergonomic design, making it fit even to your pocket for easy transport outdoors. 

Interestingly, the caliper comes with a large LCD and a compact grab in the hand that offers comfortability and convenience in use. In addition, this measurement tool has an impressive machine-grooved, knurled thumb roller. It provides fast and easy gliding to attain an accurate positioning lock for fast measurement. Any problem with the conversion of measurements? There’s no need to panic; there is an added instant conversion between readings. By that, you can happily say goodbye to the stress of doing math and conversions on your own. 

Truly, the LOUISWARE Stainless Steel Caliper is one of the best standards for convenience, affordability, and top quality for calipers. If ever you need a caliper in your gunsmithing tasks, put this caliper on top of your list and see if it fits with your preferences and needs. It will surely not give you anything to complain about. 

6. Files

Wheeler Engineering Professional Gunsmithing File Set

Want to put a unique touch on your guns by reshaping them? Well then, the gunsmithing tool that you need is files. In addition, there are many functions for files, such as smoothing out a gun’s action or reshaping a wood stock. Once you get to see the advantage of using gun files, it is hard to stop using them. 

For starters, you might use only one to two files, but as you work on your guns, you might need more as time goes by. With that being said, it is better to be prepared and choose a gunsmithing file set. For that, you can try the Wheeler Engineering Professional Gunsmithing File Set to save any possible cost for gun files. 

In addition, the gunsmithing file set consists of an 18-piece file with different measurements to cover many firearms. These gunsmithing files are neatly organized in a nylon roll-up storage case for protection and compact transport to carry along in any shooting range. What includes in the set are flat, half-round, triangle, round, and square files. Also comes along with them are extra-fine diamond plate, small round fine grit diamond file, small triangle medium grit diamond file, and many more. With that, you can expect to enjoy what your money is worth.

7. Torx Head Drivers

Torx Head Drill Bit Set

In general, Torx head drivers are constructed with precision-machined steel shafts. With that excellent design, they can take on any struggle and concern about loosening tight and stubborn screws. In addition, they are dependable when it comes to durability since they are built with heat treatment for additional excellent strength. 

Moreover, these gunsmithing drivers are tough and don’t break and give out, unlike ordinary hardware store drivers. If you want a trustworthy set of these drivers, try checking out the Torx Head Drill Bit Set. They are equipped with seemingly perfect shaft lengths to offer you the exceptionally right balance of reach and rigidity to make your work more comfortable and efficient. 

More importantly, the set is meant for many good designs, including an ergonomic and comfortable handle that provides a fantastic secure, non-slip grip and great control. With that, you don’t have to worry about any trembling hands. Therefore, you can’t create any damage to your guns while working on them. After all, gunsmithing is about enhancing your guns in the best possible way. 

8. Armorer’s Wrench

Real Avid Armorer's Master Wrench

Need a reliable gunsmithing tool that you can trust with your need for serious torque application to eliminate castle nuts or stubborn, crusted-on barrels without any damage to your guns, specifically rifles? What you need is Armorer’s Wrench to make your work easy and frustration-free. 

One of the best options for this gunsmithing tool is Real Avid Armorer’s Master Wrench. Also, it is an impressive tool that carries an all-in-one convenient and easy-to-carry unit. Of course, it passed the effectiveness standards in removing crusted-on barrels and castle nuts. That’s why you can expect it to do its purpose well. 

Moreover, this Armorer’s Wrench boasts an excellent ergonomic handle that makes the work more efficient and comfortable, reducing the working time. Besides that, this gunsmithing tool is equipped with an attachment point that works well in successfully applying critical and accurate torque adjustments. Best of all, it is also ideally cost-effective since it can also offer a fully-functional and customizable armorer’s hammer.

Several components also make the package of the Real Avid Armorer’s Master Wrench package, including a free-float barrel nut wrench, fixed steel hammerhead, laser-etched torque specs, and many more. Want to know more? Well then, go ahead and check out this tool and see if it fits your needs. 

9. Gun Vise

gun vise

Admittedly, it is hard to complete successful gunsmithing if your gun keeps falling, leading you to hold with your one hand inconveniently. By that, you are only left with one free hand to do all the work. With that happening, you can expect that your work will last longer than you intend it to be. Fortunately, the gun vise is at your rescue. 

Gun vises are built to free hands and offer a decent working space. Plus, they come with an ergonomic handle and jaws that offer protection of your guns’ finish, preserving their aesthetically pleasing appearance. Even for a long time, you can expect the best gun vise to hold your gun steadily and firmly without creating any damage. More importantly, most gun vises are designed with rotating heads, practical ergonomics that help you adjust to make your work more convenient and with ease. Wondering what the best gun vises are? Go ahead and check them on the link below. 

Benefits of Gun Cleaning Kits

Before you even start your gunsmithing applications, you must ensure that you are working with a thoroughly clean gun to avoid a huge mess. Admittedly, you first need to see if the cause of your gun’s malfunction is residue and contaminants before making a call to start gunsmithing. That’s why having competent and dependable gun cleaning kits are important to keep an overall outstanding working gun with a long lifespan. 

Even though you can just buy each cleaning tool separately, you will just commit yourself to more hassle since you need to find trustworthy brands that can offer you them. Plus, it will also cost you more to buy them individually since the single product tool doesn’t usually offer big discounts. By that, you can just opt for a more convenient and practical option: gun cleaning kits. 

Final Thoughts

There you have all the best and must-have gunsmithing tools! 

In addition, the gunsmithing tools above all come to your advantage since gunsmithing features different applications,  which only proper tools can do the job right. Since gunsmithing is an interesting task and there are various firearms out there, you can always widen your knowledge by researching more about relevant topics in gunsmithing. But before that, see the frequently asked questions below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Discussing the best gunsmithing tools can create more questions in your mind. Don’t worry about that because we got your back. Check them out below: 

Why is gunsmithing necessary?

Apart from regular gun cleaning, gunsmithing is another practical way to keep guns working at their top order and function safely. In addition, gunsmithing provides proper gun care that helps guns prolong their lifespan. Basically, gunsmiths are the primary choice for gunsmithing because they have the trustworthy experience to do the job well. They are excellent at observing guns and know how to keep their outstanding working condition. 

Nonetheless, if you are a gun owner, you must also know the basics of gunsmithing for two reasons: to get more connections with your guns and save money. With that intention, you need to have the best gunsmithing tools to help you do the job properly and safely. After all, gunsmithing is a way to make the most value of your guns, so it is best to use the proper gunsmithing tools to avoid any mistake and harm to your gun. 

Why should I be the one to work on my own guns?

It is not a bad idea to be responsible and more attached to your guns. By that, you can know your guns better than anyone else and help them keep their top shape condition and performance simultaneously. In addition, servicing your guns will help you save money from gunsmith’s fees. 

Working with your guns allows you to observe them and know the best way to modify and enhance their condition and performance. That’s why simple and basic gunsmithing is something that you should be able to do as a gun owner. It is a wonderful skill to hone using the best gunsmithing tools. 

Is gunsmithing a good hobby?

Not only is gunsmithing a good, worthwhile hobby, but it is also very rewarding to do since gunsmithing allows your gun to stay in its excellent working condition. More importantly, a working gun is always safe to use. Whether you own a gun for competitive shooting or protection, gunsmithing is the way to keep its best possible superior performance that won’t disappoint you. 

Where can I buy the best gunsmithing tools?

When it comes to buying the best gunsmithing tools, you can choose with two options: local or online stores. Of course, they have their disadvantages and advantages. For instance, buying at local stores doesn’t seem very convenient if you live far away from it. Aside from that, jam-packed customers inside a local gun store will let you experience trouble from saying what you really want for your gunsmithing tools to be. However, seeing the tools yourself is easier to evaluate. Of course, what you see in the local store is what you get. 

On the other hand, online stores guarantee you convenience and even the best deals and discounts that local stores cannot offer. However, you must be extra careful in paying attention to the products online to avoid getting ripped off. Having both disadvantages and advantages in your mind, the choice is ultimately yours to make. Choose what makes you feel convenient without requiring you to spend too much on gunsmithing tools. After all, gunsmithing is not an expensive task to do, where some gun owners can start with a few hundred dollars. 

How can one become a gunsmith?

Some gun owners become real and professional gunsmiths because of their love and passion for guns. Starting from being an amateur gun owner, one can become a gunsmith by getting certified. Many offer an excellent online education course that tackles successful gunsmithing at a very short and efficient time. 

What can I do if the screw won’t budge even if I already apply huge pressure? 

You can still encounter tight and stubborn screws despite using the right screwdrivers. One best way to do it if you want to loosen them quickly is by soaking them in penetrating oil for a few minutes. With that, you can get them easier with less trouble. 

Can I buy gunsmithing tools in a kit?

Thankfully, there are abundant gunsmith tool kits that you can purchase if you want to save more than buying all the must-have tools individually. These tool kits come with almost everything you need for efficient gunsmithing. You can get them in local or online stores. A bonus tip is to go through a thorough checking before making the final purchase. 

Is gunsmithing hard?

Without any knowledge and practice, gunsmithing can be hard. That’s why knowing the basics about gunsmithing is necessary before even getting started. Apart from that, gunsmithing can become more challenging without the right tools. Therefore, do all the essential steps first, and you might be surprised that gunsmithing will become more fun and interesting. 

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