Slickguns – Connect with Their New Website, 5 Alternatives, Plus Powerful Guides for Buying Guns Online

Every website works uniquely and differs from one another. Being familiar with a website can reduce time and effort whenever you visit it because you can already locate what you are searching for with your knowledge about the website. If you love to look for firearms and guns, you can find Slickguns/Gun Deals competent to offer you affordable sales and discounts. Then, it is worth it to get to know more about the website that gives premium service, Slickguns.

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You might be here because you are confused about the location of Slickguns or what this site is all about. So, without further ado, right away, here is the most notable information about this.

Slickguns website is one of the most prominent firearms online dealers. It has many website visitors because it has been a competent provider of tons of deals and sales of tactical equipment fit to improve the tactical skills of a person.

The important question is, where is Slickguns’ website now? There is no need to worry and frown because the website is still within your reach and still operating. Slickguns only improved its URL and logo, but you can find them when you search the The website had minimal changes and improvements, but it still has the best and irresistible deals.

Keep on reading to find out deeper covered relevant information about Slickguns and guide and tips about guns.

What do Slickguns sell?

Slickguns’ website is popular and has a consistently positive image about gun deals online.

Slickguns offer amazing deals in all the variety of tactical equipment. Their top sales include the equipment specialized for hunting and shooting. Before you purchase a firearm, check and follow the gun buying law, as well as the hunting laws present in your state.

Overall, the website has become the home of many high-quality tactical gear and equipment. The website has guided deals of different categories from guns, rifles, firearms, ammo, long-range shooting equipment to all kinds of bullets of arms and target practice, cases, toolboxes, accessories, and receivers. Also available on the website are binoculars, camouflage clothes, T-shirts, a camera, scopes, and special tractions shoes, all guaranteed to help you enjoy your safe and happy shooting and hunting experience.

Everything you wish to complete your tactical equipment is superior because Slickguns products are safe. Moreover, all of the products on the websites can surely reach all the technical and quality requirements.

Not into guns? Don’t worry about that. Slickguns understands that not all customers are the same. Thus, they obtained a great selection of other popular tactical equipment aside from guns and rifles. Slickguns made sure that its website works and is valuable for every searcher.

If you are more interested in knives and you’re already browsing on the Slickguns website, be free to explore your options there. There are many premium and finest hunting knives deals accessible on the website. The knives are made to increase the tactical ability of the users, like you. With that, nothing can stop you from shaping your skills with Slickguns knives because they are made with the best steel materials!

Are you still looking for other equipment? Luckily, Slickguns also sell long-range shooting and hunting archery equipment. Indeed, the Slickguns website is the top site to visit for your most satisfying tactical equipment deals.

gun deals website

Explore their hottest daily gun deals. Click here.

What has changed in Slickguns Website?  

You might still find it shocking and confusing to address Slickguns as gun deals now, but they rebranded for the better. There have been puzzling moments when some visitors failed to reach the official Slickguns website. Fortunately, updated users clarified that Slickguns is not out of business but instead changed their website name and URL.

Slickguns is now Gun Deals but with enhancement. The website is still the same regarding providing premium firearms, accessories, ammunition, and other high-class sales. Also, most of the changes from rebranding are only in the website logo, URL, and website content; the differences are primarily observed in the design and not with the service.

Rest assured that the rates and deals on the new Slickguns website are almost the same. But what else stayed on the website? Keep on reading to find out more.

What has stayed on the website?

As Slickguns changed for improvement, it does not forget to keep the fantastic features to its new website. Here are some observable Slickguns features that stayed in the website:

gun deals and ammo

1. Free subscription to Gun Deals Newsletter

Who doesn’t want to be updated about the latest and most affordable deals? Slickguns know that no one wants to be left behind, and the free subscription to their newsletter is an excellent opportunity for all. Thus, it is not surprising why the gun deals let the free subscription stay on the website. Being informed about the newsletter’s content is also a way to save time from searching.

2. Used gun deals option

Some Slickguns website visitors are gun enthusiasts but cannot afford to purchase brand new guns. These deals on the new website that they decided to maintain in the website give the buyers a chance to buy the weapons they wanted by offering them deals that can save them money. Although the guns are used, Slickguns make sure that the firearms are still in a good, satisfying condition.

3. The gun community

Who doesn’t want to socialize and be informed about their favorite weapon? Slickguns is much aware of the benefits of having a gun community on a website. Also, the gun community allows everyone to be connected and updated about the new and wise deals. That’s why this helpful gun community stayed on the Gun Deals website.

4. Helpful coupons

Aside from having the used gun deals option, the maintained coupons on the new website are much approved. Some of the coupons can go up to 50% off on various products and categories that can last a year. While some coupons needed to be updated, availing a firearm using coupons absolutely saves money.

5. Product categories

Slickguns doesn’t want its website visitor to go through a bunch of products. To save time and effort, the Slickguns continue to have product categories. With this, it is easier to find related products one website visitor is searching for. Also, Slickguns have a great variety of product categories where visitors can discover new and exciting items.

Moreover, the product categories vary from archery, stabbing, shooting, and many more tactical equipment and accessories. Website visitors are freely allowed to surf their choices with the help of some customer’s insight into the gun community.

6. Free posting deals

Slickguns website, then and now, still gives an excellent opportunity to its website users, dealers, and moderators. Even Slickguns transitioned to a more competent website, and it still connects with everyone by letting them set up their own deals and sales on the website. This free posting deals opportunity is favorable for everyone who enjoys collecting and selling tactical equipment.

7. Comment page

Indeed, Slickguns know the struggles of being overwhelmed with product ranges and options. Having the comment page on its website helps to learn more about the items deeper with the other buyers’ insight and reviews.

Well, the Slickguns prove that they are still one of the most comprehensive gun deals websites. It is impressive how a website can become more interesting as time passes by. Now, keep on reading because we will be discussing more about Slickguns/Gun Deals.

All About Slickguns/Gun Deals

Every website works uniquely and differs from one another. Being familiar with a website can reduce time and effort whenever you visit it because you can already locate what you are searching for with your knowledge about the website.

If you love to look for firearms and guns, you can find Slickguns/Gun Deals competent to offer you affordable sales and discounts. Then, it is worth it to get to know more about the website that gives premium service, Slickguns.

You might be surprised, but you should know that Slickguns users were the ones who hugely contributed to Slickguns’ success. Slickguns is run independently by its moderators, but it is operated to maintain its order. But it is the users who made the website be known by choosing the website as the place to post their best deals and items.

Slickguns don’t really sell products. That’s why the established partnership between the website and users is significant to the success of Slickguns. Moreover, Slickguns’ operations are focused on searching for outstanding product transactions, comparing and finding the most satisfying item deals within the two similar products, and displaying only the top deals and sales on their website.

Since Slickguns already have the top products displayed on its website, it cut off the extra steps the buyers needed to experience. If the buyers decide to purchase an item, they will only click the seller’s website and buy it directly. The buying process is hassle-free because Slickguns has the ready links of the website selling URL.

Slickguns Gun Community

The gun community Slickguns feature was already discussed above, but there are still a lot of amazing things covering this. First, this feature is part of the main core in Slickguns. The reason for its outstanding success is its gun community that shared relevant and helpful information. Also, Slickguns created a fun and welcoming community where everyone is free to share every product detail and review they have.

Undeniably, a website with a welcoming presence receives more website visitors. That’s why many gun enthusiasts feared when the Slickguns website became unavailable. Since the opportunity of being able to exchange information and ideas in community matters to website visitors. The community practices give-and-take, that everyone benefits.  

Next, there is no complicated process to experience to be a member of the Slickguns community. You can be part of the gun community with only a short verification. There are hundreds of members in the community, and each has different but sensible opinions.

Slickguns community is a website that shares fun and knowledge! Moreover, hundreds of forums on the website have questions, comments, and posts. The website moderators are also willing to assist and help the visitors and buyers, especially the beginners. You can also learn gun-buying guides through interacting with the community; expert tips and guides are practical advice.

Lastly, host votes on the desired and wanted deals are happening in the gun community section on the website. One of the benefits of voting is that everyone can participate and cast their vote. Individual opinion, decision, and interest are being considered; thus, the new deals displayed on the platform are requested by the majority.

Advertising with Slickguns

When you are selling, you aim to have the attention of the buyers. Luckily, there are many interested and active buyers on the Slickguns website. Expanding your sales and deals is easier with Slickguns. There is no stressful and lengthy process of posting products.

If you want to advertise, you need to login into the website, then you can already click on “Post A Deal,” write the best details of the item, and you already have a product to sell. Moreover, the good thing about being on a popular website is you don’t need to wait longer to have a buyer. Slickguns receive a lot of attention; thus, any advertised product would surely be part of the spotlight.

The only unfortunate matter in advertising with Slickguns is you can’t earn from posting ads. However, creating posting deals is free, and you can also post a deal even if it is not yours.

Achieving sold-out deals in Slickguns within a short time is possible. Buyers compared products on different websites, and if they found out that yours is the best, they will choose your deal. If you offer attractive discounts, then you would surely earn huge.  

You can be assured the advertising with Slickguns is free and easy!

Slickguns Contests

Other than the other features of the Slickguns website above, this feature would also be your favorite.

Slickguns organize contests regularly. The contest is always exciting, fun, and active because it requires active and participative users. The contest is very easy, but huge prizes are at stakes, such as deals, coupons, and many more. The rule of the competition is simple, the user who recommended the website links and deals to the highest number of people, including acquaintances and friends, is the winner.

Contests like this benefit everyone because simply recommending is a way to encourage people to discover new things. Also, contests serve as a wise way to keep the website advertising and earn more website visitors in the long run.

Sadly, because the gun deals website is still new and most users are still unfamiliar with the transition, the contest has yet to come. However, you can hope that there will be in the future since the competition is favorable and loved by everyone.

Now that you discover a reliable gun and ammo website, you might want to wait for a moment to learn the essential and handy guide for buying guns online. Knowing the proper guide to purchasing guns online will make your buying process simple and easy.

How to buy guns online?

Selling and buying guns online through a legal website is the safest gun transaction. There are processes to complete upon the transaction, but there will be no problem if the website is permitted. Also, some people are not allowed to purchase and own a gun; thus, strict rules are implemented. Adequate knowledge about the law of owning guns in your state is helpful. Moreover, a background check is mandatory for anyone who wants to legally buy a gun or a weapon. Making sure of safety is a priority when it comes to firearm products.

Why should you buy guns online?

There are well-established rules in selling and buying guns. That’s the reason purchasing firearms in the comfort of your home while only browsing your options on the website is considered a great alternative from searching to local stores.

The biggest reason why many opt to buy guns online is that the process and mode of payment are convenient. Mostly, gun websites are constantly updated when it comes to their deals and sales. Thus, it becomes natural to purchase guns online. The opportunity of having exclusive promos and discounts is also part of the benefits of buying guns on a website.

firearms online dealers

Moreover, many who have already bought guns online were able to reach a successful process. But, of course, buying guns online is not extreme galore. It also comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Weighting between the two is up to you but discovering it is your primary goal.

Continue and read further to learn the pros and cons of buying guns online.

Pros of buying guns online

Gun prices online are primarily low in price, but it is not because of having low quality. Sellers who have a website online can easily observe their competitors, and finding out their strengths is easy. That’s why to remain competitive, most of the products online have identical product ranges.

Since you are considering buying guns online, you don’t need to go out. Just be in any place you want; when you have your phone and Internet, you can freely browse and find a gun you want to buy. Also, there are a vast number of well-established websites that display many products, giving each buyer a lot of product options.

Lastly, when you have a particular interest in vintage models, you have a bigger chance to find them online. Not only can you shop around many websites, but you will not experience stress looking for your preferred gun model in different and far local gun shops.

Cons of buying guns online

Buying guns online also has its disadvantages, and the primary one is when you buy a gun online, you can’t feel and assess the firearm thoroughly. You can only depend on the product reviews available on the website. Not having a chance to inspect the product might be part of the reasons why there are still buyers who purchase from local stores. Being able to handle and hold the gun is significant to the decision of the buyer.

Another concerning matter in buying guns online is not being able to support a local store. Buyers buy from a reputable website more often than not, and some are not within the area. In line with this, buying online does not form a deeper connection between the buyers and sellers. Thus, it also affects a buyer if he encounters a problem with his gun because he will return the firearm, and the waiting process will take longer, the same as the ‘waiting period’ when the buyer purchased it.

We already know that there will always be advantages, as well as disadvantages, with everything. You just need to remember that you must know what you want and decide the best choice for you to avoid being regretful in the end. 

Now that you already know everything about Slickguns, along with its new website URL, gun deals. And even the pros and cons of buying guns online, you might want to know the Slickguns alternatives to have many website options when searching for your preferred gun model and other tactical equipment. Let’s go through the lists.

Slickguns Alternatives

There might be instances that what you wanted is not on Slickguns’ website. You might also don’t want to search for it because there can be times that Slickguns shown deals are not all great. Since the website allows many users to post their deals and products on its website, it can be possible to encounter disappointing sales.

Many other unfortunate sales can fill the Slickguns website, and there is no better move than finding out some practical Slickguns alternatives.

Check out the list below that offers guns, accessories, and ammo not far from what Slickguns do.

slickguns alternatives

1. Reddit’s Gun Deal

There is a sub-forum on Reddit that talks about gun deals and sales. The good thing about visiting a website that is not specializing in guns and firearms is that most of the products featured in the forum are always the best options.

The item that creates the buzz gathers attention most of the time and is the only product worthy of being shared on Reddit. When you visit the gun forum of Reddit, you will discover that many deals circulating are either the best or the worst choice in the market. 

But checking Reddit’s gun deal forum is worth it! Also, Reddit users can share their thoughts about the deals by clicking an up-vote or down-vote of the deal’s content. By this, browser users can know if the deal is worthy or not.

2. GunPros Newsletter

Get tired of going through a vast selection of product deals? Don’t worry. GunPros newsletter is the solution. The newspaper is made out of the carefully selected best deals that come from the different competent websites. The contents are filled with filtered deals that have the most exclusive discounts.

You just need to sign up with the GunPros Newsletter, and you will receive the updated deals on the market. It is encouraging to try when you have limited time to browse the product options online and find the best model quickly.

GunPros Newsletter works best for the buyers who want an organized list of items and want to decide on what to purchase fast.

 3. Calgun Deals

The Calgun Deals website and forum are simple, yet it is easy to know how the website works. This website offers impressive and tempting deals that some users reported not regularly visiting because it offers irresistible deals. You can find out yourself by visiting the website to find out if the discounts and coupons are indeed remarkable or not.

 4. BigDaddyUnlimited

BigDaddyUnlimited comes with a monthly subscription charge for the users to access its deals. If you want a website that works well and consistently, you can consider subscribing to BigDaddyUnlimited. Also, BigDaddyUnlimited has deals that are in demand on other websites.  

However, gun deals from BigDaddyUnlimited are not available at the lowest price. However, you can find all the exact products you are looking for on the website, with some special offers. If you regularly purchase firearms, there is nothing to lose by giving the BigDaddyUnlimited website a chance.

 5. Primary Arms

Along with Slickguns, Primary Arms also has an excellent reputation in the firearms online market. Suppose customer service is essential to you and significantly influences your purchasing decision. In that case, there is no reason not to visit the Primary Arms website, plus there are also regular discounts and sales on their website. Also, this website is operating to give the buyers high-quality products at the most affordable price.

Being on the Internet is leverage for most of us. Deals and sales are on every website, and having a good idea of what you are looking for is extremely helpful. Sometimes, having no plan and being open to discovery will lead to fulfilling results! However, searching for the best gun option in Gun Deals, formerly as Slickguns, is a fun and exciting exploration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed here are the commonly popular questions that people ask about Slickguns:

Where is Slickguns’ website now?

Slickguns has decided to impose improvements. Therefore, they changed their URL and logo. They also change their name to However, their great website features remain.

What can I buy at Slickguns’ website?

Slickguns have various firearm models and equipment. You can find hunting, shooting, and long-range firearms on their website. Also, they offer knives and even archery equipment. So, they seemingly have almost every type of firearm.

What changed in Slickguns?

A minimal change happened in Slickguns. However, those changes are significantly crucial since the changes are in the logo, URL, and website. So, it is more likely to be called rebranding.
Nevertheless, those changes didn’t erase that Slickguns has an excellent reputation as a leading online firearm dealer.

Is it safe to buy guns online?

It is safe to buy guns at legal online firearm dealers and websites since they strictly comply with legal rules and regulations about selling firearms. An advantage of buying in online stores is that they are convenient and have many available options, although it can be difficult because you can’t thoroughly assess the weapon. But in terms of safety, you can always buy guns online.

How can I join the Slickguns contest?

You can join their contest by simply participating. The rules are often simple; you just need to have the greatest number of recommendations to your friends to win their coupons and prices.

What is the Slickguns community?

The Slickguns community is the gun community inside the website. It accommodates gun enthusiasts that want to share gun information and deals. It is a valuable part of the website that gives relevant information to beginners.

Can I buy used firearms at Slickguns?

Slickguns offer used firearms to a gun enthusiast who can’t afford to buy a brand-new model, and if you are one of them, you can buy one at Slickguns. Don’t worry because they make sure that the used firearms are in saleable and satisfying condition.

Can I advertise at Slickguns?

One of the outstanding features of the Slickguns website is that it allows users to post a deal. There are no complicated processes to deal with. So, you can freely advertise at Slickguns in a hassle-free way.

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