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Cheapest AR15 Rifles Buying Guide, Plus 9 Best Options That Fit Any Budget

The AR15 rifles have various models so that they can work for different purposes. So, even if you are looking for a budget or cheapest AR15, you should still secure yourself a reliable and accurate model that can work well with your needs. Choosing can be an overwhelming experience; yet, we hope that the relevant information here can help you decide best. The ultimate goal is always to secure yourself the best and valuable AR15 that works according to your desired interest. 

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If you are currently here to discover the cheapest AR15 rifles – you are in the right place. 

Since there are overwhelming choices in the market, it can be confusing to look for the budget AR15 on your own. Luckily, we have the relevant information about AR15, a helpful buying guide, and some top recommendations here. So, let’s start.    

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Benefits of Owning AR15 Rifles

Many shooters aim to get into the AR15 platform due to its outstanding benefits, reputation, and unbeatable superb performance. In addition, AR15 rifles are highly beneficial and suitable for beginners because they are built with a lightweight and excellent control layout. Hence, they allow beginners to adjust with them quickly.

In addition, AR15s are also a suitable choice for preppers because they have abundant availability of magazines, ammunition, and the necessary gears in the firearms market. So, they are always readily available for prepping. Also, they are highly compatible with the standard rifle parts. With the AR15 versatility, preppers will find it a natural fit for self and home defense weapons.

Aside from that, AR15 rifles also conquer hunting. They are best suitable for hunting because they provide light yet powerful performance. They also have less recoil but with smoother operation. Aside from that, they are safer to operate than bolt-action rifles. 

The best AR15 rifles are hard to beat because of their superior features and design. Their budget rifle models also go well with beginners who want to start with the cheapest AR15. Keep on reading to discover what to expect if you will buy a budget AR15. 

Cheapest AR15 Buying Guide – What to Expect

There are primarily standard features available for the cheapest AR15. Knowing what features and materials you can work on with a budget AR15 will help you manage it effectively according to its advantages and some of its flaws. Thus, here are some of the essential features that highly contributes to an AR15 rifle overall performance:    

Gas System Type

The AR15 gas system tells how the rifle operates. With that in mind, it is only vital to learn the gas system types and which is the most common option for budget AR15 models. Also, it is helpful to know which is the most standard gas system type with the budget AR15 as a preparation to manage some of its flaws. 

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In addition, the rifles work using a hot gas that goes toward the gas tube and is directed behind the bullet. When the hot gas is guided to move into the piston, it is called the piston system. On the other hand, when the gas is directed to go back. Thus, it means that the rifle is operating using the direct impingement system. 

The two gas system types are reliable in safely unlocking the bolt, ejecting the spent casing, and forcing a new round into the chamber simultaneously. The most usual gas system for budget AR15 rifles is the direct impingement system; it makes sense because it is cheaper than the piston system. 

Moreover, the direct gas impingement system is the better option for beginners because, other than being cheaper, the gas system also has excellent extensive availability. Plus, it provides better accuracy and easier carry. 

Meanwhile, the piston system has the advantage of giving more excellent reliability. Best of all, it is a cleaner and cooler system since it releases away dirty gases. Thus, leaving the rifle has more reliable firing. 

Say that you are among beginners that want to get into the AR15 platform, owning a rifle that operates with the direct impingement system has a vital advantage. It allows you to collect more shooter advice about owning such a rifle since it has abundant availability, so many shooters also own it.

Barrel Type

Now that you know what gas system type you might work on with a budget AR15 rifle, you can learn about the different barrel types and which barrel is commonly used in budget AR15.

The most usual barrel types come with three options: the stainless steel barrel, chromed line barrel, and nitride barrel. First, the stainless steel barrel wins in terms of accurate performance. However, it has a shorter life expectancy than the other barrel types. Although the stainless steel barrels are replaceable, you can expect that it is still worth it as a choice since it can last efficiently for ten thousand rounds. Overall, it is not a lesser choice since it is capable of improving accuracy. 

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Meanwhile, the chromed line barrels are best for their durability. They are built with excellent materials that can strongly withstand harsh and harmful elements. Therefore, they are made with excellent rust and corrosion-resistance materials. So, it makes sense that these barrels have a longer lifespan than stainless steel barrels. The two barrel types are opposite each other since the downside of chromed line barrels is accuracy, which is the advantage of stainless steel barrels. 

On the other hand, the nitride barrel is often the manufacturer’s option for the budget AR15 rifles since it has the most affordable price. Also, nitride is a reliable material that provides more significant durability since it gives a hard surface that makes the barrel corrosion and scratch-resistant. Best of all, it is less expensive. So, expect that it can still exceed performance expectations even though it is the most affordable option.                     


Overall, two stock options stand out among the variety of stocks, so they have been the most commonly available stock choice. Even though the fixed and adjustable stocks are the general options, they are unfortunately still not perfectly built. Thus, they have flaws that come with their advantages. 

The name of the stocks is highly understandable since it also tells what to expect in the stocks. For instance, fixed stocks are not movable. They are fixed and steadily built. With that, it is better for shooters who commit in long ranges. Fixed stocks make the shooting more accurate and stable. Plus, they remain in a secure and effective position even with intense shooting. Since they do not quickly loosen, they manage to be less breakable. 

On the other hand, adjustable stocks are an ideal option since they allow shooters to achieve their most comfortable and preferred length of pull. They are essential since shooters have varying choices regarding the length of the stock pull. The best advantage of these stocks is their speed and comfort that highly enhances the shooting experience. One flaw that these stocks have is that they compromised stability. They are more convenient since they are adjustable, but it takes the shooter’s effort and skill to perform more stabilized firing. 

Between the two stocks options, the adjustable stocks have a more abundant availability. So, most budget AR15 rifles have an adjustable stock. However, there’s no need to stress using adjustable stocks because shooters can still install a fixed stock later if they choose more stability. Nevertheless, adjustable stocks are still excellent, proving their overwhelming availability. Ultimately, the best approach that shooters should take in choosing stock is to refer with their preference and skills.    


The handguard is another vital feature of AR15 rifles since it protects the shooter from the barrel’s heat by supporting the shooter in safely maneuvering the rifle away from the barrel. Thus, it is necessary because most barrels can quickly get hot even after only a few firing rounds.      

Also, the handguard provides shooters with accessible accessories mounts. Some standard accessories are forward grips and sights. At the same time, the Picatinny rail and M-LOK are the primary choices of accessories mounts.

In general, there are also the top two choices, like in stock options, for handguard materials. They are aluminum and polymer, which both have an excellent reputation for being reliable and durable. However, they still significantly differ. 

Aluminum is a more robust and tougher material. So, the handguard made out of aluminum has a tougher-built and lifespan. Meanwhile, the handguard constructed with polymer tends to have a cooler condition when it performs an intense shooting.  

Moreover, handguards also differ in design. The top designs include the drop-in and free float. The drop-in is the more affordable option between the two designs as they are constructed from polymer materials. Hence, they are the handguard design for most budget AR15 rifles. One flaw of drop-in handguards is they have lesser accuracy than other designs. 

With that in mind, the shooters who will use a budget AR15 with a drop-in handguard can better enhance their shooting skills to obtain an accurate shooting performance. 

In addition, the handguard design which provides more accuracy is the free float. Also, the free float handguards are made chiefly from aluminum. Thus, it still has many advantages aside from accuracy, and it includes enhanced tactical flexibility, stability, and aesthetics. Even though these handguards have several advantages, they are not the best choice for beginners due to their higher price. 

Muzzle Devices

Some beginners might misinterpret muzzle devices as an extravagant but less helpful feature. However, it is the opposite because muzzle devices are vital rifle parts that provide shooters an overall improvement with the performance. In addition, muzzle devices come in different forms that support lessen recoil and flash intensity. 

The general categories for muzzle devices include a flash suppressor, muzzle brake, compensator, and hybrid devices. All have unique help in the rifle. For instance, the flash suppressor is highly relevant for shooters who mostly go to less to no-light shooting ranges and environments. 

Also, it is vital because it reduces night blindness while highly eliminating flash at the same time. Thus, the shooters can remain concealed and have protected eyes. Overall, the flash suppressor is essential to limited shooting time, which is nighttime. So, it is entirely useless in daytime shooting missions. 

On the other hand, the muzzle brake is reliable for decreasing recoil and providing shooters superior gain control and comfortability in their AR15 rifle. If that’s the case, the rifle can also have better successive shots because the muzzle brake lessened the rifle’s interference movement.

Meanwhile, the compensator is dependable for redirecting the high velocity and high pressured gases upward. Thus, it highly lessens the muzzle climb or “flip” to achieve quicker follow-up shots and rapid-fire. One downside of the compensator is that it is loud and has no flash suppression for nighttime advantage.     

Lastly, the hybrid devices are constructed with more than one combined muzzle device, and their most popular model is the A2 flash hider. It has advantages like the flash suppressor and muzzle brake. With that, it can make a rifle more comfortable aside from better control and decrease recoil or kickback at the same time. Since hybrid devices are a combination of muzzle devices, they might come with a higher price that matches their performance. 


Triggers are a crucial rifle part because they directly impact the accuracy and precision shooting performance. Also, it depends on the trigger if a shooter can attain a pleasurable shooting experience. 

Moreover, there is abundant trigger variety in the firearm market. The top choices for triggers include single-stage triggers,  match, and two-stage triggers. Both options are excellently known for allowing fewer pressure trigger pull operations. In addition, the two-stage triggers provide lighter and smoother trigger pull.   

The standard AR15 trigger comes with several parts, such as a hammer, disconnector, trigger, springs, and pins that connect them all. Moreover, the overwhelming majority of the budget AR15 comes with a single-stage trigger that simultaneously provides a very positive break and reset and incredible reliability.      

Furthermore, the top-notch grade triggers can secure the rifle to allow it more pleasurable firing. However, to attain that requires a higher price. So, shooters must take into consideration their needs when choosing an AR15 based on the trigger.   

Top 9 Cheapest AR15 Rifles

It is better that you first know about the cheapest rifle buying guide because with that, you can simplify the process of choosing yours. In addition, it is more challenging to look at the cheapest or budget AR15 at the firearms market. So, it would be best to be more careful; otherwise, you can purchase a crappy and low-quality AR15 model. 

With that concern, we took the liberty to present to you the top cheapest AR15 models. Discovering what is on the list will save you time in troubling yourself from seemingly limitless options, but only a few stand out that have a balance of price and performance in the vast firearm markets. Thus, make sure to look at the best budget AR 15 available that can match your needs and preferences:   

1. Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II AR-Style Semi-Auto Rifle

Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II AR-Style Semi-Auto Rifle

The Smith & Wesson M&P15 is a cheap AR15 suitable for beginners who want to get into action in the AR15 platform using an entry-level model. Some cheapest AR15 are full of promise about their performances. However, the Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II guarantees quality performance and gets the job right at an affordable price, whether shooting or hunting. 

Despite its price of less than $800, the AR-style semi-auto rifle is jam-packed with reliable and fantastic features, so you can never go over your budget when you want to upgrade it. Let’s start knowing what this budget AR15 rifle can offer you and every shooter. 

First, the rifle is constructed with a quality dust cover, which is essential in keeping the gun safe from dirt, dust, and debris from rugged and nasty tactical shooting environments. So, there’s no need to fear the dirt when shooting. Also, it has a forward assist that checks and secures the bolt to ensure that the rifle will successfully fire when the shooter pulls the trigger.

Moreover, the firearm’s upper and lower receivers are built to be durable and reliable. They are made from 7075 T6 aluminum, which is popularly recognized as a strong material. Plus, they are constructed with a hard coat black anodized finish. Therefore, the receivers are both durable and classy. 

In addition, the upper receiver comes with a full Picatinny rail. The rail is vital for accommodating heavier mounts. It can easily handle heavier-duty mounts without compromising the rifle’s performance. On the other hand, the lower receiver highlights an integral trigger guard. It is a dependability safety feature that protects the triggers and improves firearm control. Thus, shooters with large hands or shooting gloves will have better rifle manipulation. 

Aside from that, the rifle’s barrel is excellently built with tough and long-lasting materials, such as Armornite finish, that make it robust against corrosion. The barrel is also created in a 1 in 9 inches twist. It is a reliable twist rate since it is not too fast to cause problems with the bullets, yet it is adequately fast to stabilize any heaviest bullets. 

The Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II has an adjustable A2 post front sight and Magpul Folding MBUS rear sight. Both are valuable in supporting the shorter in getting the best and unhindered sight to shoot more hits on the target. 

Further, the rifle also comes with a chromed firing pin, gas key, and bolt carrier that supports reliable function and conveniently ease maintenance. On the other hand, the 6-position telescoping buttstock permits the shooter to adjust the firearm to make it a perfect fit according to their clothing or stature. 

Best of all, the rifle comes with one 30-round detachable magazine; it is known for providing reliable performance. Plus, the AR-style semi-auto rifle can accommodate most standard AR15 accessories and components. Thus, it indeed welcomes an upgrade advantage. 

2. Springfield Armory Saint Victor Semi-Auto Rifle

Springfield Armory Saint Victor Semi-Auto Rifle

The Springfield Armory Saint Victor is one of the lightest and cheapest AR15 best for shooters who want a reliable, agile, precise, and accurate rifle to shoot at extended ranges. 

Moreover, the semi-auto rifle is constructed with quality and reliable materials and features. It is built with a 15 inches free-float handguard; it is vital to provide the gun attachment positions for tactical accessories and increase accuracy. Aside from that, the handguard also features a continuous Picatinny rail and M-LOK slots that interface with the flat-top, railed, upper receiver. 

In addition, the Picatinny rail features spring-loaded, flip-up rear and front sights. They are essential optics that relieve the shooter’s eye to set better aim and hit more targets successfully. Meanwhile, the dual-aperture rear sight has a 1/2-MOA windage adjustment. It means that shooters can conveniently adjust the rear sight to attain their best compensation for the horizontal deviation of the projectile trajectory. 

On the other hand, the rifle’s front sight has a 1/2-MOA elevation adjustment. It is in contrast with the windage and is responsible for vertical deviation or reticle. The firearm is also constructed with a 16 inches Chromoly-vanadium, Melonite finish barrel; the finish makes the barrel highly suitable for shooting ranges. Plus, it is an excellent finish option for general purpose-built AR15 rifles. 

Additionally, the barrel is chambered in 5.56 NATO, and it highlights 1:8 inches twist rifling rate. With that, the barrel can excellently manage a comprehensive variety of bullet weights and still maintain consistent and reliable accuracy.     

Besides that, the presence of a SA muzzle brake is beneficial because the feature is vital for decreasing muzzle flip. Hence, the rifle attains an improved control even at intense, rapid-fire. Besides that, the Springfield Armory Saint Victor is built with a direct-impingement gas system. Therefore, it is secured with reliable accuracy. Other than the gas system, the rifle has several other materials that enhance accuracy. It includes a 9310 steel bolt, a carbine heavy tungsten buffer assembly, and a Melonite finish M16 bolt carrier group.   

Aside from that, the rifle has a top-notch nickel-boron-coated, single-stage, flat trigger that gives a consistent, smooth, and clean trigger pull. Thus, shooters can enjoy a pleasurable shooting experience. The Armory Saint Victor is also made with a 6-position buttstock. The buttstock is a crucial feature that provides a secure structural position that shooters can effortlessly adjust to different positions.

Further, the firearm is also equipped with a Bravo Company Mod 3 pistol grip. It is an indispensable feature for decreasing angle and overall enhanced the ergonomics. Overall, the Springfield Armory Saint Victor is the best budget AR15 to equip shooters who want to shoot at long ranges. Indeed, with its full-packed features, it will give an unbeatable performance at an affordable price of less than $900.    

3. Hammerli TAC R1 M-LOK Semi-Auto Rifle

Hammerli TAC R1 M-LOK Semi-Auto Rifle

If you want an undoubtedly lightweight and top-notch AR-style rifle – you can’t miss the Hammerli TAC R1 M-LOK Semi-Auto Rifle. It is amazingly reliable that fits any shooter’s budget price since it doesn’t get beyond $500. 

Additionally, the semi-auto rifle establishes a modern and hard-to-beat standard for value and performance in practice and target shooting. Besides that, it is also fit and versatile. It permits shooters to perform an easy and handy adjustment with its 5x adjustable stock. 

Moreover, the .22LR has flip-up sights. It is a vital tactical rail accessory that gives the shooters the advantage to judge a target distance while enhancing accuracy and precision. 

Besides that, the Hammerli TAC R1 utilizes a 13 inches M-LOK handguard. It provides mounting mounts that permit shooters to attach accessories, such as flashlight, bipod, laser, optic, and many more, to upgrade the overall shooting experience and performance. In addition, the handguard also supports shooters to have a non-slip hold on the front of the rifle. 

The receiver is made tough and durable using lightweight aluminum. So, it is a combination of toughness and lightness. Also, the receiver comes with a tunable bolt carrier; it is essential for aiding reliability and smoothing the gun operation. Lastly, it has a 1/2 inches-28 muzzle thread that prevents collision of projectiles against baffles. Thus, there will be only a slight decrease in the gun’s accuracy if there are inevitable collisions. 

On the other hand, the 16.1 inches barrel features a removable flash hider. It is also known as a flash suppressor that reliably decreases muzzle blast that can harm the shooter’s eyes. Thus, the shooter’s vision in low to night light conditions is guaranteed to be capable with the flash hider.

 The Hammerli TAC R1 M-LOK Semi-Auto Rifle has a 35.8″ overall length and has a 20-round magazine.       

4. Ruger AR-556 Semi-Auto Rifle

Ruger AR-556 Semi-Auto Rifle

The Ruger AR-556 Semi-Auto Rifle is a well-designed budget AR15 rifle that works in a traditional, direct-impingement system. It is an operating system that gives more accuracy and eases the comfort of carrying. Also, it is constructed with jam-packed features so that shooters will have zero regrets about buying. 

Let’s start with its 6-position M4-style buttstock; it is a primary feature that permits shooters to perform quick adjustments to achieve an appropriate fit for moving to tight shooting spaces or rapid modification to match the shooter’s tactical gear and shooting clothing. Moreover, the semi-auto rifle utilizes a durable standard tactical handguard. In addition, the handguard is made from heat-resistant, glass-filled nylon. Thus, it has a long, dependable lifespan with reliable benefits. 

In addition, the rifle is equipped with a medium contour cold hammer-forged barrel. It means that the barrel has smoother barrel surfaces and ensures more consistent precision. The barrel also features a 1:8 inches twist rate. Thus, it makes the barrel more flexible to effectively stabilize bullets from 35 to 77 grains while not over-stabilizing lighter bullets. There is also a Ruger flash suppressor attached by a 1/2″-28 thread into the barrel. So, the rifle is suitable even at nighttime shooting.

Moreover, the delta ring and barrel nut is constructed to allow shooters to have a convenient 1-person installation and removal of the most standard carbine length handguards. It is a necessary rifle part for shooters who want to grip the front. 

On the other hand, the rifle’s anodized flattop upper receiver sports a durable and tough structure made from aerospace-grade 7075-T6 aluminum. The receiver comes with a dust cover that shields the rifle from dust and dirt; it has a forward assist that secures the bolt; and a brass deflector that prevents brass burns. 

The Ruger AR-556 is built with a Rapid Deploy folding rear sight. It supports elevation and windage adjustments. Plus, it is foldable when shooters opt to use the optic sights. It also utilizes a famous and in-demand A2-style front sight, which has outstanding functionality and dependability. Aside from that, the rifle has a 10-round or 30-round magazine and works with either .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO ammunition. 

The Ruger AR-556 Semi-Auto Rifle is suitable for shooters who want an affordable AR15 rifle with high-quality features and materials. 

5. Radical Firearms RF-15 M LOK AR15

Radical Firearms RF-15 MLOK AR15

The Radical Firearms RF-15 comes with excellently impressive specs for an affordable price. It comes with 5.56 NATO ammunition and one 30-rounds capacity. 

Moreover, the rifle is constructed with a 16.5 inches barrel and MIL-STD upper and lower receivers. Also, it features a 15 inches RPR free float rail system. They are essential rifle parts that provide adequate attachment space for accessories, maintain a cooler condition, and enhance accuracy. 

Aside from that, the firearm utilizes an ambidextrous enhanced safety feature that makes it suitable for every shooter. Plus, it guarantees the shooter’s safety while shooting to prevent firing accidents. 

Besides that, the gun also highlights a Melonite BCG. It is a vital feature that makes the rifle very resistant to corrosion and wear. Additionally, it has an Std Birdcage compensator that produces high flash reduction and makes the rifle suitable for nighttime shooting.  

Overall, the Radical Firearms RF-15 is a wise option for entry-level AR 15 rifles with excellent quality features.      

6. Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Sport MOE SL

Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Sport MOE SL

Suppose you want a fun and impressive AR15 rifle. In that case, you are not making an unwise decision with the M&P 15-22 Sport MOE SL because it is constructed with top-notch features that make it obtain convenient customization and superior shooting performance. 

In addition, the rifle comes with a unique 10 inches M&P slim handguard along with the Magpul M-LOK system. So, it permits the shooter to attach aftermarket accessories without experiencing a challenging attachment process because it doesn’t require the removal of the handguard.    

Moreover, the gun highlights a 2 inches M-Lok rail panel. The feature is highly compatible with accessories, such as Magpul MOE slim-line stock and grip, Magpul MBUS front and rear folding sights, and Picatinny adapter. All the accessories have a direct and reliable impact on improving the gun’s overall performance. 

Aside from that, the rifle utilizes a polymer frame that provides a lightweight structure. At the same time, being resistant to corrosion and absorbing some of the compression. It also uses a carbon steel barrel, a worthy feature that provides superior heat erosion resistance. 

The rifle’s upper receiver uses a functional charging handle, and it is a crucial material that readies the bolt to operate in an effective and safe position. Plus, it has a shell deflector that relevantly helps the left-hand shooter.     

Best of all, the M&P 15-22 Sport MOE SL operates with a 2-position receiver-mounted safety lever – safety and protective feature prevents the rifle from firing unless the shooter intentionally pulls the trigger. It is the best affordable rifle for shooters who want a flawless and powerful rifle in Flat Dark Earth color.    

7. Ati Omni Hybrid Maxx Ria P3P 

Ati Omni Hybrid Maxx Ria P3P

The Ati Omni Hybrid Maxx Ria P3P is a quality-built rifle jam-packed with valuable features that offer overall shooting improvement. 

In addition, the rifle is constructed with a fully-patented metal reinforced polymer upper and lower receiver. Also, the polymer receivers are known as the most affordable and lightweight with high durability options in the market. Aside from that, it has a patented trigger pin and hammer retainment system. The retainment system serves as a safety system that ensures that the trigger pin and hammer will not move during the firing. 

Moreover, the gun features patented over-molded inserts. The feature is reinforced with the rear takedown pin and buffer tube housing. The reinforcement directly impacts the enhanced durability and strength to withstand recoil or kickback from the consistent firing. 

The Ati Omni Hybrid Maxx Ria P3P also comes with revolutionary Saf-T-First Nano Composite Parts Kits. The kits are composed of various rifle parts, including the trigger, hammer, disconnector, safety selector, magazine release, takedown pins, and many more. 

Aside from that, the rifle comes with an impressive sniper gray finish. It is built with a 16 inches barrel and can operate with either 5.56MM NATO and .223 Remington ammo. 

8. Ruger AR-556 MPR Semi-Auto Rifle

Ruger AR-556 MPR Semi-Auto Rifle

If you want a reputable firearm company that offers an impressive and excellent rifle – you are heading for a good deal with Ruger. One of its budget AR15 rifles is the AR-556 MPR that is meant for a fantastic shooting experience. 

Aside from that, the semi-auto rifle utilizes a direct-impingement with a rifle-length gas system. It means that the rifle offers accuracy and ease of maintenance at an affordable price. 

The rifle’s lower receiver comes with a Magpul MOE pistol grip and a MOE SL 6-position, collapsible buttstock. The buttstock is also connected with the Mil-Spec buffer tube. With that, the rifle becomes more compact for carrying and concealment. The features are also relevant for giving shooters better control over the weapon. 

Moreover, the lower and upper receivers are built with quality and excellent materials. They are CNC-machined from durable 7075-T6 aluminum forgings and Type III hard-coat anodized. Hence, the receivers are meant to last long. 

In addition, the presence of a 15 inches free-float M-LOK handguard provides the rifle plenty of space for accessories attachment securely and minimizes bulkiness. Plus, the accessories mounts are located at 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00 positions specifically. Aside from that, the flat-top, railed upper receiver comes with a continuous Picatinny rail in the interface. The rail is a crucial accessory that accommodates more heavy-duty and heavier mounts. 

Also, the upper receiver has a few other helpful features, such as a brass deflector, forward assist, and dust cover. They provide rifle protection and improve performance. On the other hand, the gun uses a unique Ruger Elite 452 2-stage AR-Trigger. The trigger allows approximately 4.5 lbs of smooth and crisp break trigger pulls to attain an accurate, nice shot. 

Meanwhile, the gas key and bolt carrier come with a chrome-plated inside diameter. With that, they give outstanding resistance to hot gases. Additionally, the gas key guarantees a secured staked, preventing loosening during an extensive, consistent firing.

The Ruger AR-556 MPR’s cold hammer-forged 4140 chrome-moly steel barrel highlights various features, including a black Nitride finish that provides a simple and classic appearance. At the same time, it features a 1:8″ twist rate that can give superior accuracy from bullets ranging from 35 to 77 grains. Also, the barrel has an M4 feed ramp that reliably guides the bullet into the chamber. Lastly, the barrel has a Ruger radial-port flash suppressor, a relevant feature that improves nighttime shooting. 

Best of all, the rifle comes with a 30-round Magpul PMAG detachable box magazine. The Ruger AR-556 MPR is also an all-around rifle that provides solid and exceptional performance.  

9. Great Lakes Firearms AR15

Great Lakes Firearms AR15

The Great Lakes Firearms AR15 is a quality rifle excellent for precise and accurate shooting. It can operate with .223 Remington, 5.56x45mm NATO, and .223 Wylde ammo. 

Moreover, the rifle utilizes machined forged aluminum receivers that provide dependable durability against corrosion. In addition, the flat top upper receiver is highly compatible with the free-float M-LOK handguard and Picatinny top rail that accommodates heavy-duty mounts. 

Aside from that, the Great Lakes Firearms AR15 has a 16 inches 416 stainless steel barrel. It is solidly threaded 1/2×28 along with a GLFA muzzle brake. The muzzle brake has several advantages, including quicker realignment of the sights, enhanced accuracy, and decreased recoil. Thus, it makes the rifle ideal for all-around purposes like hunting, home defense, and competition shooting.  

Final Thoughts

The AR15 rifles have various models so that they can work for different purposes. So, even if you are looking for a budget or cheapest AR15, you should still secure yourself a reliable and accurate model that can work well with your needs. Choosing can be an overwhelming experience; yet, we hope that the relevant information here can help you decide best. The ultimate goal is always to secure yourself the best and valuable AR15 that works according to your desired interest. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, the cheapest and best budget AR15 rifles are impressive, fun, and decent choices for beginners. Therefore, here are the shooters and beginners frequently asked questions that provide relevant information to help you learn more about them:

Are cheap AR15 rifles worth it?

The cheap and affordable AR15 rifles are worth it to buy. They are decent entry-level options for beginners who want to get into the AR15 platform and try experiencing the AR15 rifles themselves. In addition, they have fine to excellent performance with quality features. It is evident that cheap and affordable AR15 rifles are worth it because of their high availability in the firearms market. 

Moreover, suppose you are among shooters who want a serious and superior AR15 shooting performance. In that case, it is better to equip yourself with a more expensive quality rifle that comes with top-notch features. 

Why are they called AR15s?

The AR in the AR15 name stands for ArmaLite rifle. It comes from the name of its original manufacturer in the 1950s. The rifles earned an impressive and outstanding reputation that even though its original manufacturer sold it to Colt, it has retained the name and trademark. In that case, other manufacturers who also offer AR15 provide various designations to their models.

What kind of AR-15 barrel should I get?

If your choice for an AR15 rifle is a budget price, you are more likely to own a rifle with a nitride barrel. Among the other barrel types, the nitride barrel is the one available at a more affordable price. In that case, the manufacturers choose that for most budget AR15 rifles.

There’s no need to doubt about the nitride barrels because they are constructed to exceed expectations. They are built with excellent durability. Plus, they are made with scratch and corrosion-resistant materials, leading to a longer lifespan worth it for their affordable price.     

How much should I spend on an AR15?

There is an excellent variety of AR15 available in the firearms market. In addition, there are abundant options for cheap and budget AR15. With that, you can spend from any range price between $450 to less than $1000. The price depends on the rifle’s features and materials. 

However, buying without any strict budget allows better options. Without that, shooters like you can balance the price and quality. Therefore, you can spend around $450 to less than $2000. The more you want to secure excellent and reliable rifle features, the more you need to spend on your AR15 rifle. 

But one thing to remember when you are buying is to evaluate according to what you need. For instance, if you are shooting more in the daytime, you don’t need to secure yourself a flash suppressor that is only relevant at nighttime shooting. Thus, it is better to know every rifle’s features along with your preferences. 

What makes an AR15 accurate?

The AR15 rifles can be accurate because of their various features, such as the gas system, barrel, handguard, trigger, and many more. Therefore, to secure yourself an accurate AR15 rifle, you need to evaluate every feature and material of your rifle options. With that, you can also know the advantages and flaws of your rifle. Thus, you can work on that to enhance your shooting skill ability.  

Should I upgrade my AR15 trigger?

If you need to upgrade your AR15 trigger, you can know if it fails to provide you with a pleasurable trigger pull. In addition, your trigger must give you 100% consistency and reliability to attain an accurate shooting performance.  Best of all, if you want to improve your rifle’s overall performance, it is excellent to upgrade the trigger first since it is a vital rifle part.  

Why is my AR15 not accurate?

Your AR15 rifle might not give excellent and reliable accuracy due to a low-quality trigger or a damaged muzzle. If you encounter that, you can upgrade the trigger or find a reliable gunsmith to fix the muzzle to restore the accuracy. In addition, you can also experience a poor quality shooting result if you use poor quality ammunition. Therefore, it is always best to be aware of your rifle condition and choose suitable ammo to use. 

Why is my AR15 not firing?

If your AR15 is not successfully firing, you can check these few things before taking it to a reliable gunsmith or fix it yourself. The common causes of rifle malfunction are a weak or broken extractor spring, a foul in the bolt carrier or the chamber. If that’s the case, you can alter your extractor spring with a new and higher-quality model. On the other hand, you only need to clean your rifle if your problem is foul in the bolt carrier or chamber.     

What should I upgrade first on my AR15?

If you are thinking about upgrading your AR15 rifle, it is better not to start beyond the minimum. Instead, it is best first to upgrade and master the primary parts, such as the trigger and sights. Going back to the basics will give you a chance to master more of your rifle.    

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