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8 Best SUV Tents Reviewed in 2024, Plus SUV Tent Buying Guide

Interestingly, a high-quality SUV tent has it all to offer you an ideal camping adventure to create memorable moments while enjoying the outdoors. However, finding the best SUV tent that can suit your liking and needs is a challenge. Luckily, there's no need to look further because you can explore the detailed best SUV tents reviewed below. Here, so go have a look.

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If you want to spend your precious time making a fun trip outdoors, a tent is a must-have in your camping gear. Now, the best choice for an outdoor-themed road trip and exploration is the SUV tent. Besides protecting you and your squad, SUV tents are practical and fun options, allowing you to camp in style. 

When you attach the tent to the rear of your SUV, you can directly access your car through the rear door from inside the tent. So, you won’t have to go outside at night just to get inside your car. It is pretty convenient that way, right? Aside from that, it is also safer to have an SUV tent than ordinary camping tents when you have a car. 

Additionally, an SUV tent can provide additional space— for extra storage of tools and gear or a sleeping area. Typically, SUV tents are made to be stand-alone. Hence, you can use it even if you don’t attach your vehicle to it. It is a must-have travel companion that will let you feel a home away from your comfortable home to make the most out of your outdoor camping trip. 

Truly, you will see countless options for SUV tents. Of course, not all of them are great, but why settle for anything less when you can always have the best and most suited choice? With that being said, you are in the right place because you will discover the ideal SUV tent with the list below since they are from budget to top-end tents. 

Worry nothing because you don’t have to contemplate each option. Fortunately, there is a detailed buying guide that can surely help you make the right choice— but before all of that, let’s dive deeper and learn more about SUV tents. 

Let’s get started. 

suv tent

What is an SUV Tent?

Wisely, an SUV tent looks exactly what it sounds like. It is a type of camping shelter you can efficiently attach to the side of your vehicle or on the trunk after you set it up. With the presence of the tent, you can sleep on the ground or inside the trunk of your SUV since there will be ample space to move around. 

While it is also great to just use a regular tent for camping, it is not bad to try out utilizing an SUV tent as it can also provide several advantages. First, the tent can offer you drier gear when you happen to set up your campsite in the rain. Since the tent is connected to your SUV, you won’t need to risk your gear in the rain. 

Of course, an SUV tent is also a means of additional convenience when you are out for quality time camping. Since the tent is attachable to your SUV, you don’t need to leave your tent just to move around. That’s why you can remain safe and warm at night without wearing too much clothing. At the same time, the tent also offers an improved weather resistance for more secure protection from nature. 

Besides that, an SUV tent is also specifically designed with outstanding versatility. As a matter of fact, most SUV tents are stand-alone. Therefore, you can always use it even if you don’t want to link it to your SUV. More importantly, these tents are also suitable to attach to other ranges of vehicles, including crossovers, sedans, and station wagons. Conclusively, you can utilize an SUV tent in whatever way you want to suit your particular camping trip.

Indeed, an SUV tent is a must-have investment you need to have if you regularly want to have a car camping with your friends. Additionally, it will help you maximize the space of your SUV and enjoy a spacious area to enjoy more of your camping trip. An SUV tent is a great companion you must go with to feel protected and comfortable away from home for absolute convenience and security. 

Undoubtedly, an attachable tent for your SUV will let you experience an ideal camping adventure. With that being said, it is worth your time to see the best SUV tents reviewed below. Scroll down to see them. 

8 Best SUV Tents

Interestingly, a high-quality SUV tent has it all to offer you an ideal camping adventure to create memorable moments while enjoying the outdoors. However, finding the best SUV tent that can suit your liking and needs is a challenge. Luckily, there’s no need to look further because you can explore the detailed best SUV tents reviewed below.  

Here, so go have a look. 

1. Napier Backroadz SUV Tent

Napier Backroadz SUV Tent

Whether it is your SUV, CUV, or minivan that you want to turn into a camping paradise away from your home, the Napier Backroadz SUV Tent can surely help you make that into reality. After all, it is convenient and easy to set up to secure the cargo area of your vehicle quickly. 

Since the tent links to your car, you will gain easy access to the car, promoting high security, superior comfort, additional sleeping space, and extra storage—  all combined for a great camping adventure. Thus, there will be no hindrance to enjoying your time outdoors with your friends or family members. 

Moreover, the Backroadz SUV Tent offers a spacious area. To be highly specific, it comes with a generous 10′ x 10′ floor area. At the same time, it also features a peak height of over a 7′ ceiling. With roomy interior space, the tent can accommodate up to 5 adults to sleep comfortably inside, especially since it comes with enough headroom. 

Even if you already occupied this SUV tent with 5 campers, you will still have enough room to store your gear and accessories. With that being said, you will still feel great utilizing it, even if it does not have a vestibule. Aside from that, there will always be ample space in the cargo area of your vehicle. Thus, it is comfortable to settle inside the tent for a long time. 

While the Napier Backroadz SUV Tent does not have the most excellent waterproofing that might leak during heavy rains, it is still amazing since it is well-designed and durable. In fact, it comes with 3 mesh windows that can keep the bugs out, so nothing can make you uncomfortable. Besides that, the wide entrance door provides impressive ventilation. For that, you can guarantee maximum comfort while staying inside the tent. 

On the other hand, the SUV tent’s sewn-in window storm flaps make the best of privacy and durable resistance to inclement outdoor weather. Meanwhile, the internal gear pockets in the tent allow you to make things neatly organized since it has an ample amount of storage. The sewn-in, ceiling-mounted lantern holder is a great asset for the tent. After all, it assures you plenty of light right after the sun goes down. 

Indeed, the Backroadz SUV Tent is durable since it is made from high-quality and sturdy 800mm polyurethane waterproof-coated 68D 158T polyester taffeta. Also, it is complemented by the waterproof polyethylene floor. Therefore, it is no surprise that you can utilize it for warm-weather outdoor camping. Not only that, but it is a well-built one for an economical choice. Clearly, it is worth a try. 

2. Rightline Gear 6-Person SUV Tent

Rightline Gear 6-Person SUV Tent

As the name implies, the Rightline Gear 6-Person SUV Tent is particularly constructed to accommodate 6 people and still feels not overcrowded inside. While it can be pricey at some point, it is still worth considering as it is suitable for every outdoor lover, such as family campers, weekend warriors, hunters, adventurers, and fishers— if you are among them, you will surely find the tent an excellent addition to complete your ideal campsite. 

Moreover, this 6-person SUV tent from Rightline is excellently constructed to use for 3 seasons. Like any good tent, you can easily set it up. Not just to your SUV, but you can also link it to other vehicles, such as pick-up trucks with caps, minivans, wagons, or crossovers. After all, it is a well-designed suitable tent fit for several vehicles that come with a rear barn door or a rear hatch. So, you can enjoy combined easy access to power, a sleeping area, and extra storage. 

The impressive way to utilize the Gear 6-Person SUV Tent is to let four people sleep on the floor while the other two are best to up off the ground to rest in your vehicle’s cargo area, promoting no feeling of overcrowding. Additionally, the tent features combined sewn-in instruction sheets and a shock-corded fiberglass pole frame. That excellent construction allows you to quickly attach the tent to your SUV with minimal effort. 

Unquestionably, the Rightline Gear 6-Person SUV Tent boasts outstanding durability that you can be confident to use. It stands out from other SUV tents because of the high-quality construction completed by a 2000 mm coating, fire-resistant, 68D polyester walls, rainfly with taped seams, and highly water-resistant design. Besides that, the tent’s PE bathtub floor is made from a 2000 mm PU coating, maintaining the moisture from the ground. 

While you want a camping adventure with the best weather conditions, it is not guaranteed all the time. Luckily, you don’t have to stress choosing great timing because the tent has large windows and doors equipped with storm covers and no-see-um mesh panels, proving that it is a great 3-season tent that can efficiently handle almost all weather conditions. 

Interestingly, this Gear 6-Person versatile SUV tent by Rightline is high-quality with its intelligent design presenting plastic buckles and heavy-duty straps. With their help, you can guarantee a safe anchor of the tent without damaging the vehicle’s finish. More importantly, it is built with a family-friendly design in mind, jam-packed with a lantern hanging hook, stakes, gear pockets, glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls, and a carrying bag. 

Overall, the Rightline Gear 6-Person SUV Tent might cost higher than other SUV tents. Yet, it has many to offer over them. So, if you want a high-performing attachable SUV tent for your vehicle, it is a great choice with less to complain about in the future. 

3. KingCamp Melfi Plus SUV Car Tent

KingCamp Melfi Plus SUV Car Tent

If you are an outdoor adventurer who especially values livability in an SUV tent, search no more because the KingCamp Melfi Plus SUV Car Tent can meet your standards with flying colors since it comes full of value-adding features. More importantly, it boasts a spacious area to accommodate 4-6 people and other gear inside. 

Moreover, the SUV car tent is a well-made multifunctional one. That being said, you can use the tent to fit into different needs and activities. At 36 pounds, it is considered lightweight compared to other roomy SUV tents that you will come across. Hence, you can utilize and manage the tent with ease with just minimal effort, maintaining your time and energy for other activities. 

While the tent features a strong structure and firmness, it still allows you for an easy setup that only lasts for 15 minutes at most, thanks to the pre-attached system. Of course, it is a truly durable and sturdy tent since it is constructed from the combined 32pcs pegs, 3pcs fiberglass poles, 6pcs steel poles, 4pcs steel door poles, and 10pcs cord pull. Thus, you can’t get wrong choosing it as your outdoor shelter since it can guarantee you a good space to rest, despite facing stiff winds on your campsite.

Group camping is more adventure, right? You can always do that and be confident in an outdoor shelter you can provide by utilizing the KingCamp Melfi Plus SUV Car Tent. It offers generous space for a group and even spares a decent area to accommodate coolers, chairs, and even pets. Plus, the no-see-um mesh makes the tent protected from the weather and bedbugs. 

Additionally, the SUV tent is equipped with a well-made mesh door and window that makes the tent excellently protective, ventilated, and cool inside. Wisely, it also comes with a flysheet made from special silver-coated UPF 50+ fabric, offering an extra and protected outdoor sitting space. It is a nice handy feature you can utilize as a canopy when you want to stay outside the tent while still shielded from the sun. 

At 37.3 lbs, you will find the tent extremely portable to go with you to every outdoor camping adventure. Plus, it guarantees easy transportation and storage because of the portable zipper carry bag. That’s why you can always ensure your good shelter to make the most of your outdoor camping experience. 

You will like more about the KingCamp Melfi Plus SUV Car Tent because it comes with a nice screen to get an extremely private space. Conclusively, it is worth its price tag with the outstanding quality you can take advantage of. 

4. Napier Sportz Model 84000 SUV Tent

Napier Sportz Model 84000 SUV Tent

Certainly, bugs can ruin an outdoor camping adventure, right? Be free from your bugs with the Napier Sportz Model 84000 SUV Tent to enjoy a comfortable and nice rest outdoors. Of course, there are other fantastic reasons to choose this tent if you want a quality time camping. First, it is excellent to attach in different vehicles, primarily SUVs and minivans. 

When you attach the tent to your car, you will gain plenty of space for extra sleeping or storage areas, shielded from nature’s elements. Surely, this Sportz SUV tent from Napier is genuinely an innovative one as it is built with four separate layouts for a nice stay inside with guaranteed privacy and fair space. 

To make the most advantage of this SUV tent, you need to wrap its patented removable sleeve around the cargo area of your SUV or minivan. That’s why you can efficiently expand the tent’s space to be comfortable, just like you are in your home. It will not be bad to invite your gang when you can offer that kind of comfort, right? A fun camping adventure awaits that. 

Interestingly, you are always free to remove the detachable 7′ x 6′ screen room so that you can utilize the tent in a nice traditional setup. Regardless of the setup you want to achieve, you can always enjoy a fast and quick process with minimal effort— it is all thanks to the steel poles and sleeve and clip construction that features shock-corded fiberglass. Plus, the materials can also improve the stability and strength of the tent to withstand harsh wind. 

Surely, the Napier Sportz Model 84000 SUV Tent comes full of value-adding jam-packed features, including two skylights, two large entrance doors, and three large no-see-um mesh windows with storm flaps. Want full shade protection from the sun? Worry nothing; the tent comes with an impressive full tape seamed rain fly, presenting a reliable 6′ x 6′ awning for shade. By that, your gang can enjoy outdoor moments more.

There’s no need to feel frustrated organizing your gear because the tent also includes spacious inside gear pockets. Meanwhile, the gear loft, an expandable carrying bag, and a lantern holder are also the best assets included in the package. At 10′ W x 10′ L with a center height of 87”, the tent can surely accommodate five to six people inside for resting and sleeping. 

Specifically, the Sportz SUV tent from Napier is a well-designed tent for any weather condition, but not during heavy rains— let’s be clear with this one to avoid disappointments from terrible leaks. Nonetheless, the tent makes up premium craftsmanship you can be confident of. 

It involves a roof with 1200mm coating, woven polyethylene, bathtub style floor that boasts superb waterproofing, and polyester walls. Get thrilled with this one because it is a genuine upgrade from regular tents. 

5. North East Harbor Universal SUV Camping Tent 

North East Harbor Universal SUV Camping Tent

Searching for an affordable SUV tent that can still offer a spacious area for a large group? Well then, your search will surely be over with the North East Harbor Universal SUV Camping Tent. Despite being inexpensive, it can make you feel a comfortable and nice paradise with your vehicle. Additionally, it also offers improved safety when accessing your car at night since there is no need to go outside. 

Like any other good SUV tent, this one from the North East Harbor store is fit for easy and quick attachment and setup within the cargo area of your vehicle, achieving an additional space for sleeping and storage of gear. In particular, it specifically presents an 8′ x 8′ dimension with a 7.2′ center height. With the plenty of room to offer, it can efficiently accommodate four up to six people without making them feel tight. 

Want to go around the area and still leave the tent standing? If you ensure safety, you can be free to do that. After all, the tent is well-designed as a free-standing one. It means that you can easily detach it from your vehicle and leave it behind while you enjoy a road car adventure with your gang. There is nothing to worry about because the tent is durable enough to withstand winds because of its sturdy fiberglass poles. 

Moreover, the East Harbor Universal SUV Camping Tent includes a durable rainfly, providing partial coverage against sun and rain. Nonetheless, it is still decent protection from the combined 1,200mm waterproof rating and large awnings. Therefore, you can still make a wonderful moment enjoying the light to moderate rain showers without any worry about leaks. 

Adding to the quality craftsmanship of the tent is the weatherproof polyester taffeta that shields against natural elements. Meanwhile, the sewn-in floor and raised bathtub floor guarantee decent protection against any possible leaks if ever it rains where you are. Therefore, you can just enjoy the rain and feel at ease with the moment, forgetting what makes you frustrated for a while. 

Of course, there is no issue with the ventilation even if the whole group stays inside the tent because it has large ventilated doors which allow cool air to enter the tent. If you want to experience convenience from an affordable SUV tent, it is fair to give this option a chance to prove that it can do great and works not lesser than the pricey ones. 

6. DAC Explorer 2 SUV & Minivan Tent

DAC Explorer 2 SUV & Minivan Tent

Want to convert your SUV into your all-in-one camping site? If so, the DAC Explorer 2 SUV & Minivan Tent can help you achieve a safe and fun place out of your vehicle. Also, it suits to be used by solo or pair campers, so it must fit your need and preference. After all, it is categorized as a basic backcountry shelter, meaning that it just has enough space. 

Interestingly, the DAC Explorer tent is different from the other ones on the list. It is an extension tent that solely relies on the roof of your vehicle. By that, you can achieve a decent sheltered sleeping space at night. Additionally, it is designed to fit well over an SUV or minivan’s trunk, creating an excellent form of a water-tight seal. Besides that, it can also provide extended coverage for a few feet. 

Since the extension tent is dedicated only for solo or pair campers, you need to expect that it will not offer additional space capacity in your car’s cargo space. Yet, it makes up for the cost— making it an affordable way to go wild or a nice outdoor adventure. Of course, you can set it up in just roughly a minute since it is not a large tent, to begin with. 

Moreover, the DAC Explorer 2 SUV & Minivan Tent boasts a fantastic pole-free design. With that being said, you can look forward to its nice and cool breeze after you set it up. There’s nothing complicated to experience with it. In fact, you only need to pull the tent over your trunk. After that, you can then attach a duo of bungee cords to your car’s underframe. Then, you can already enjoy it. 

Furthermore, the tent is also equipped with high-quality door panels, which are handy for obtaining excellent privacy or when you want to maximize the cool breeze entering the tent. If you tie it back, you can utilize the no-see-um insect screen to be safe from bugs and other airborne bites. 

Overall, the DAC Explorer 2 SUV & Minivan Tent is definitely a modest and ideal deal for solo or pair outdoor lovers who want a decent price choice. 

7. Ozark Trail 5-Person SUV Tent

Ozark Trail 5-Person SUV Tent

As the name hints, the Ozark Trail 5-Person SUV Tent is a large one suitable for an outdoor camping journey. What makes it impressive is that even beginners can find it easy to set up and manage with no complicated process to experience. You can enjoy this instant setup SUV tent even from backyards to local campgrounds and the wild. It is a ready-to-go SUV tent for camping adventures. 

Moreover, the SUV tent has plenty of spaces to offer, along with a spacious headroom that can efficiently accommodate five adults inside. In addition, it is also a stand-alone tent and convertible as a ground tent. When you detach it from your vehicle and become a ground tent, it will provide two well-ventilated doors to be comfortable and cozy inside. 

Wisely, it is a jam-packed deal that is equipped with different features, such as a lantern hook, a media pocket, an attached mud mat, a canopy, and a removable rainfly, improving the quality of the SUV tent for a nicer stay inside and make the most of the camping adventure. 

Basically, the Ozark Trail 5-Person SUV Tent is durable and sturdy enough, thanks to the fiberglass poles framework and 185T polyester material. At the same time, it also impressively meets the flammability requirement. However, you must remember that it can still burn down with continuous exposure to flame. 

Another flaw that you can notice with the tent from Ozark is that it does not have enough strength to withstand bad weather conditions. Therefore, it is most suitable for sunny outdoor adventures. Nevertheless, it still has a decent shield from rain, thanks to the attached vestibule to the tent. Conclusively, it is a great budget SUV tent option that is great for groups that are just starting camping adventures on a budget. 

8. Napier Midsize SUV Tent Model 82000

Napier Midsize SUV Tent Model 82000

Surely, Napier is unstoppable in providing the best SUV tents with outstanding features, and the Midsize SUV Tent Model 82000 is no exception for that. Basically, it boasts an intelligent design, letting you freely link it not just in SUVs but also in CUVs and minivans. It can achieve a comfortable, nice, and safe home away from home. 

At the same time, the tent also creates extra sleeping space and storage area when you attach it to your vehicle’s cargo area. You can utilize it to store all you need, so there’s no need to go outside since you can conveniently access your car within the tent. In addition, it is best to have it for 3 seasons, but not with intense weather conditions. 

Built with quality features, including 1200 PU polyester taffeta complemented with a bathtub style woven polyethylene floor, the tent still has dependable durability and strength to withstand other weather conditions. Now, it is about the capacity; the Midsize SUV Tent Model 82000 is well-designed to accommodate four to five people and can still spare space for gear. 

Wisely, it is impressively roomy with a 9′ x 9′ design, over 7′ in the center headroom and 6′ at the corners. With that being said, it is extremely nice to stay inside, even for tall adults. Like any other good SUV tent, this one is also constructed with waterproof features, including a full-length and taped seamed rain fly, a waterproof floor, storm flaps in windows, and a steel and fiberglass pole structure. Therefore, everyone can sleep without worries about raindrops and wet weather. 

Moreover, the Napier Midsize SUV Tent Model 82000 is also jam-packed with a 6′ x 6′ awning, competently extending your storage space and shade from the sun and other outdoor elements. For easy and durable stabilization of the tent, the pole and rope lead-out system can do the job well without any fail. Despite harsh winds, it can still stand strong. 

Thanks to the two No-See-Um mesh windows, there is privacy inside. Meanwhile, the two large entrance doors, together with the two skylights and Cyclone venting system, allow a cool and nice breeze to enter the tent, promoting superb ventilation. Worried about your gear? Ease your mind because you can keep them neatly organized and nearby with the gear pockets and gear loft hanging from the ceiling. 

If you remove the tent’s adjustable vehicle sleeve, you can convert it into a ground tent to enjoy a nice joy ride while letting the tent stand alone. It is a real companion worth considering as a ready-to-go SUV tent. 

SUV Tent Buying Guide

When there are several good choices to buy from, buying the best SUV tent can truly be a daunting and challenging task. Perhaps a help from essential factors to consider is a trick to find the most suitable camping adventure companion. Explore below the essential factors helpful to be your buying guide below: 

Tent Seasonality

Basically, tent seasonality is an important variable in buying an SUV tent because it reflects the performance in different weather conditions. You can choose from 2-season to 4-season tents. Of course, each option has a different performance to offer. 

For instance, 2-season tents have the least weather resistance. However, they make up by offering better ventilation. For that reason, these tents are most suitable for fair-weather camping on warmer days. On the other hand, 3-season tents are the most versatile, with enough waterproofing and a full-coverage rainfly. They are best in the summer months, fall, and spring.

Lastly, 4-season tents are geared up best for most weather conditions. However, intense weather conditions exposure can truly challenge these tents. Conclusively, you also need to consider the campsite you usually want to go to choose wisely.  

Vehicle Compatibility

Of course, vehicle compatibility is crucial when purchasing an SUV tent. Luckily, most SUV tents are designed to fit on a wide range of vehicles, not just SUVs. They are flexible since they are made with adjustable straps and elastic bands. That’s good news when buying one. 


Like tent seasonality, quality also speaks about the performance you can look forward to in an SUV tent. Therefore, to find the best SUV tent with high-quality construction, it is best to buy one with the most quality indicators, such as aluminum poles, taped seams, protective fabric coatings like PU, a high waterproof rating, and bucket floors. 


Size is another main factor to consider when purchasing an SUV tent because it tells about the sleeping capacity and interior space to expect in the tent. Basically, sleeping capacity and interior space are fairly subjective because the area is crucial in finding comfort inside. 

While it is a given that you are out for a camping adventure, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you with your gang must sacrifice comfort. That’s why it is the best buying decision to get a larger SUV tent that you need to have more room to kick back and relax. Of course, the internal ceiling height is also great to be higher. 

Tent Fabric

The primary determinant of the durability of an SUV tent is its tent fabric. With that being said, the best bet you can have is to choose a tent with a thick and durable fabric with a high thread count. Typically, tent fabric is mentioned in the description. Hence, it is best to pay special attention to that information if you want to have a highly durable SUV tent. 


Undeniably, one of the primary concerns with SUV tents is ventilation since it directly influences night comfort. After all, you don’t want to feel suffocated while staying inside the tent, right? Ideally, the best buying decision is to choose an SUV tent with most tent windows and doors made from quality materials. They allow ample airflow and a cool breeze to enter for a comfortable stay. 


Typically, the price reveals the quality of the tent, indicating the performance to expect from it. Of course, there are exceptions to that since some premium quality SUV tents are available at a more affordable cost. If an SUV tent has more features to offer than other competitors in the same price range, it is a great deal to grab. 

Conclusively, you can always choose between a more basic, solid performer SUV tent that only offers important bases or a pricey tent with overwhelming features to enjoy. Ultimately, the buying decision is yours to make. Remember to choose one that can consistently meet your needs for an SUV tent. 

Final Thoughts 

Indeed, an SUV tent is best to utilize if you are an outdoor lover who wants a simple yet greatly functioning tent in making a dependable campsite. Fortunately, the ones listed above can do this and more. As a matter of fact, they are best in their unique design and built to offer specific performance. 

Of course, you can freely choose from the best SUV tents above to escape the hard work of finding the best one. Cut off yourself some slack and consider them to find what suits you. After all, they are all intelligently designed to fit a great camping adventure. 

Survival Gear Shack provides other outdoor accessories reviews and guides along with other guides in survival, hunting, fishing, and many more— check our website to see all of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover more about SUV tents and other relevant topics with the frequently asked questions below: 

Why use an SUV tent?

Definitely, car campers are best to use an SUV tent. After all, this kind of tent creates an impressive bridge between the vehicle and the tent. By that, there is additional space that doubles as storage or sleeping area. Basically, an SUV tent can provide a comfortable home-like area for sleeping and a decent room to keep all the stuff inside. All are accessible inside the tent. Hence, there is no need to go outside, especially at night. 

How easy is it to set up an SUV tent?

Some might think setting up an SUV tent is more complicated than traditional ones. That isn’t true because most SUV tents are instant to set up. Typically, the process goes around 5-10 minutes. Of course, you can do that by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. No one can get lost with that. 

Can you use an SUV tent without the SUV?

Admittedly, an SUV tent is fine without an SUV. After all, the majority of SUV tents are designed to stand firmly still after you detach them from the vehicle. On the other hand, rooftop tents don’t have the capacity to do so. Hence, if you want to enjoy a nice joy ride, an SUV tent is better. 

How do I ensure that an SUV tent will fit my vehicle?

Choosing an SUV tent that comes with universal or adjustable vehicle sleeves can ensure that it will fit on your vehicle. These sleeves are equipped with adjustable straps to fit any height and width of your vehicle. Additionally, the majority of SUV tents are versatile enough to fit a wide range of vehicles, such as minivans and CUVs.

How to set up a stand-alone SUV tent?

Basically, pitching a stand-alone SUV tent is a fairly straightforward process, much like an ordinary camping tent. In fact, you only need to complete a few steps for that. First, you need to attach the tent to your car’s trunk using the included sleeves. It is easy to do because these sleeves are equipped with adjustable straps and elastic bands. That’s why SUV tents can efficiently fit any mid- or full-size vehicle.

After placing the sleeves around the rear of your vehicle, you then need to tighten the straps to ensure the proper fit. You can open the rear door after that— just as quick as that, and you are already done. 

What is the primary purpose of an SUV tent?

The primary purpose of an SUV tent is to offer a more structured and durable campsite to make a car camping adventure more convenient and relaxing because it can create additional storage space and plenty of room to relax and stretch out. Since an SUV tent is linked to a vehicle, it allows easy access without going outside anymore. 

Is it much warmer to sleep in a car or tent?

Of course, it is much warmer to sleep in a tent rather than in a car because tents are typically designed with outstanding features to keep the temperature inside warm. Additionally, tents are also made with durable fabrics that will not get colder, unlike the inside of the car. 

What is the difference between an SUV tent and a rooftop tent?

The primary difference between two tents is where you attach them. For most SUV tents, you can link them to the rear of a car. On the other hand, rooftop tents are meant to be pitched on top of a vehicle— it is already hinted in the name. It means that if you want to utilize a rooftop tent, you need to climb a ladder to access it. While a rooftop tent has its own charm, an SUV tent is better if you want convenience. 

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