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The Best Survival Rifle & Top 11 Best Survival Rifles Reviewed in 2024

Indeed, as the demand for guns increased, assessing various weapons yourself in online firearms stores has been overwhelming. Evaluating the weapon’s description can take a lot of time and can also be confusing. Yet, you can’t still find your best-suited survival rifle to use for your needs. It sounds disappointing, right? Luckily, we have provided the best survival rifles guide to help you find the most outstanding choice to pass in your preference and need.

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The best survival rifle can provide you efficient power to survive the wild outdoors. It must be a reliable weapon that you can use to take down in hunting your foods. Also, an excellent survival rifle comes with reasonable prices for its features. Since by being in the wild, people are also part of the food chain. Hence, it is an advantage to be equipped with a reliable weapon. Therefore, we can be safe and survive any disadvantaged situations.

Indeed, as the demand for guns increased, assessing various weapons yourself in online firearms stores has been overwhelming. Evaluating the weapon’s description can take a lot of time and can also be confusing. Yet, you can’t still find your best-suited survival rifle to use for your needs. It sounds disappointing, right?

Luckily, we have provided the best survival rifles guide to help you find the most outstanding choice to pass in your preference and need. But the rifles are listed in no particular order. However, all the choices are worth the attention since they are built with quality and durable materials effective to withstand rough handling and destructive elements.

survival rifle

Survival Rifle – The Ideal Survival Weapon

While you may wonder that there are many weapon types you can use in survival situations, you must know that not all are efficient in certain situations. Survival rifles are the ideal survival weapon to pack. It is a must-have and to-go weapon in a survival journey because it offers lightweight and versatility that other types of guns don’t specialize in.

Moreover, other guns are not fitted and reliable, helping survivalists obtain their survival needs. They are not designed with power and features to ensure perimeter security and hunting. Also, survival rifles are specially designed durable to withstand rough and nasty environments and weather. Plus, even without too careful handling, the best survival rifle can last long in excellent capacity. 

Keep in mind that every firearm is uniquely built to fulfill a specific purpose. The best survival rifles are the best weapons for long-range shooting, self-defense, and hunting with exceptional accuracy and precision that shotguns and handguns don’t offer. Remember that survival rifles are meant to be an advantageous weapon for survivalists. With that, it is essential to get a survival rifle that matches your needs. So, let’s start knowing the list of the best survival rifles!

Top 11 Best Survival Rifles

The best survivalist deserves the best survival rifles that they can use as a powerful and intimidating weapon for self-defense and hunting. Having your best suited survival rifle on hand is an undeniably advantage tailored to achieve your survival needs. With that in mind, here’s the list of the best survival rifles worthy to be part of your survival journey:  

1. TNW Firearms Aero Survival Semi-Auto Tactical Rifle – Best Versatile Survival Rifle 

TNW Firearms Aero Survival Semi-Auto Tactical Rifle

Starting the best survival rifles list is a versatile weapon well suited for kayaking, bush flying, or deep-woods camping; it is the TNW Firearms Aero Survival Semi-Auto Tactical Rifle.

If you are looking for a wise survival rifle option with a reliability and versatility advantage, this semi-auto tactical weapon won’t disappoint you. The gun is made to accommodate standard Glock magazines, proving its versatility designs. On the other hand, you will not experience a hard time cleaning this firearm because it features a removable barrel. Therefore, you can have an easy and convenient cleaning, plus the gun can also be taken down for hassle-free and compact storage.

Also, the rifle highlights a beneficial and comfortable left- or right-side ejection that fits ambidextrous. Besides that, the TNW Firearms Aero comes with a high-grade anodized aircraft aluminum upper receiver. It utilizes 1913 Picatinny rails that give space for M-Lok slots for accessories and optics mounting. It is an excellent feature for shooters who want to upgrade their survival rifles to achieve improved performance.

Moreover, the gun features an AR-style grip and collapsible buttstock that delivers an enhanced shouldering and ergonomics. The features are essential for gun control and accuracy. In addition, the easy to install caliber conversion kits, including the caliber-specific barrel and internals, give a variety of applications from one firearm. Hence, making the TNW Firearms Aero one of the best compact rifles that top as an ideal to-go survival weapon in any wild adventures.

Aside from all those impressive features, the survival rifle also provides a sliding safety and integrated child trigger lock. So, expect a high-security measure in the weapon that can help you avoid any firing accidents. The gun also comes with 1 Glock-style magazine. With all of the superior design and features, the TNW Firearms Aero is deserving to be one of the best versatile survival rifles. Hence, you’ll not be wasting any of your time by taking a look at the survival rifle in a gun shop.

2. Henry US Survival AR-7 Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle – Best Lightweight Survival Rifle

Henry US Survival AR-7 Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle

If there is a must-have lightweight survival rifle, dependable for rugged service, then it is the Henry US Survival AR-7 Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle. It is specially designed for rough survival situations and harsh environments.

The Henry US Survival AR-7 is one of the most popular .22 LR. What makes it an in-demand weapon is its excellent design, which was the key to maintaining its quality over the decades. Since the weapon has a long history and was even used by bush pilots and backpackers, you can guarantee its reliable service. Therefore, using this semi-auto rimfire rifle is useful in defending yourself against wild animals in the wild outdoors.

Also, you’ll find the gun convenient to pack along your survival journey. It has a quick and easy breakdown design for less space storage. Plus, it doesn’t require an extravagant storage area because it can be packed anywhere, including in a duffle bag or inside the floating buttstock to stow in the trunk of a vehicle. The survival rifle also has no tools required for the disassembling and assembling process. Within a few seconds, you can assemble the weapon by attaching its receiver to the stock, insert the barrel and easily hand screw a threaded ring, which is designed permanently attached to the barrel. You need to keep screwing until the barrel is tightly fitted.  

Despite the rifle’s lightweight and take-down mechanism, it offers excellent accuracy and durability best suited for survival hunting games. The Henry US Survival AR-7 can withstand rough handling and harmful elements. It is built using reliable materials. The rifle’s steel barrel highlights an ABS plastic coating that gives off a superior corrosion resistance durability. At the same time, the receiver is also designed solid using alloy materials for enhanced gun toughness.

The Henry US Survival AR-7 Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle manages with an 8-round magazine that comes with 2 for fast reloading. In addition, it is a harsh truth that there is no weapon built to give a perfect service on everything. So, there’s always a lacking or disadvantaged feature for all. A handguard is what the Henry AR-7 is lacking. Hence, it does not have a high-volume plinking performance.

However, the firing and accuracy is still great even with a lack in handguard. What makes it still a worthy survival rifle option is its blaze orange front sight blade and a rear aperture sight. Both are an advantage to achieve precise shot placement and high-grade reliable firing results.

Your energy is important when you are in a challenging situation or even traveling on a long journey. Hence, a lightweight gun like the Henry US Survival AR-7 weighing only 3.5 pounds is energy-saving. That’s why it is a wise choice for someone who loves to go outdoors but needs a solid, durable 22 LR caliber rifle weapon for safety purposes. Therefore, the Henry AR-7 is highly qualified for being the best lightweight to-go survival rifle that offers convenience and impressive, reliable features.

3. Ruger 10/22 Carbine Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle – Best All Around Survival Rifle

Ruger 10/22 Carbine Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle

Weighing at 7 pounds, the Ruger 10/22 Carbine Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle is significantly heavier than the lightweight Henry US Survival AR-7. However, its weight does not make it inferior to the other survival rifles since you can solve its heaviness by familiarizing yourself with the weapon.

Truly, the Ruger 10/22 Carbine can be your best survival rifle to pack for a rugged outdoor use or in a survival situation since it is built using high-grade durable materials. That’s why the weapon is one of the most reputable widely used rimfire rifles for over 50 years. Hence, you can assume that it comes with a cheaper price from the other survival rifles in firearms shops.

The semi-automatic rimfire rifle comes with legendary features for reliability, such as 10-shot rotary magazine, and a blowback semi-auto action. So, expect a great shooting action experience with this gun. Also, the survival rifle features a durable rugged, single-piece synthetic stock that is resistant to harsh outdoor elements and different weather. At the same time, the stock comes with a textured surface on the fore-end and pistol grip. Therefore, making the rifle a perfectly tough to survive nasty weather.

When it comes to its design, the weapon is eye appealing with its blued black barrel and satin black finished receiver. The receiver and the hammer-forged barrel are designed to lock a unique 2-screw, V-block system that delivers incomparable accuracy.

In addition, the Ruger 10/22 Carbine is excellently built using a fine, gold beaded front sight dovetailed into a barrel band, and an efficient adjustable, folding rear sight. All essential to enhance the rifle’s performance. The additional scope base is screwed onto the drilled and tapped receiver. It accommodates both of the Weaver style and 3/8″ tip-off scope rings. On the other hand, the extended magazine release is responsible for the convenient rapid loading.

It is fascinating that the Ruger 10/22 popularity opens a myriad of after-market 10/22 accessories. Therefore, it does not just stand great for being one of the most successfully developed and built rimfire rifles, but it also tops the list of being one of the highly customizable firearms ever built. So, if you want to try various customized designs, this weapon already offers you a great opportunity, and it would be best if you will not resist!

Without a doubt, the Ruger 10/22 Carbine is a must have to-go survival rifle to pack. It can always be readily ready. Hence, you will not have any unguarded time because the gun is easy to handle. Try bringing it along on your next survival journey and discover its outstanding self-defense and hunting emergency reliable service. Also, even if you are a young or adult shooter, it doesn’t matter because you can handle this weapon well.

4. Savage 64F Takedown Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle – Best Semi-Auto Survival Rifle

Savage 64F Takedown Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle

The Savage 64F Takedown Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle is another lightweight survival rifle on the list. It is one great handy because you can stow it quickly and easily. Thus, it is always conveniently on hand, so it won’t let you down when you need it most.

Also, the weapon utilizes a knurled barrel nut that allows the break-down mechanism for the rifle to disassemble into 2 components. Yet, the rifle’s rear and front sights remain attached to the barrel to guarantee the point of impact remains in the same condition and power after reassembling the rifle.

You don’t have to worry about the nasty weather because the gun can withstand it because of its special design. What makes the weapon durable is its rugged black synthetic stock. At the same time, the Savage 64F Takedown highlights a blued carbon steel receiver and barrel. The receiver is built, drilled and tapped for the scope mounts.

Besides that, the survival rifle utilizes a 10-rounds, .22 LR detachable magazine that enables convenient loading and unloading. The Savage 64F Takedown stands as an efficient gun for survival situations and even small hunting games and backpacking. You can pack it, compact in a boat, vehicle, or plane, ready for any emergency and survival use. 

Moreover, what makes the Savage 64F Takedown more impressive is its package comes with an Uncle Mike’s Bug-Out Bag. So, you don’t need to buy a compact bag for your weapon. Also, the bag features innovative designs such as MOLLE webbing and hook-and-loop straps. It is an irresistible additional package because it is highly reliable for secure storage and transport. The good thing about the gun is it comes with a low price, and it is one of the lowest-priced survival rifles on the list.

Savage 64F Takedown Uncle Mike's Bug-Out Bag

Overall, the Savage 64F Takedown is the best-suited survival rifle for someone looking for a sturdy, lightweight, and good deal package that offers no hassle in packing and carrying.

5. Remington Model 700 Long Range Bolt-Action Rifle – Best Long Range Survival Rifle

Remington Model 700 Long Range Bolt-Action Rifle

The Remington Model 700 is geared with high-grade materials making it one of the best long-range survival rifles built to deliver reliable power. It is boosted to achieve an accurate hitting target at ranges extending to the horizon. The highly popular Model 700 action backs up this specialized long-range rifle. Hence, because the Remington Model 700 Long Range rifle is built using the famous design, you can expect excellent reliability and precision accuracy performance. Besides that, the gun has even a lot to offer!

The rifle model has a top-notch durable material supporting it to survive different kinds of harsh environments. It features a Bell and Carlson M40 tactical stock made of dependable solid urethane combined with fiberglass, graphite, and aramid, which guarantees strong resistance. At the same time, the rifle’s barreled receiver comes with an aluminum block, while the heavy-contoured barrel is free-floated, designed to give outstanding accuracy and a minimal shift in zero even with the changes in the environment.

In addition, a non-reflective stock and exterior metal add support in obtaining a successful weapon blend in with a wide range of outdoor environments. Also, the gun offers a comfortable trigger. It features an adjustable X-Mark Pro trigger that allows shooters to conveniently modify the trigger pull according to their most comfortable weight-of-pull preference. Thus, you can perform a better smooth firing.

Additionally, the survival rifle comes with ideal safety features. It utilizes a 2-position safety positioned at the rear of the action. It provides easy operation using the thumb, and you can also grip it using your thumb and forefinger, and move extra quietly to the fire position. The gun also highlights a hinged floorplate for easy and safe magazine unloading, and similarly, like other survival rifles, it is drilled and tapped for scope mounts.

If you want to enhance your weapon, the extra sling swivel stud on the fore-end gives a chance for it since the design provides an attachment point for accessories or a bipod.

With its numerous specialized designs, the Remington Model 700 Long Range can be a bit heavy at first, especially if it is enhanced with accessories. Despite this, you can keep up with the gun by practicing with it, later find comfortability in firing it. Indeed, the survival rifle’s weight is not a disadvantage since it comes in handy in reducing felt recoil when firing!

The Remington Model 700 Long Range is a suitable survival rifle model for shooters looking for durable and reliable power for easy enemy oppression. It is also an ideal weapon for hunters and sport shooters.

6. Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle Semi-Auto Rifle – Best Self-Defense Survival Rifle

Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle Semi-Auto Rifle

In the outdoors, you need a reliable rifle that can survive all conditions to keep yourself a weapon throughout your journey. The Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle Semi-Auto Rifle is a strong weapon for tough survivalists like you!

Although the weapon is designed with a hardwood stock, you can still expect its reliability since all the Ruger’s Mini-14 semi-automatic rifles are built solid and proven worthy to be used by military and law enforcement officers worldwide. Thus, earning a solid reputation of being a real defensive weapon.

The Ranch Rifle operates with a simple ergonomic design. It works with a Garand-style design and comes along with a fixed-piston gas system, whereas the gas impinges straight upon a breech bolt locking system and an operating rod. Thus, it makes it worthy of being survivalists’ medium-range defense weapon and an efficient hunting gun. Also, the gun is not fussy with ammunition; in fact, it greatly interchangeably accommodates both its commercial ammo, the .223 Remington, and 5.56 NATO ammunition.  

Moreover, the semi-auto survival rifle features a well-built large extractor and fixed ejector. The ejectors work efficiently in ejecting low cases to avoid hitting and damaging the mounted scope. In addition, the Ruger Mini-14 is also a takedown weapon requiring no tools for disassembling and assembling. Therefore, if you had only prepared a small backpack for your wild journey, there would not be an issue since the rifle is flexible in a quick fieldstrip to disassemble into large parts.  

Besides its hardwood stock, the survival rifle is also composed of a blued steel barrel and receiver and a synthetic ventilated handguard. Thus, it provides better reliable service. On the other hand, you can have a comfortable firing with the Ranch Rifle. What allows it to give a comfortable firing experience is a flat, rubber butt-plate. It is a dependable gun feature that fixes the rifle on the shoulder to stay in place during a rapid firing.

I have already mentioned numerous high-class features of the Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle, yet it still has an additional great deal to its package! It sounds terrific, right? Since owning a weapon is an asset, choosing a gun worth a reasonable price and justified by its features and designs is important. 

The weapon comes with a ghost ring, a protected, 3-prong post front sight responsible for rapid target acquisition, and strongly withstands rough and rugged use. It also has an adjustable rear aperture sight for increased accuracy. Plus, you can smoothly shoot with no jams. So, your target has a decreased chance of surviving when you hit it. At the same time, the survival rifle is specially designed with integral scope mounts machined positioned into the receiver for optical sight mounting along with the Ruger scope rings.

Indeed, with its premium impressive features, it is tough to beat the Ruger Mini-14. Since it is well-built, it also stands excellent and reliable for emergency preparation, home defense, pest control, and even hunting. Thus, making it the best survival rifle for all-around and self-defense use.

7. Chiappa Firearms Little Badger Folding Rifle – Best in Budget 

Chiappa Firearms Little Badger Folding Rifle

You can’t expect an elegant design with the Chiappa Firearms Little Badger. In fact, you can’t boast it with the other rifle collectors since it is a basic-looking weapon. It might look ugly and unpleasing that it can win the most unattractive gun. However, the Chiappa Little Badger is not built to register for any remarkably extravagant beauty design contest. Instead, it is designed for the shooters to have a good weapon to survive challenging outdoor situations. Being in a survival situation, your safety is your priority, and by that, you need to have at least a budget survival rifle to scare your enemies.

The good thing about Chiappa having a basic bone design, you can easily store it even with a standard size backpack. So, you can save time from packing it along with your other survival stuff. Also, since the weapon is a folding rifle, it is lightweight. Therefore, even if you want to carry it on your shoulder, you can still enjoy easy travel with the gun. Thus, when you reach your destination, you still have energy without the pain of carrying a firearm. Indeed, the survival rifle can still snatch anyone’s attention with its lightweight and budget price.

The Chiappa Firearms Little Badger is a manageable .22LR. It is one of the best single shot manual extraction firearms. It is built using an alloy frame, a 16.5 inches long steel barrel with blued finish, and a wire-steel stock. Since it is a basic standard survival rifle, expect that you won’t have difficulty operating it because it comes with no complicated process. With that, you can conveniently fire if you ever find yourself cornered in the wild.

In addition, your shooting practice is also essential to guarantee an increased accuracy. While you own a weapon, improving your skills is also an advantage to every survival situation.

The Chiappa Firearms Little Badger has decent and reliable shooting. Plus, it also comes with great features, including a reliable break-open action with manual feed, manual safety, and a single trigger. So, even though it is a budget survival rifle, it still offers dependable service.

Aside from that, the gun is also versatile for enhancements. Its Quad Picatinny forend design permits you to upgrade the weapon according to your desired preference. You can also match it with your needs. The firearm is also built with a hammer extension and installed scope. Yet, you can still improve it with the right and quality accessories.

Honestly, you cannot brag about owning the Chiappa Firearms Little Badger. However, it is beneficial for someone who wants to own a survival rifle since it is essential when it comes to going on survival journeys. It is already enjoyable to carry by being a lightweight gun. It is best suited for a survivalist who wants the best comfortable survival rifle on a budget. Since it is versatile, then it is even admirable. With your patience and enthusiasm with guns, it is not impossible that you turn this into something remarkable.

8. Henry Classic Lever-Action Rimfire Rifle – Best Lever-Action Survival Rifle

Henry Classic Lever-Action Rimfire Rifle

Next on the list of the best survival rifles is the Henry Classic Lever-Action Rimfire Rifle. It is a powerful firearm you can use to shoot and take down wild animals if you find yourself confronted with one. Plus, it is a fast-handling .22 LR that is also reliable for plinking, small game hunting, and firearms training. So, even if you’re not in the wild you can practice with this gun to improve your skills.

The rimfire rifle has attractive designs. It looks impressive and durable with its matte blue barrel and receiver, and American walnut stock and fore-end. Also, it utilizes a 3/8″ groove for mounting scope and a receiver that has a solid top that comes along with side ejection. Hence, obtaining an advantage improved performance and accuracy.

On the other hand, Henry offers different loading port. Instead on the side of the receiver, the ammunition is directly loaded from the top tubular magazine. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about suffering from firing accidents since the rifle comes with internal transfer bar safety. It is a prevention feature between the hammer contact and firing pin. So, not unless you intentionally pull the trigger in the center, it won’t fire. Similar safe scenario happens, the rifle won’t shoot even if it is dropped onto the hammer.

In terms of fine accuracy, the Henry rifle uses a clean and crisp trigger pull. Fortunately, you won’t have a hard time hitting small targets with this rimfire rifle. It boasts a reliable brass bead front sight fully and an adjustable buckhorn-style rear sight that provides solid precise shot placement ensuring a successful firing result.

The Henry Classic Lever-Action Rimfire Rifle will work best for someone who likes to take on a weapon that provides safety assurance and an efficient weapon in hunting foods. It is also suited in being the best lever-action survival rifle for being tough, rugged, and a reliable weapon for a determined survivalist. 

9. Browning BLR Lightweight Lever-Action Rifle – Best for Wild Survival Game

Browning BLR Lightweight Lever-Action Rifle

The Browning BLR Lightweight Lever-Action Rifle comes out strong with its specialized design for rapid fire. It is excellent with hard-hitting big game cartridges.

The survival rifle is equipped with an amazing geared lever and bolt design. It adapts to modernized high-pressure rounds. Also, the trigger is well-built to prevent the shooter’s finger from experiencing uncomfortable firing. When it is cycled, the trigger moves along the lever. Thus, the lever won’t ever be pinched by the trigger finger.

Keeping up with modern designs, the Browning BLR did not follow the traditional lever-actions tubular magazine port. Rather, the gun comes with a detachable box magazine. The modern box magazine is not only about impressive designs. It increases the weapon’s range since it allows the survivalists to utilize pointed-tipped bullet types. The edge of these bullets is being efficient in solid accuracy, especially at extended ranges.  

In addition, the firearm integrates combined quality features, including a gold beaded front sight blade furnished on a constructed ramp-style base and an adjustable, low-profile square notch rear sight. Meanwhile, the lightweight alloy receiver highlights a side ejection. The ejection is drilled and tapped for scope mounts.

The survival rifle also comes with a unique hammer design with a half-cock safety. At the same time, a dependable, well-built reformed pad is your solution with unsteady guns. The pad supports the butt to keep it on your shoulder. Hence, you can comfortably perform quick follow-up shots.

Moreover, it doesn’t mean that going into the woods is you’re bringing a basic-looking weapon. Fortunately, you can have both survival rifles feature impressive design and power. Why should you choose if the Browning BLR is offering both, right?

Well, what makes the rifle beautiful is its gloss-finished, checkered pistol grip, deeply polished bluing, walnut stock, and Schnabel fore-end. Therefore, there is no doubt that this survival rifle model option is best-suited for survivalists who want an elegant yet solid firearm for wild survival game. 

10. Armalite M-15 Light Tactical Carbine Semi-Auto Rifle – Best Tactical Survival Rifle 

Armalite M-15 Light Tactical Carbine Semi-Auto Rifle

Firing control is essential in a survival rifle. The Armalite M-15 is developed to work well and provide shooters an ultimate firing control and accuracy. Its design includes a 10″ free-floating tactical Key-Mod handguard. The handguard is machined from an Armalite factory using solid aluminum.

Also, the gun’s upper and lower receivers are built using forged 7075-T6, which is a heat resistant material. At the same time, the upper receiver comes with a flattop MIL-STD 1913 rail. An anodized non-reflective finish is used in the gun’s upper, lower receivers, and handguard.

Moreover, the chrome-moly barrel is finished with manganese phosphate. Hence, the barrel’s coating finish will not wear even after a long time since the element is tough and is helpful to resist corrosion. To top it all, the Armalite M-15 Light Tactical Carbine Semi-Auto Rifle is suited for survivalists who want to carry and shoot a comfortable survival rifle. What makes the M-15 the best survival rifle perfect fit to shooter’s clothing and ballistic vests is its 6-position telescoping butt stock.

Final Survival Tip

After knowing all the best survival rifles on the list, it is really evident that no rifle is built to stand out in all different survival situations. Every firearm can perform and is reliable in its specific purpose. There is still no weapon that is suitable for any possible situation. Even the most expensive guns are created with a specific use, although they are built with flexible features.

While it might come to you that it is disappointing, the hard truth about weapons can motivate you to be a wiser prepper. Thus, it means that you will be more prepared and more intelligent by anticipating what possible survival situation you will experience.

Plus, if you are a survivalist that is more engaged in going outdoors, you can have a better standard on what to look for in your survival rifle that matches the kind of environment you’re constantly going into. So, you can always have your best-suited weapon that is highly reliable and matches well with your skills.

Most importantly, your assessment and insights will always lead you to get a hold of the most advantageous and reliable firearm. In addition, a great time of practice comes as an advantage when you face survival challenges. Keeping practice time comes in handy as it maintains your muscles to be in the best shape. Hence, you’ll find yourself having more accurate results helpful in survival situations.     

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